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Banfield pet hospital midiagnosed pet

I have a 6 year old golden retriever that came down with an ear infection.I took her to banfield pet hospital (Dr. Barto) in Lakewood Colorado.i was told she had a growth in her ear and needed to be removed and sent to a lab to make sure it was not cancer. this was going to cost about $500.00. I decided to get a second opinion and found a vet surgeon. i was told by the surgeon that the infection had to be treated first and re check the ear in a week.after the second check up from the surgeon there was no swollen areas or growth that had to be removed. I called banfield back and requested a refund due to total misdiagnosis.dr. barto was very smug and told me no refund and good luck with your dog.I had been bringing 3 dogs to her for about 3 years.this is very bad customer service and i will not be back to her facility.I feel refund is not much considering they were willing ti just operate and not treat the problem. i feel they were padding a ticket for money than taking care of the animal.i was charged $72.00 from banfield to do nothing.the treatment from the surgeon including ear cleaner and antibiotics was $52.00 Banfield in lakewood ,colorado is a rip off.
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Banfield Pet Hospital in Allen Park, Michigan - Banfiled Pet Hospital

Money Hungry! Neeed I say more. I took my cat in for an eye infection. This is not her first time and I explained this to the very rude vet. She told me a list of things she would have to test for and came back with a bill for nearly $200.00 When I denied her the opportunity to rip me off and suggested just trying the antibiotic first, she barely responded. (as if I were the one who was absurd... Really?) She refused to give me the anitibiotic say it could be a number of things and she could not treat with out further investigation. So, I packed up my 7 year cat to leave. When I went to the front counter the young lady and I am using that term loosely proceeded to provoke me... by asking how my visit was and very rudely responded when I said I wasn\'t all to happy. (as if the ignorant doctor hadn\'t made me mad enough) When I cam home and looked the antibiotic up online I was even more pissed to find it treat each and every occurence she mentioned!!!! Seriously!!!! In these financial times to try and STEAL money from a customer who just wishes to take care of there pet is absolutely ridiculous! I am appalled and will NEVER go back to this place. I have ordered the medication online and it should be here tomorrow, and I will start treatment on my cat myself!
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did you not read that this cat already had the same problem before? She didn't just take a wild guess and grab a product.

That is like saying a doctor has to rediagnose a patient every month to figure out that it is still the same disease just to refill a prescription. Animal abuse? This sounds more like a monopoly idea. My family paid sevreal doctors who all gave different diagnoses, took all our money, and didn't even check to see if cancer spread, which meant death still occured.

I don't care if they went to college for 7 years, if a person can do as good of a job diagnosing as someone who ignores any real treatment options then they should treat themselves and not spend money they can't afford to lose.

People who claim animal abuse just seem like the type who would rather a cat get stuffed in a cage and go on death row rather than risk sparing its life.


Trying the antibiotic is better than nothing. I've gone to different dentist over the years and when they give me their diagnosis they often don't see the same thing.

It was amazing how when I got better insurance and my dentist business was failing how suddenly they said I had an infection but wouldn't give me antibiotics. Instead they recommended 11,000 dollar procedure. When I asked for the antibotics (because she made it sound life and death) she said I really didn't need it but I should start treatment asap. Whenever other dentist have told me that I had an infection they wouldn't start any work till I had medication to cure it so any surgeries wouldn't get worse by the infection.

So yes this was probably the same situation. And not everyone who owns a pet has money to waste. My dogs first vet was wonderful. And if he thought my dog had an infection he would give him the antibiotics before waiting for lab test.

His comment was that it would hurt till his test came back. The next time he had the same problem he just wrote out a perscription for the same antibotics and my dog is now 8 years old and has never needed antibotics since.


I am sorry to hear about your cat. However, not all antibiotics work for whatever your cat may have had.

It's hard to diagnosis and prescribe medication without doing some sort of test to determine what is wrong with it. As a pet nurse, the number one thing that I see go wrong with a recurring health concern is owner's non-compliance with doctor's directions of medications, etc. BUT, some pets, even with strict owner compliance, still have the same recurring problem.

Maybe the doctor was wanting to run tests to determine why this was a recurring problem, so that you would not be back in her/his office with the same problem. Just a thought.


It never ceases to amaze me how uneducated people can make comments on professionals and the job that they perform. My MD and my DVM both went to school for many years and I take what they say very seriously.

I certainly never expect them to give me what I want because I want it.

If I can't afford something, just like when I take my car to the auto mechanic, I thank them for their input and make a decision for myself. I certainly never waste time on a website setting myself up for slander/libel cases...I just enjoy reading other people's petty disagreements.


