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Banfield Pet Hospital in Littleton, Colorado - Banfield in Arvada, CO sucks

I have been taking my elderly cat there for a year now and his teeth problem has not gone away or been cured or even helped. The last appointment I made on the phone was for teeth extraction. My husband took him in and they said it was for a cleaning and he said no tooth extraction. He wrote tooth extraction. They still performed a cleaning and did not even address the extraction. They did not even call me beforehand to let me know that it was going to be a cleaning. When I asked about it because I called at 1pm to check on him, they said that the cleaning went well. I asked cleaning? it was to be an extraction, what happened? She then said that she would have the doctor call at 2pm. No call so I called back at 2:45pm. And then the trouble began. I won't go into details but becareful with Banfield.
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me and my boyfriend took our dog to banfield to get her puppy shots and she discounted the shots from our breeder and they are known all over the world AKC bread, she over medicated her and scheduled her for her to get spayed and the believer I am in people I trusted her and THANK GOD she we were notified that she could not perform surgey because she had a 104 temperature, told me and my boyfriend she wanted to give our puppy an IV and antibotics and fluids to bring her temperature down and run tests, did call me and my boyfriend to let us know of her progress so we kept calling there just to hear from the receptionist that she is ok, she is resting and will call to update us on her status...about 3:00 we get a call from Banfield telling my boyfriend they had to give her a shot to calm her down, she was out of a vet not supposed to contact the owner of making a decission like that? I was livid.

about 4:00pm....3/8/2010....we get a call from Banfield saying that we needed to be there at 6:30 to pick her up, we got there at 6:15 and seen a line of people and wondered what the ***, why shcedule so many surgeries with one vet? anyway, the worst to happen yet, we waited from 6:15 till 9:00 and finally our dog was brought out to us and she looked like she dies and went to heaven, what the *** did she do to our dog?

me and my boyfriend had to rush her to Wheat Ridge animal hospital where she still had a temperature but was brought down with anti-biotics, since then she went into heat and will never be the same, I warn all of you DO NOT EVER GO TO BANFIELD OR YOU WILL NEVER HAVE YOUR PET AGAIN OR HE/SHE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! To think you trust someone like that with your pet, she has 3 children how would she like if someone deliberately hurt any one of them, she needs her license taken and i will see to it, she will be working for me some day!


I just took my dog in for an infected anal gland. This is the fourth one in 2 years.

We have been going to banfields for the last 2.5 years and have gotten the wellness plan. This is the first time back at the Banfield in Arvada and the vet was NOT good! I can usually bypass the vet's attitude but this time could not. I brought my dog home and she had rectal bleeding, pain, and vomiting all night.

Im pissed at the way the vet treated me and my dog!

The vet had NO compassion for animals ( YOU CAN TELL) plus my bill for that was $260. Seems to me they dont give a *** about your dog they just want money from you!!!


Banfield is just like any other place. It really depends on the Veterinary that owns the prsactice and/or tends to your pet.

I have had no problems with Banfield so far, then again I have always used one vet. The staff is willing to assist and are very helpful.

They make sure you understand follow -up care and directions on medications. They may be sales oriented but ultimately the decision is yours.


I used to wokr for a Banfield. All I have to say is DON'T take your pets there.

They don't do complete exams, it slike a "fast food" vet service.Get them in and then get them out.

You pay for much more then you get. And lastly, for as big of a coorporation that Banfield is, you would think they could pay their employees a little better for the work they do.....


I have had great experiences at this Clinic. Some wait time but I really enjoy the staff

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland - Beware of Banfield

I took my puppy to be spayed. She is totally incontinent ever since. Banfield will accept no responsibility. I took her to another vet that said they are responsible. Basically they have let me know I should sue they don't care. The monetary gain I would get from suing won't cover the medicine she now needs for life and other care. My living room furniture is now at the dump. She's not even 6 months old. Banfield will not take care of things if they made a mistake. Beware and cautious if you have a contract there.
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Spey incontinance can be a natural side effect of a *** spey. Your vet probably did nothing wrong. It is an unfortunate way some dogs react to the surgery.


Hi there Geesh,

Well it's obvious who u work for. Where does that get my dog?

By the way, Incontinence, has nothing to do with house training a dog!


:( try house training! Stop blaming Banfield for your laziness!

If you think you have a case, you will need multiple experts to discredit the doctor who performed the surgery... good luck at that.

Also, you didn't read the "Authorization to Provide Care" form. You signed your rights away during surgical procedures. Your waived your chance to sue.

