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One Star! Banfield Commercial Blvd. Tamarac FL Tonight I took my dog in he fell off a set of drawers and couldnt hold up his leg. The vet refused to see him even though I arrived right before they closed. I called the vet eight minutes before closing to say I was on my way. I know it was late but Ive never been turned away when enroute to my pets regular vet and arriving before they close except for Banfield! The receptionist didnt listen to what I was saying accurately on the phone and did not convey to the vet my dog was a patient there and... Read more

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My dog had pink eye. I was treating her at home with a natural remedy and it was clearing up. However it started getting bad again so I called to see if I could get her in to get some antibiotic ointment. I called Thursday morning and was told I couldn't get in until Monday! That is not acceptable! They called around to other clinics to see if I could get in and the only clinic that had an opening is a 30 minute drive. I asked why they don't keep open appointments for urgent issues and they said they can't and it is usually 5 days out to get... Read more

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Bought a preventive health plan for my dog thru Banfield. At first it seemed like they were O.K. but now the honeymoon is over , every time I take my dog in there is some additional charge , for services rendered . They sold me first shield trio , only to have ticks latch onto him . The advantix that we used before worked great , but they told me it is to harmful for the dog. They told me since he was bitten by a tick he would have to get his heartworm test redone at my cost & I would have to deal with first shield my self to get reimbursed .... Read more

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My Mother took our Mix Pit in to get a checkup, shots and needed her nails clipped so a couple of so called experienced staff members took her in the back. When she came out she had some gauze saturated in blood on her front right paw, because they ACCIDENTLY ripped out a nail. Now our dog won't let us touch her, bathe her, pet her, wants to attack when we do, she has been TOTALLY SCARRED AND NOT SURE WHAT TO DO TO BRING HER BACK TO THE GENTLE LOVING DOG SHE WAS. It has been three months now and still she is SCARRED! My dog needs... Read more

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Why does the hospital on NE 82nd (right across the street from the Corporate offices) seem to have a revolving door for veterinarian's? My pet, Otis Earl Bailey has been a patient there for over eleven years. I complained several years ago about this, in the office. I was set up with a vet that I liked very well, but she moved to a another practice after a year or so. The most recent Dr. I had is now on maternity leave. Lately Otis has been having issues with diarrhea over the course of several months and it seems that every time I need to... Read more

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I took my yorkie in to have her dental cleaning which is part in the plus active prevention services, was told I had to paid extra for anesthesia which is suppose to be a part of the service. I have had many good experiences with Banfield Pet Hospital but lately mostly bad. I took Chloe in for a visit on March 12, 2016 at that time she was close to death, I didn't have the money that was being charged to provide the services that she needed, I was declined the charity because they felt like she wasn't that important; BUT mind you I have spent... Read more

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Hawkeye was a very special friend to me! When we first got him in Aug 2013, we took him to a Banfield Pet Hospital in San Diego, California. We have used the company for several years, but due to being a Marine we moved all the time. We always had both our huskys on the same plans, same heartworn prevention. Since life with our dogs were going great, we never had anything to worry about. Jan 2016, we were living in Middleburg, Fl and took our two Huskies to Banfield on wells rd to get heartworm prevention renewed. Our female came bach... Read more

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Banfield killed my dog and won't let me get out of the wellness plan. Stated that 1000.00 would be owed if plan was cancelled Add comment

Signed up for top wellness plan. My dog died after 2 months on plan and I still have to pay for the rest of the contract which over $340.00. Can't transfer plan to another dog. Have to pay remaining 10 months on contract with no services. I paid always extra for meds and other things that were not covered in contract. Warning don't sign any kind of contract with Banfield pet hospital who is located in Petsmart stores. You will regret it. Over charge on everything. Called another vet. A lot more reasonable in price. Schamed!!! Never go there... Read more

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In Bradenton, FL - I called in advance and spoke with the MANAGER Kyle. I asked the fees for services my son's gide dog for the deaf needed for travel, the following is what he quoted me and also what they tried to charge me once I was there. FAVN Rabies Test on phone quoted $88.00 - in office after test was done $367.00 EU (European Union) Health Certificate on phone quoted $137.50 and I was told this price included mailing cost to and from the USDA in Gainsville, FL - after about 1 hour of them not knowing what forms they needed and did... Read more

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