Hey Sharon-Do you walk into your doctors office and tell him what type of medication you need, what dosage it should be and how it should be taken? I think not because he would not give it to you without an examination.

Then I guess you feel that all this should be done for free, no expense to you at all.

The companies that dispense online medication such as PetMeds as an example will not send medication without a vets script because IT IS ILLEGAL to do so.

These fly by night companies use off brand medications that are not tested and are imported from China or Mexico and they do not work.

If you work in a rescue league you know this because YOU take your animals to a VET


I just love these people who think your wrong. You tried to do the right thing by going to a reputable vet.

Then when you realize your being taken over the coals you have the courage to say so. I work with animal rescue and have had several encounters with vets that take full advantage of customers. To buy from online shouldn't be a problem, as long as your familiar with the product. I'm glad they have this availability to be able to bypass a rip off vet and allow owners the ability to help there animals without having to go in the poor house with bogus test and office visit fees.

I hope your kitty's eye is better and your a good owner for caring.

The person who mentioned about rent free I'm sure we all know they pay a hefty rent but as long as there are idiots like you that throw away your money they'll never have to worry about funds because that have fools like you to rip off and pay their bills. I doubt eye suave would kill a cat drama queen.


And if she would have just given you the medication without any sort of examination and the cat had a negative reaction, you would have been here complaining that "They killed my cat"

And frankly any company that would send out medication without a vet's script is the one that is money hungry and not as concerned as you think the are.

As far as cost goes that Banfield wanted to charge you, do you think they have free rent, the staff works for free, the medications they sell you is given to them for free, the VET was trained for free, and so they should just give you the stuff for close to nothing?

And to go on line an order a medication for an animals eyes without the vets approval is in my mind animal abuse

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Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plans....Newburgh, NY

This place is a joke! We adopted a puppy a year ago and since he needed all his shots and to be neutered, we decided that it would be in our best interest to get the one year contract. What a mistake! We made it very clear that we would have to make the appointments either later in the evening or Saturday due to work and were told that would be no problem. I have been trying for well over a month to get him in for a wellness check up and have been told that they only have hours MON-THURS from 9 to 5. The excuse is that they have a shortage of vets. Bottom line is, they are charging us for a service that they previously agreed too but cannot provide. For anyone in the Newburgh NY area who is thinking of signing on with I would STRONGLY advise you to look elsewhere!
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brought in my dog for a fungal infection and excessive iching, vet on call was rude to my wife when my wife showed concern between a steroid shot or an oral pill for excessive iching, quote vet well we can let the dog scratch himself until its raw, that was uncalled for is this any way to treat paying customers, called back several days later as shot was not working was told vet that saw him was not in but to bring the dog back in for anaother office visit, to charge more again why should i pay again when treatment is not working cant another vet look at his computer file.. when asked to speak to the hospital manager thats when cheryl got really nasty and accused me of being the sale, in retail when do you accuse a customer of anything, then was informed maybe the manager will call me...

this treatment is unacceptable, beware of going here, im filing a complaint with the bbb and banfield hospital headquarters... beware of the place...


I chose Banfield because they were open on Sundays. My schedule is tough and even though they are more expensive than other vets (and always want to add more to the bill) they did save my dog's life when I thought for sure he was a lost cause.

(Small dog attacked by pitt bull.) They let me drop my dog off before work and pick it up by 5:30 that evening, even for simple things that I just don't have time to wait around for. While I don't appreciate the constant telling me I need dental care for the dog or other items I cannot afford, I do appreciate the drop off times and the Sunday hours. After all, I can just say NO to the rest.

(Repeatedly. Often.) ha ha


Here's a tip, you might transfer your wellness plan to another Banfield location that can fit you in. Also, you might see if you can arrange to drop your pet off early before going to work for your pet to be seen.

I know that what we do at the Banfield I work at in Texas. Of course, we are open later 2 days a week for people who work.

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Banfield Pet Hospital (a part of Pet'smart) let our 10 month old yellow lab die a painful death because they were more concerned about MONEY than their oath to help pets. Our family hadjust moved to Victorville California when our Yellow Lab became very ill. She...
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oh my god i cant believe what i am reading about the banfeild in humble i have had problems with beth and art- in the past they are very rude and mean espiacialy art he has a very bad attitude he needs to go work somewhere else,becuase of him i took my pets somewhere else but know that i just read this article i think i iam going to look into legal matters how are they going to choke these poor pets maybe thats why our pets go in healthy and come out dying they are choking them.i have heard of pets dying from internal bleeding mybe these people at banfeild in humble are kicking them.?

