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Banfield Pet Hospital
Main address: 8000 NE Tillamook Street 97213 Portland OR
1-866-894-7927, 503-922-5000,
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  • 1 day ago
  • Pet Medicine
  • 29

Hello, I too was prescribed this flea preventative for my 4 lb. Chihuahua. The box clearly states for puppies and adults. 2.4 lbs to 50 lbs. I'm sitting here with my baby girl who is 8 months old. She is wrapped in a towel after having a double bath with Dawn dish soap. I gave her the treatment at 5 pm. This evening. At around midnight she woke me up crying and vomiting. After she would vomit... Read more

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  • Aug 19
  • Pet Medicine
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Incompetent Staff
  • 1
  • 29

I've been calling this hospital since last Thursday about a prescription that my vet faxed in for LD Precription Diet Hepatic Health for my morkie and the receptionists kept saying it wasn't received even after I had my vet fax it over on the following Monday. My dog had been without food since then and the only thing he could stomach without vomiting was plain salad. Naturally after Tuesday... Read more

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  • Aug 17
  • Animal Services
  • Mohegan Lake, New York
  • Vet Appointment
  • 44

I tried for a month to get an appt for my dog and I told them my dog was suffering and she really needed to see the vet.... My dog has been going to Banfield for 12 years but the receptionist told me tough they were too busy and to take her somewhere else, so heartless and mean .... Every time my dog needed an appt it was always the same story. The receptionist would not let me talk to a vet or... Read more

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  • Aug 13
  • Pet Medicine
  • Citrus Heights, California
  • Incompetent Pet Treatment
  • 133

THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF MY CAT I brought my cat in for their advertised free comprehensive in early April 2014. I was told he was perfectly healthy but need his teeth cleaned and a tooth extracted. They did a rabies shot without asking me and didn't explain to me why an indoor cat would need one. Apparently its actually a law in Sacramento County, however I don't think the vet gets... Read more

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  • Aug 12
  • Pet Medicine
  • St. Charles, Missouri
  • Expensive Veterinary
  • 1
  • 92

My dog has been sick for at least a month now, my first visit to Banfield with this issue was on 7/30/14. He is vomiting all liquids, but after 3 weeks starting to keep down solid food. I can not afford a $250 xray if all it's going to tell us is to do surgery that I can not afford either. But I called my old vet and his price for an xray is $50. When I called Banfield with his price, the vet... Read more

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  • Aug 12
  • Pet Medicine
  • Chameleon
  • 2
  • 65

Almost a month ago I was gifted a veiled chameleon. I wasn't quite prepared for her because she was a gift, but I searched online on chameleon forums and talked to experienced owners in order to get the correct gear for her. About a week and a half into having her she started to gape at me and I noticed she had some spit gathered around her mouth. She became more lethargic. I decided to take her... Read more

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  • Aug 11
  • Pet Medicine
  • Dog X-Ray
  • 1
  • 67

I'm a very concerned customer of Banfield and I must say I'm quite disappointed bc I have a puppy that I truly believe that's havg some health issues and Banfield is a responsible party that caused this to happened !! I took the correct steps to get this issue resolved bc I've taken him back to them repeated w the same issues and the only thing they ultimately recommended is an x-Ray fr $250.00... Read more

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  • Aug 11
  • Animal Services
  • Miami, Florida
  • Dog Surgery
  • 86
Banfield Pet Hospital - 1 year old dog died during neutering
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Freddy was exactly one year old when i took him into Banfield in Midtown, Miami to get neutered. I picked him up after his surgery, and the doctor told me that during surgery, his heart rate went a little low but she brought it back up and finished surgery. One week later, he had a pretty bad infection around his ball skin. It looked like his skin was falling off and things just did NOT look... Read more

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  • Aug 09
  • Pet Medicine
  • Coon Rapids, Minnesota
  • Wellness Program
  • 80

had a wellness program and i had time on the first one. They signed me up for a second plan and the first wasnt done. My dog got sick. Very sick. They said the plan dont cover any of that. But if i want i can bring her to a different vet. I had the plan there. They told me it would cost two thousand to MAYBE help her. I had her put down. She had cancer. Now they want me to pay for the second... Read more

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Cannot say enough BAD things about this chain of pet hospital! They wanted $880 for two molar extractions for my cat. Checked other local hospitals, and found one who'd do it for $400, another for $300. Banfield takes advantage of our love for our pets, period. STAY AWAY!! Add comment

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