NO SURGERY is 100% ! There are ALWAYS risks. READ next time and quite complaining!


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Banfield Pet Hospital in Saginaw, Michigan - Very poor service

I am another unhappy customer of Banfield. My Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with cronic ear infections and was going deaf. I needed to buy all this extra meds for him. I declined and took him to my old vet. He had alergies, which all the symptoms have disappeared since taking the meds my "real" vet gave me. Now they tell me his teeth are very bad and he has a heart murmur. But his ears are fine. I just cancelled my wellness plan, but still owe them money, they say.We'll see if they get it! Dianne Bauer, MI
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You can cancel your OWP that is your right, but guess what sweety, if you don't play it will just go to aren't pulling one over on Banfield. Joke will be on you when it shows up on your credit report.

ALOT of Cockers have cronic ear issues, it par for the breed.

Also you mentioned you went to your "real" vet?? If he is so real .....why didn't you go to him in the first place, or are you one of the pet parents who go to doctor to doctor until you fine an answer you like?

Shame on you....

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Norfolk, Va Banfield Pet Hospital

I'm sorry I didn't do further research before I bought the banfield wellness plan for both my pets. I hated the old vet and needed a replacement when their shots came due. It seemed like a good thing for my pets well being at the time. They were friendly and kind, I thought they had my pets best interest at hand. I will never leave my little girl for the whole day with them again. She came home hoarse, scared and her leg was so sore. I had to be be so careful about picking she up or she'd screech. You can't get an appointment for a minimum of one month. So what happened to getting care for your pet when you need it? The Vet won't come in and talk with you about the visit, after care or next appointment. I waited 20 minutes then they sent in one of the "nurses" to do it, who leaves you confused and unsure of the service they're providing. My little girl just mops around the house and won't let you touch her unless you have to. I just hope they didn't cage my two pets together. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
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are you kidding....what does this have to do with OWPs...if you were unhappy with the service provided then why did you bring your other pets back....common sense if you dont like something dont do it again

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Made me wait 2 days and 4 hours for no service

I called store #0273 on 05-31-08 to ask if i could bring my dog in (prince) a 7pd yorkiepoo to see if i could bring him in to get his yearly shots and explained to them that i was from kansas banfield here in Atlanta, ga visiting and needed these shots. they said come on in were not busy. i said go ahead and call and get records from kansa so we could be prepared they agreed. well i got there they made me wait a half hour before they told me they did not even call kansas to get Princes records and tryed to call them in the room by this time a hour had lapsed and kansas banfield was closed so they could not obtain his records and could not give him his shots that day. so they recommended i go to store#0280 the next day Sunday 06-01-08 the next day and call first and have them retrieve his records before we showed up and that it would all be taken care of that day. as disappointed as i was after waiting a hour to hear this i agreed and left that evening. on 06-01-08 i called store#0280 and explained the situation they told me no problem to come on in that there was a hour wait but they would go ahead and call the kansas store and retrieve princes records. i headed
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Whats wrong with just dropping the dog off? dang sometimes i need a little break.


Instead of waiting till the last minute to get your pet vaccinated, try making an appt like the rest of us do.

Do you call your doctor and show up when ever YOU want?

If you knew your pet was coming up for vaccines, a responsible pet owner would have had a copy of the vaccines with them.

Also check you spelling... it is horrible.! :(

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I have had Banfield care for my animals (three cats) for 2 years. I had them all on wellness plans and paid my monthly fees on time. I moved to Denver when I got out of the Navy and was not happy with the Banfields here. I called to cancel my wellness plans and the...
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yeah, they're no good, horribly expensive. some decent folks working there, but a lot of times i think they took advantage of my caring for my dog. i've spent thousands of dollars there and he's had no "real" problems, just potential ones that they tested and tested again but never seemed to accomplish anything, except make me go broke, practically.

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Banfield Pet Hospital continues to bill me after contract expired.

Do NOT use Banfield Pet Hospital's wellness plan. It is a rip-off. It does not cover any serious illnesses or injury. Worse than that, after failing to properly diagnose medical problems, they sent you to a capable hospital so that your dog can be treated. In my case, my beloved DJ died. They are still billing me for the wellness plan months after the plan expired. The whole system is worthless for pet owners who are looking for competent veterinary care for their pets. Get a private vet and PLEASE stay AWAY from Banfield's alleged pet hospitals.
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Sure, they point out the cancellation clause on the contract, they don't highlight the fact that you can't move the contract to another Banfield--at least not one close by--if you're unhappy with the services at the one you started out with. You know, when you have a sick pet and you have someone at Banfield pushing their insurance/preventative care/annual payments, whatever you want to call it on you, you don't always have time to look at the details.