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Dwight, Illinois - Banefield the pet hospital

i am also upset with and pissed o9ff with banfield hopsital . i now see why they needed a raffel. i won a raffel . i took my cat there and got there early enough to fill out the neceasaary forms they put me in a room at ten am which was my appointed time i waited a half hour and no one came to see me or tell me i was next i dont know if this is there protcal with raffel paients or just their normal way of doing business. needless to say i left. and want few thingsi read here i am glad i left. i cherrised my catjust like every one does there pets. i will also let them know how i feel about them. is there a site for them to cntac them and while i was there i dont know what kind of pet they had in the other room but i acctually heard the poor thingg scream.
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Banfield Pet Hospital - Banfield wellness plans---killeen tx

I called to cancel my wellness plan in sept. and the office said I needed to call the 800 number to cancel- I did she got my last name, my pets name and supposedly cancelled it- when i asked about my auto payments she said they would stop the next month. I said okay and didn't look back. I had changed my accounts that month also and never checked that account to see that they stopped--*** me right??-- we only keep a little money in that old account so i never looked in it until my husband opened the statement today and banfield was still pulling money out. I called the 800 number and explained and she said she would set it not to renew but I still owed them another payment even though I hadn't been there since MAY 08 and called and cancelled in Sept 08!!!! the woman was not friendly and nor did she pretend to help me. she was rude and said that I still owed them, that there were no notes on the account saying I cancelled(which doesn't surprise me because sprint does that *** all the time-- at least they fix their mistakes though-- cant say that for banfield) I finally got so angry when she kept being so rude- talking over me and never answering my questions the same twice. she kept changing her emphasis and told me to call my banfield clinic to get them to fix it... I told her to get real- that she and I both know that they can't and she said "well...." --great customer service I tell you.... I was boiling... had been pacing on the floor and broke out in a sweat so I finally erupted and told her to cancel it and that I obviously didn't want to renew and she had the nerve to reply, "OBVIOUSLY" oooo.... I have never been so angry with a rep on the phone in my life... I am a fairly calm person and know that you get more bees with honey than vinegar but I have to admit I swore at her... that would be a first for me... although I really feel no guilt about it. I will never go to banfield again- I only went there twice and no one was friendly, no smiles, they weren't really into helping my pet, and I got the feeling they were all late for lunch. That's why I stopped going in may found Belton vet clinic in Sept where they don't nickel and dime you-they go out of there way to help your pet in a affordable way- on call 24-hrs a day, they love your pets AND I LOVE THEM!!!- I won't ever go anywhere else!! Glad I can finally put this mess behind me...
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These people are a ripoff I just got my puply's groomed on Wednsday and took them for shots on Saturday 2.5 weeks since there last check up where they talked me into expressing their anal glands saying they were so full on both dogs. It was $18 per puppy on top of the new wellness plan i put them on anyways when I took them back today they said they needed nails cut and glands expressed again the glands were 100% full on both dogs.

How is this possiable considering they just got them done at groomers nails and glands three days prior & two and a half weeks earlier I paid them almost $40 to do both Dogs?

Wish there was some way out of my puppy plan cause I hate these people!!!!! Just another way to rape a mitary family in this town.

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Arlington, Virginia - Banfield Animal Hospital, NoVA

