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Banfield Pet Hospital - Cannot Cancel Banfield Pet Wellness Plan

Company Banfield Pet Hospital
Product / Service Wellness Plan
Location New Orleans, Louisiana
Category Pet Medicine
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THIS PLAN IS A SCAM.The vet office personnel tells you that the plan can be cancelled at anytime but the corporate office advises you that you are roped into a one year contract.

We called back in June of 2011 to advise them that we were changing vets and wanted to cancel the plan. They quickly told us we were under contract until October 2011 to call back and cancel then. We did a follow-up call to cancel and was told it auto renewed. WHAT???

Auto renewed without our authorization!!

They are now sending us threatening letters that if we don't pay all the arrears to bring our plan up to date they will send it to collection.We don't even use Banfield as a vet anymore...this is ridiculous. 2e76d3c

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Apr 03 
This is what you do. Call your credit card company and tell them to either credit your account or you will cancel the card immediately. If they won't do that then cancel the card and get another credit card. Also, go to a lawyer and tell them you want to sue banfield for the monies you paid to a paln you never used and that they auto-renewed with out your permission.
If enough of us do this they will either cahnge or go out of business, I prefer the latter.
A longtime pet owner
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Nov 14, 2013 
Well lets call it what it really is. I'm with banfield and although I dont care for them and will be canceling my plan. Its more to do with the way over priced medicine. I have found more reasonable rates. But its not really a scam in less both parties agree and sign a contract but one party does not follow through on the agreement. In banfields case they followed through with everything in the contract you signed. If you had read the contract before you signed it or asked to read it then you would have realized it cant be canceled before the renewal period or you pay all of what you saved on the plan back. Secondly you would have also read that you can call ahead and have them discontinue the renewal plan but you have to continue you paying your monthly fee until that period. After speaking with them and having the renewal canceled and they do in fact renew it and try to charge now you have a scam because they did not follow through with your agreement. Hope everyone has learned a lesson and read their contracts next time before they sign...... :grin
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Oct 07, 2013 
Their customer service sucks. I've been trying to remove my cat from my ex-husbands policy and i can't get a hold of them. Banfield gave me the corporate service and when i called, they gave me another number to call. This other number never has anybody to answer for cancellation. It was ridiculous when i called today and the message was that they were closed and business hours start at 6am pacific time... But when i called it was 10:30 am pacific time. I called the other number again and they were rude. I am about to cancel my card and reissue a new one just to avoid being charged again.
Reply to Florida

Oct 04, 2013 
Satisfied so far!!! I just called Bandfield to make sure they do not auto renew my plan. I was on hold for about 30 minutes, but I talked to a wonderful representative that was very helpful. She assured me that my plan would not auto renew. I asked for a reference number, and she sated that they do not have reference numbers, but that I could use her name and todays date. I'm going to call my bank to make sure that they block the payments after November 21st just incase. Bandfiled has provided us with excellent services, and everything they have explained to me has been truthful. I am very pleased with them. :)
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Jul 13, 2013  from Merrillville, Indiana
had the same thing happen to me, and when i called to make a payment a day after it was due they charge me a $30 late fee. I was so furious that i spoke to the manager and told him if he didnt remove it i was calling a lawyer. Because it clearly states that it has to be 30 days late not 30 hours. This place is ridiculous i will never do this again. O and if they says it auto renewed then speak with a manager because they record your conversations so if you said not to and they did u can sue they're *** too!!!
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Jul 11, 2013  from Conyers, Georgia
Scam! I just tried to cancel myself, you definitely got to read that contract closely!
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Mar 05, 2013  from Evansville, Indiana
This is a scam. They auto renew your credit card not just month to month but year to year. They will not call you to let you know they are renewing your new yearly plan it will just show up on your statement. Once it renews the buy out is $215.00. I just went thru this. I chose the buy out because I can not trust the vet if a company is going to do business like this. I would not recommend Banfield to anyone.
Reply to jasonsutton36