They're completely disorganized, their doctors don't know what you're talking about and often give conflicting information. If you've been using them for years and your pet has survived, congrats, you dodged a bullet.


We have had all our pets cared for by Banfield for years, and are VERY pleased, and with the wellness plan as well. When we had to have our collie put to sleep due to his cancer spreading, the Vet was even willing to come to our house and do it, but we did it there and all the staff was super sensitive and compassionate.

And there was absolutetely no charge for the euthanasia.

When I called to cancel his plan early, they were great about it and credited the remaining months. When we had the widfires here, they waived one months of fees.



My biggest pet peeve in the world is people who refuse to read something and then complain about it. The contract states in plain english that if you cancel you have to either a) pay for services you already received, b) pay the remaining monthly payments or c) pay the rest of what you owe in a lump sum.

Also, it VERY clearly states that it will automatically renew in 1 year unless you call and cancel. At my Banfield, we have to clearly explain the contract to the client as well as highlight all the important information.

It is not our fault if people decide to tune us out. It is the client's choice to sign up for a wellness plan, if you do not want it or do not understand what it is, DO NOT SIGN UP.


Does anybody on this planet read things before you sign??? Everything on that very legal contract very clearly states what the plan is, and isn't.

It clearly states it is NOT INSURANCE. The duration of the plan, how to cancel, and how it works. You are basically paying off the services you use over a year instead of in lump sums. So even if your pet dies before the year is up you have to pay off the services you used.

That is fair. The plan is for preventive care only. In hopes that taking consistent care of your pets prevents illnesses. You do however get a discount off other things not preventive.

The contract doesn't claim to cover illness.When I worked at Banfield I had to force people to read the contract. Most people didn't want to be bothered. I also followed up by mailing them facts on the plan. Still ignorance is bliss I guess.

The same people who didn't want to take a second to read where the first to throw a fit when something happened. I also made sure that people were sent reminders 30 days before the contract was set to renew so they could cancel it. No matter what was said to get you interested in the plan you still had the chance to read the contract. There is no excuse good enough as to why you didn't read before you signed.

Im not saying Banfield gives the best service ever, but still READ BEFORE YOU SIGN. It would save you a lot of grief. If you didn't then don't blame someone else for your laziness. Oh and PS Veterinary medicine cost money!

Most the diagnostics are the same as ran for people.

Medicine is not cheap by any means. So please expect to spend some money if your pet is sick.


I realize now, that Banfield doesn't hire competant vets! Which is why I cancelled my plan.

There is nothing cheap about having a preventative plan and still paying for regular treatment of an illness. You are almost paying twice.

The problem is you won't get the service or expertise you need.

I will never use them again. I will instead put the money I was spening on the monthly service fee into a savings account to use when needed at a good vet hospital.


Do you read what you sign?? It is an Wellness Plan...

it covers preventive services....

it is not called a SICKNESS plan!

You also did not read the contract.. it states in the contract, that even in the event, you loose, give away or death , you are responsible for the remainder of the plan.

Simple you recieved your services, why should you NOT pay for them.....So do not blame Banfield for inability to read.


This message is for Smarter than you are--no, shame on you!! You were rude and insensitive to poster (not me).

You obviously don't know what you are talking about. Responsible pet owners do take their pets to a reputable vet if there is a sign of sickness. Even with proper tests, physical symptoms are usually the first sign.

I speak with knowledge, authority and experience. Go back to cleaning the kennels at Banfield but please stay away from the animals.


The plans they offer are preventive care plans. They are supposed to be used prior to your pet getting sick.

They are used to tell the vet if there is anything going on with the pet because animals can not show physical signs until it might be to late. I'm sorry your pet died, but taking your pet to the vet when it's showing physical signs was a poor decision on your part. Maybe it's best you do not have a pet. You have to cancel the plan at the end of your year by contacting Banfield and telling them you do not want to renew it.

It states that in the contract that you signed at the beginning of the year. Or did you not read it? If you do not read contracts, let me sell you some ocean front property. You say that you are looking for competent veterinary services.

It sounds like you were trying to treat your pet the cheapest way you could. Shame on you!!!!!


I totally agree! They are doing the same thing to me! DO NOT use Banfield!!!!!