Furious! I can't believe the horrible customer service that Banfield Animal Hospital provides. When I first went to Banfield it was for my puppy who had a small rash on one of his hind legs. The doctor said right away that it was probably puppy acne.....but let me get the ultra violet light to make sure it's not round/hookworm. No detection. But just in case, I'll pluck a couple hairs from the area and put it in this petrie dish for 7-10 days. Then I went for checkout and they wanted me to pay $50 for a 10-minute office visit (fine), $50 to re-look in the petrie dish in 7-10 days (but I have to call back for results) and $50 for the cream "just in case". Needless to say, they didn't call until about 14 days later to say, "His test came back negative and the Doctor thinks it might be caused by his harness". WHAT? His harness? I didn't even inquire with the vet about the small missing patch of hair under his chin, which I already knew was caused by his collar (so I no longer have him wear one in the house). So, WHAT??!! Seriously!? And another thing, when I was checking out, I had called my Mom to get her advise on the $50 cream. I had already waited a couple weeks to see if the rash would go away so I didn't see where waiting 7 more days would hurt, especially since there was not a single close detection with what the vet thought and when he used the UV light. While I was on the phone with my Mom, not more than 5 minutes, the receptionist said "(*sigh) Can I check you out yet?" Again, WHAT??!! So today I thought well maybe it was just a bad day for them, let me call and see what they can do for my cats heartworm testing. They were rude on the phone, want to charge for an office visit, and exam, and the testing. And at the end I said I just wanted to heartworm test so I could get some more meds for my cat. She said they could do the heartworm test BUT they can't prescribe the medication without the exam (which ultimately leads to paying the office visit as well). So screw it, I'm done with them! I'm even going to write to PetSmart asking them to reconsider Banfield as their in-house hospital. If not, they might lose me (and many others it seems) as customers. Banfield's POOR customer service is nothing compared to the excellent customer service I've always received from PetSmart. And that's too bad....really. P.S. - Please don't get me wrong on my review. It certainly was NOT about money. I would never put a price-tag on the care and concern for any of my babies. But a little niceness, care, and conern from your baby's doctor goes a long, long, lonnnngggg way.
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Most vets will not prescribe drugs without a physical exam in the past year. It is called state law and vets can be sued and/ or lose their license if something happens to the pet on the prescription.

The heartworm test is not always accurate so we also listen to the heart and lungs to make sure there are no clinical signs of disease.

And, by the way, it was about the money... Otherwise, why refuse a physical exam?

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Conroe, Texas - Very upset with Banfield Animal Hospital-Houston, TX

We took our puppy in for an exam. Our puppy needed to be treated for loose stools as a result of intestinal parasites. They put the puppy on 2 antibiotics. 4 days later, our puppy started having seizures. We took her back, to get another bill $175, and ran more "diagnostics" which they couldn't determine why she was having seizures. They ran bloodwork and stated she had low red blood count (probably because of the prescription diet she was on and low protein), then her white blood count was low, due to the parasites and to monitor the seizures and call back if they continued. They continued the next day she had 6 seizures (which she never had until she started taking the medicine they prescribed). I called them, of course...."bring her in to be seen, but there is a cost involved, we need to run more diagnostics. I told them we didn't have any more money, we've already spent $400 in 4 days. Then it was the scare tactic, well it could be distemper (which they supposedly ruled out yesterday), then she may have low blood sugar from not eating (I told them she was eating and drinking water and her gums are pink). Then it was "if she is having seizures that is very serious and you need to bring her in to be seen". I told them that I felt it was the medicine because she didn't have seizures until she started the medicine. I then searched online to research the medicine. Low and behold..... allergic reaction......seizures to the Albon. Why didn't they just say that in the beginning? Because they wanted more money. I'm furious and let them have a piece of my mind and will NEVER bring my puppy into them again. I called in to give them a piece of my mind and then some. She then informed me that she had to look it up in the medical book. What kind of *** is that? Since when did they not care about the well being of an animal? It's all about money with them. I will take her somewhere else.
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Of course there are costs involved. There are always costs involved in everything you do in life. What did you expect with a sick wanted them to treat it for free? Or better yet, wave their magic wand to find an answer to all your pets health problems. It sounds to me like you bought a puppy you couldn't afford and are just wanting to blame someone else. As far as the albon goes, you can always find what you want to hear on the internet about anything. Read reputible sources and you will find the truth... This is from Pfizer..

TOXICITY AND SAFETY: Data regarding acute and chronic toxicities of sulfadimethoxine indicate the

drug is very safe. The LD50 in mice is greater than 2 g/kg of body weight when administered

intraperitoneally and greater than 16 g/kg when administered orally. In dogs receiving massive single oral

doses of 3.2 g/kg of body weight, diarrhea was the only adverse effect observed. Dogs given 160 mg/kg of

body weight orally daily for 13 weeks showed no signs of toxicity.

And by the way...where do you think vets learn everything they know....from BOOKS!


Banfield is a high priced rip off, go to another local vet, that is honest and will not overcharge. I had a cat fixed and it was over $1,000!

I had a friend drop the cat off, they had my friend sign for the cat, turns out it was a persmission form to be microchipped, charging more $$. The vets are sales people, they do not have your pets' best interest.

They always wanted to take stool samples, I thought that was nuts and found a new vet. I only made an appointment there because Banfield was open on Sunday.

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Temple, Georgia - Banfield in Montgomery, AL is rude and incosiderate!

