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Banfield Pet Hospital
Main address: 8000 NE Tillamook Street 97213 Portland OR
1-866-894-7927, 503-922-5000,
  • 1,069+5 mobile complaints
  • $300K claimed losses
  • $275 average
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  • 20 hours ago
  • Pet Medicine
  • Careless Pet Service
  • 3

I will never use Banfield Hospitals, they only care about money not your animal.My daughter has used the La Jolla location since her puppy was 8 weeks old. Being a first time dog owner they purchased their Puppy Care Plan under the understanding that they would save money on all a puppy needs in their first year. Every visit was at least 100 dollars and the rates are so high you pay more than you... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • Pet Medicine
  • Pumphrey, Maryland
  • Pug Health Certificate
  • 2

Please run away from this place!!!! I took my little pug to get a health certificate to Germany, since I was moving to the country. The unprepared, and irresponsible staff not only led me to get the certificate done on the wrong date, as well did it incompletely. Because of their unprofessionalism and careless work, I was denied to embark to my last fly from Baltimore to Germany a R$ 1600 dollars... Read more

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  • Jul 21
  • Pet Medicine
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 10

do not get Banfield Wellness pet insurance. They do not communicate between the hospital and their headquarters. They will send you to collections without even notifying you that something is wrong with your account after the hospital tells you its all fine and you even have paperwork to prove it. They also don't admit that their computer system is the one that messed up and instead of doing the... Read more

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  • Jul 19
  • Pet Medicine
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Drug Overdose
  • 1
  • 21

counteract the drug they overdosed him on and never even told us about it. I had to call them the next day after noticing that something was not quite right. We had taken him to other vets in the past and had his teeth cleaned once or twice a year but never has any vet put him under and killed him till this day. I find out the next day after calling to see what they did and used and only then I... Read more

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  • Jul 18
  • Pet Medicine
  • Springfield, Virginia
  • Bad Customer Treatment
  • 18

My dog became sick and I took him after calling and speaking to a very rude women on the phone hoping to see someone nicer. Nope. The technicians were unhelpful and not kind. I spent so much time in the waiting room and when in the room the doctor again made me feel *** and did not help at all. I was first told while waiting for my pet to be seen we would have to wait because the only vet in was... Read more

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  • Jul 17
  • Pet Medicine
  • Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  • Impolite Vet
  • 2
  • 31

I brought my 2 yr old mutt in for his rabies shot and wellness visit. Both the Vet Tech and Vetrinarian made me feel like a horrible pet owner! Tried to upsell me for over $600 in tests and meds. When I politely declined I was handed no less that a dozen pamphlets on what I was declining and I was made to feel like cr*p. I have no children, my husband and I have 8 rescued pets that we love... Read more

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  • Jul 17
  • Pet Medicine
  • San Juan Capistrano, California
  • Cat Misdiagnose
  • 6

Will never take pets here ever again. Took my cat in there for problems it was having with urinating and they misdiagnosed her as having a behavioral issue and I ended up taking her to a different vet a few weeks later and found out that she had blockage and needed a catheter put in due to something that could have only cost $100 turned into a $500 vet bill because of their... Read more

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  • Jul 15
  • Pet Medicine
  • Mount Vernon, Ohio
  • Service Restrictions
  • 20

they don't let you be with your pet during exams and procedures , while most other vet.s do..they just leave you sitting forever not knowing how you pet is or what is taking so long, and supposedly my cat got blood work, but I saw narry a mark on him where a needle had with drawn blood ( there is usually a small shaved spot).? so I wonder "was it even done? " The vet seemed more interested in... Read more

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  • Jul 14
  • Animal Services
  • Vestal, New York
  • Bad Vet Services
  • 25

He was in extreme pain & all they wanted was money for x-ray's blood work after $1k they still couldn't tell what was wrong all they want is money they care nothing about your pet. My dog was taken to Cornell & they could tell exactly want his problem was with out no blood work or x-rays!!!!!! He was taken foe emergency surgery for a ruptured disc in his neck!!!!! The cost was a lot but... Read more

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  • Jul 11
  • Pet Medicine
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Vetsulin Availability
  • 3
  • 29

I was informed by my local Banfield (33428) that Walgreens and CVS carried Vetsulin and since they were out of stock, I could purchase it there. Banner announcement! They do not carry it! They tell me tell me that none of the area stores have it and that I should order it from Pet Meds. Banfield's price is not the cheapest but once I order from Pet Meds with overnight delivety, it will be way... Read more

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