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Banfield Pet Hospital - they basically let my dog die, and I'm still being charged 50$ a month

  • by   Dec 06, 2013
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Company Banfield Pet Hospital
Product / Service Veterinary Services
Category Pet Medicine
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My dog became diabetic, the missed her pancreatitis, last May.In November my dogs glucose was still unregulated and I took her in twice complaining something else had to be wrong they basically told me that my 7 year old dog was having pain due to arthritis.

I didn't believe it and took her to an emergency vet. 2,000 dollars later the emergency vet informs me she performed a snap test which showed positive for pancreatitis, my dog was never actually diabetic. She was suffering a diabetic keto acidosis without true diabetes. The emergency vet wasn't open during daytime hours and my dog needed monitoring for her glucose levels while her pancreas was treated.

I called banfield to arrange monitoring and they informed me they don't perform that service because they don't have the equipment.She died, and they informed me I was required to pay out my contract for the rest of the year @ 50$ a month. 307fd29

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Dec 13, 2013 
Hi Anonymous - We believe that we have addressed your issue via another review platform. After receiving your contact information, we have escalated this situation internally. Someone should be following up with you soon. Thank you again for letting us know and we apologize about your experience with us.

The Banfield Team
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Dec 07, 2013  from New York City, New York
I'm writing a story about Banfield and its wellness plan. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. As a lifelong dog owner, I can sympathize. If you'd like to speak with me for the article, please email me at fisher.theresa@gmail.com or call me at 914 500 3434. Or, anyone who wants to discuss their experience at Banfield who happens to see this comment should absolutely get in touch.


Theresa Fisher
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Dec 07, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
All Banfield hospitals have glucometers to monitor glucose levels. I think when they said they don't have the equipment I think they meant they don't have to skills nor knowledge to treat anything more than a simple ear infection.
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