I used to take my dog to the Montgomery, AL Banfield. The so-called "manager" Kristi is never nice, but always rude and condescending. It seems like every time I go, I get stuck with Dr. Albert, who makes me wait HOURS in a room without even coming to check on me. The last straw was when I brought my dog in for a resperatory infection, and I was in a room for two hours before Dr. A came in, and proceeded to talk and chat and act like I hadn't been sitting there forever! She kept getting off the topic of MY dog and told me stories about herself and HER dogs and HER husband and ***. I'm never going there again. I want someone that will help me and MY pet.
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I find your comment about Kristi to be offensive and not true at all. She cares deeply both about pets and their owners.

As for Dr. Albert, yes she is very slow.

I will not argue that statement. I have recently visited this Benfield and had a very short wait and satisfying visit with a new doctor.

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Banfield Pet Hospital in San Diego, California - Banfield Killed My Puppy

I took my 11 month old Dachshund puppy to get its second set of shots. After the shots ten minutes later he starts gagging and vommitting and ultimately dies shortly after do to what they say was anaphalctic shock. Not sure if that is spelled right. The thing is this was his second round of shots of the same thing as before except one had lepto. Ultimately I now have no dog and they are still trying to charge me for the vaccines used. How is this possible for my dog to up and die in less the 15 minutes from vaccines he has already had once. Anyone?
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YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A REACTION THE FIRST TIME TO HAVE ONE THE SECOND TIME THAT CAN KILL YOUR DOG. It is the same with people and food and medications as well.

The Dr. should have premedicated your dog and given you benedryl to take home to keep giving him. Its sad, but it is not your job to look up that on the internet either. And to the people knocking her for being so late hey at least she is getting them.

You do not know her financial situation or at what age she got the puppy.Next time give Benedry before going and let the Dr.

know you gave it to them. Sorry for the loss of your puppy!


you know i hate to sound this way but obviously if your dog had this experience before your dog more than likely had a vaccine reaction so knowing that this accured the last visit when you got your shots maybe you as the owner should have ast the dr what was going on and took your puppy back your dog more than likely had vaccine reactions you cant sit here and post all the blame on banfield because you didnt talk to your dr immediatly after the symptoms happend soo honestly i think it is partially your fault you should have been giving benidryll after the first time it happend you cant hold banfield complety accountable for your lack of knowledge you should have called you dr back immediatly when sighns appeared after your visit so next time educate yourself before you blame someone else


Common sense should've told you that this can happen at any time with your pets or even yourself!!

Hasn't your own family doctor also told you these things: such as you may or may not have a reaction to any vaccine or injection that you are given at any time wether it's your 1st or your last inj?!!? Hello, clueless.

#53420 should do reseach on your pets before getting them. A dashhound is one of the top breds to have a vaccine reaction.

ANY pet should have benadryl or dex before ANY vaccines are given. They help reduce and eliminate bad reactions such as Diarrhea and Vomiting. It also helps out with the normal ones such as a fever for 24hrs, soreness in the areas that the vaccines were given and appetite loss. So honestly you can blame your pet dieing on BANFIELD.

it's your fault for not doing the proper reseach and geting your pets vaccines as a puppy. Did u know you put your pet at risk by not vaccinating it until he was 11mts old. he could have died from a million other diseases. and further more....pets can be fine with vaccines for years and then all of a sudden have a reaction.

it doesnt mean the VET did something wrong. I take my pets to banfield and will never take them any where else. New Pet Parents need to do their homework. don't believe everything you read online.

They are a lot of wonderful Banfield doctors who care deeply about your pet and will help you get things done!

In closeing Banfield is an amazing place. they educate you and are willing to find out any answers that you need. Any testing that is recommended is in the pets best interest.

a negative result isn't a bad thing!!! So all you people complaining need to chill out and maybe check out another Banfield because they aren't all bad!!!


And so you think that if another vet gave your dog the same shot that he would not have had the same reaction? But because Banfield gave it to him, that is the only reason he died? Very bad reasoning an di tmakes no sense


just so you are aware, the first time a pet gets a vaccine may not cause a reaction HOWEVER it usually does and you just do not pick up on it also.. the second or third time or even fourth or fifth will cause a worse reaction.

this is because the antigen builds up in the system and if they are allergic to it, then as it builds up the reaction gets worse and worse. so the first time your pet got the vaccine, the pet had a reaction you just did not pick up on it. it could have been something as simple as an upset stomach, some indigestion. i am not saying it is your fault, however it certainly is not banfields fault.

HOWEVER, at the same time.. a small dog like that should not get certain vaccines and they should have known that and/or warned you about it.

also, they should tell you to give benedryl regardless. so next time, premed with benedryl.

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