Feb 25, 2013 
I had this same problem years ago so I just kept using them. Now, after having yet another bad experience, I am going to cancel. This "auto renew" contract does not seem legit. I recommend writing a letter and sending it Certified mail to explain the reason for canceling your contract. I also plan on canceling my credit card so they cannot charge me.
Reply to Brian

Feb 21, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
My story is much the same as all of yours. My membership auto renewed and I can cancel it, but have to pay the remainder of the membership in full if I cancel. The email address I have used for them is wellnessplanrelations@banfield.net

They have provided me with a copy of my contract as well as the 'fine print' on the contract.
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Jan 23, 2013  from Jacksonville, North Carolina
Omg they told me the same thing it sounded so good. "we could cancel anytime...now its almost a yr and we want to cancel that thing and we cant even get through on the phone. I try calling and they put me on hold for 30 min i call again and on hold once again. im afraid they will do the same thing to me. Plus i have both my dogs enrolled in that ***. My husband and I dont even want to take our dogs to banfield anymore :/.
Reply to jen

Oct 16, 2012 
My dog was diagnosed by Banfield with a sinus infection. His records clearly stated he had a heart murmur. Their vet prescribed an antibiotic they had a fine print side affect of heart failure in dogs with a heart issue. My dog died but not before I rushed him to Banfield only to be told the vet wasn't available. I then rushed to an emergency vet where he died that day. The emergency vet bill was $900.00. Now they want the last 3 months premium although the dog clearly isn't available to receive any additional services AND their vet killed our dog. The corporate office was rude and kept stating read the first page of your contract. The contract stated services would be provided and they weren't. I have closed my checking account to prevent further withdrawals and I plan to take them to small claims court for the emergency vet. BUYER BEWARE THEY SUCK!
Reply to Susan

Jul 22, 2012 
Wow! Really wished I would have googled Banfield before I signed up for this plan. It really does not cover anything as I have learned because everytime I would bring my JoJo in, I would have to pay for something out of the pocket. Anyway, I was told one thing when I signed up and am now noticing that they are taking approximately $40.00 extra dollars out of my account without my permission. Let's just say I am pissed. I have bills to pay and my money is tight. Gonna try calling this number again, hopefully i get a response....... :((
Reply to BlinsidedbyBanfield

Jul 16, 2012 
just call your credit card company, tell them the card was stolen, they close your acct. send you new card/acct # .... any auto pays on OLD card are NOT GOING THRU. and the new card ... they don't have acct number and they can't get paided w/o it.
Reply to jeff

Jun 26, 2012 
NonoNanette, you are not bound by a cotract if the other party is not holding up their end of the deal. For exapmple, i your cell phone company doubles your rate and every one of your call is dropped, you every right to cancel it.
Reply to Me

Jun 04, 2012 
Ashleyjade...do what I did. Call the number during a time when you have a lot of cleaning to do, put the call on speaker phone, and clean away!
Reply to to ashleyjade

Jun 04, 2012 
I've called the cancellation number many times and I just get put on hold for hours, I've also emailed them and that didn't do me any good either, How am I suppose to cancel this?!
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Apr 19, 2012 
I have a Wellness Plan and I am quite angry. It went up $20 per month without any notice. I did not get a letter, email or phone call telling me my rate has changed. Not good business practices.
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Apr 19, 2012 
I have a Wellness Plan and I am quite angry. It went up $20 per month without any notice. I did not get a letter, email or phone call telling me my rate has changed. Not good business practices.
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Aug 21, 2013 
***, ***, ***. you are always sent a letter with any changes applied to your plan. and contracts are automatically set to auto renew and it states that in your contract. they never apply any changes in the middle of the year because you sign a contract and they honor those prices until you start a new year.
Reply to bullshit detector

Apr 11, 2012 
I don't think all you "Victims" are seeing the whole picture. I have been using Banfield for 3 years and have had to cancel for my own reasons but in order to get out of a contract you have to pay just like any other agreement out there, IE: cell phones, cable, etc....
This company has done me right for the first few years but we're canceling because they're not as good as they once were. Stop whining and read the contract before you sign it.
Reply to NonoNannette

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