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Banfield has always been a great place for us to take our pets. The vets in in the Towne Center in Lakewood, Washington have been kind and caring. You can tell that they truly care about the animals. It is not the cheapest but is not the most expensive i have been to either. They are very patient and comforting when they are examining or vaccinating my dogs. It is devastating to have to put a... Read more

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For my son's birthday I adopted a Burmese kitten for him. He was so excited and elated. As many shelter pets our new kitten contacted a URI infection. I took her to the shelter were she recieved antibiotic and a antibiotic shot. Sadly, this had little effect, and she refused to eat or drink. I was force feeding her. I had shopped at a local Pet Smart in Long Beach and had gotten a free visit to... Read more

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Since your an employee of Banfield I would expect you to CYA during your rant blaming clients for posting complaints regarding many issues they have encountered with Banfield. First off, the Wellness plan is for the most part a scam. Why? due to the fact Banfields prices are so over inflated the plan sounds like a financial savings deal. However, the plan itself is very limited in so far as... Read more

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Thank you guys at Deptford New Jersey thank you Felicia Stephanie and Dr. Ashford Read more

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So I have noticed 2 common things people are complaining about when it comes to Banfield. 1. Wellness Plans- These are NOT insurance. People really need to read what they sign. It specifically states they auto renew each year. If you dont want to continue after the year, then call the hospital and they will give you the wellness plan relations team phone number. The reason for auto renewing is so... Read more

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I was talked into the wellness plan for my 2 year old dog. I signed up for it very easily at the Banfield vet office. I, later realized that I no longer needed the plan because my dog is young and very healthy. So in order for me to cancel I had to call the corporate office, which of course let's make it a bit more difficult to cancel. So I call and i had to wait 10 minutes before talking to... Read more

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My 10 year old Goldendoodle passed away on Friday 01/15/2016 due to a 6cm tumor in her left lung pressing on her trachea. I called Bainfield Pet Hospital today and spoke with Supervisor Alex and he told me I could cancel my plan? He stated I was only 5 months into the plan and I had 7 more month to pay, but they would waive 4 months and I would have to pay for 3 more month....I quietly asked Alex... Read more

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I am writing to you in severe frustration due to several situations I have encountered with your Maplewood, MN facility. Let me tell you a little bit about the situation at hand.  I brought my 4 year old black Labrador in because she had been vomiting over the last 24 hours and was not keeping food or water down. She also was not going to the bathroom.  I dropped her off early in the morning and... Read more

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100% FULL

Banfield took my money for 7 years then 10 days after a Comprehensive well being check my cat had a stroke. Banfield said to bring him right in and left me sitting for over an hour while the vet clipped a dogs toenails! what the heck do they consider comprehensive? They never checked his blood pressure. After an hour I drove 35 minutes to another(Real) animal hospital my cats blood pressure was... Read more

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