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Brought a dog with broken leg to Banfield. They messed up the set and after 3 weeks and almost a thousand dollars, had to take to a real vet. Best part, is dog came back from Banfield with mange! All covered in a wellness plan? Think again. Puppy plan covers the visits - which they want you to do anyways, so they can make their real money, selling you unnecessary treatments and medicine. Completely unethical and incompetent. And don't ever think... Read more

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This is the third time this year that I've had to bring my dog in for an issue at all three times my experience was horrible. The staff is not properly trained with handling customers, setting correct expectations, scheduling properly, and providing a good overall experience. I was told to bring my dog in at 8:15 AM this morning and the maximum time that she would be there would be up to four hours. 5 1/2 hours later they still haven't even... Read more

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I signed up for the wellness plan under the agreement that it was a 1 year contract and after a year I would have to renew. Well after 1 year banfield continued to bill me, renewed the wellness plan without my knowing of it and billed to an expired card on file. The amount accumulated and so they sent me to collections for an unpaid balance. I refused to pay knowing they were fraudalent charges. The collections agency, IC systems proceeded to... Read more

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I signed up for the wellness plan for my new puppy not realizing what I was really getting into because I had a child and another dog with me at the time while being talked into this plan before my pet was even fully taken care of. This was the main focus by Banfield the whole appointment. I have called to inform them that my puppy was hit by a car and is now dead and they are still forcing me to pay off the entire balance of their plan. It... Read more

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I have had two bad experience with Banfield, the second waa witnessing the treatment of a women with a puppy with parvo. I used to shop at Pet Smart because it was located by my house. A vety distraught lady it seemed was begging for help with her puppy who had tested positive for parvo. The receptionist and I am assuming the other women was a vet assistant told her if she did not have money, they would not treat her dog. Their tone was very... Read more

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i took the contract out with the intention they would take care of my pet but the ridiculous charges they had on my plan and i never took my pet to all the appt and was still charged still paying and havent had her there for 7 months and still got charged .they rip people off and take advantage of people i do not think anyone should take their pet to them they are *** artists who over charge please think twice before signing anything with them ... Read more

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So I'm assuming that you've been to a human doctor before. You know when you go into the exam room and the nurse and the doctor take your vital signs, you know, temperature heart rate respiration rate. They ask questions and that notes and give you ideas of the possible condition or illness that is going on. That's called an exam! So yes Services were done you may not have had your eyes open enough to see that. If the battery was not working... Read more

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My dog was diagnosed with cancer after we paid for a very expensive blood test to confirm. We have had a wellness plan for the past 7 yrs. I called to have our girl put down and was shocked to hear 350.00 for a loyal customer. In the mean time I have had several calls texts and emails to bring her in for a comprehensive exam, and shots. Really. I have cancelled her plan and plan to cancel my other two dogs plans. Yes three wellness plans... Read more

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Buyer beware!!! My pet died. Im broken hearted. Called to report incident to Banfield insurance and was told I have 6 months more of premiums. I have not seen Banfield doc since Oct 2015 ( died May 8, 2016)and that was for a refill and shot. Dont buy into their program. Add comment

One Star! Banfield Commercial Blvd. Tamarac FL Tonight I took my dog in he fell off a set of drawers and couldnt hold up his leg. The vet refused to see him even though I arrived right before they closed. I called the vet eight minutes before closing to say I was on my way. I know it was late but Ive never been turned away when enroute to my pets regular vet and arriving before they close except for Banfield! The receptionist didnt listen to... Read more

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