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I work at Banfield (and actively trying to find a new position at a "real" hospital). We are yelled at by corporate all the time if we don't charge enough, we need to push unnecessary vaccines even if we think a pet may be too old to receive so many of...
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I work for Banfield. Judging from some of the comments I have read from others of you who "work for Banfield", you're not exactly telling the whole truth. Yes, we charge more for some things than a local vet would, but look at the quality of care you are receiving....

When a local vet performs a routine spay, what do you get? An injectable anesthesia, dangerous practices, and a *** sew-up job with stitches that need to be removed and an ugly, lasting scar. Banfield charges more because we DO more. No other animal hospital will intubate your pet and put them under with a gas anesthetic, EKG, and constant monitoring throughout the surgery. Your pet is provided with pain medications and is kept under careful watch by trained staff for the rest of the day. And when the surgery is done, the vet uses a stitching technique usually reserved for human surgeries that minimizes scarring, and uses dissolvable sutures, meaning you will not need to bring your pet back in to have the stitches removed.

And as for charging a minimum fee for each and every appointment ... that's just absurd. Most of the clients I see in one day pay around 20 or 30 dollars, and many of them pay nothing at all! And we do not REQUIRE pets to be dropped off today. Drop-off appointments are designed to be a convenience for today's hectic lifestyles. You can drop off your pet in the morning on your way to work, and pick them up in the evening on your way home. And a vet is ALWAYS available to answer any questions you may have when you pick up your pet.

All in all, it seems to me that all of you pissed off customers are really just ***. You're not getting all of the information, and therefore need someone to lash out at when you screw yourself over. If you ask me, the biggest deterrent to a pet receiving the best quality care available ... is the owner.

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Reston, Virginia - I'm sick of everyone complaining about banfield

I am currently an employee of a Banfield in New York. You are all making generalizations on Banfield based on what you perceived to be bad experiences. Just like human doctors, every vet is different. Granted, some are good and some are bad. The vet that I work for is extremely caring and does absolutely anything and everything for every single pet that walks in our doors. We had a dog who was hit by a car and needed emergency surgery and she made us all stay and call all the local pet emergency rooms until we could find one that would take the pet immediately and then paid for the woman's car service out of her own pocket. It is just as hard to diagnose pets with some diseases as it is humans. Do not blame us for killing your pet with vaccines. Out of all of the pets that receive them, some will unfortunately have reactions to them. Once again, it is the same as with people. If you had an allergice reaction to some kind of a medicine, you would not go around screaming that it was the doctor's fault. Also, the wellness plans are ideal for only certain customers. If you have a sick pet, they will not help you. If you have a healthy pet that needs shots and preventitive care then they are a good idea. It is not our fault if you do not listen to us when we explain the stipulations, or that you do not read the brochure or the agreement before you sign it. Do not just be a follower and assume all Banfields are bad because of a few bad eggs. Test your local office out and decide for yourself how you feel about it. You might just be surprised.
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We have noticed the difference in customer service for about 3 - 4 years. The consumer savings is overly exaggerated.

The vet we like is no longer there. Our dog was mis-diagnosed once since, not life threatening, but concerning. We had placed our daughters puppy on the plan and unfortunately she passed away and we had to continue paying for the plan because we were not allowed to cancel. This will be the last year we use Banfield.

We feel the vet or employees do not care, listen or hear what we say and if we feel this way, I can't imagine how our animals feel.

I know there are probably some good vets that work for the company,and I would suggest they find employment somewhere else to save their reputation. Sincerely, used to be a satisfied customer.


Owners how many of you when signing up for the "plan" knew that it was NOT "insurance" please say "aye" in your comments. They act and treat me as a dumb *** that needed to be taught reading lessons.

I was aware that these plans are NOT insurance. I am not pissed about the price nor the fact that they are trying to *** blood. What I'm pissed about is the things they did to my pooch. They repeat themselves saying that we needed this and that and I bought it(medications) for my pooch little did I know that I was shoving my pooch closer and closer to death.

Luckily, thanks to my education background(biology student pre-med) in medicine I took him off the medication and took him to a different vet. After week he was up and running.


A consumer must be educated and knowledgeable about the difference between Wellness Plans and Pet Insurance. They are two different entities.

Banfield's wellness plans are worth their price. If you were to have all the services they offer you would be spending much more. Remember, it is preventative medicine, I have insurance on my 2 dogs and Banfield's wellness plans because their wellness plans are better than what is out there on the market. When my pet is really sick, I take them to their regular vet.

Example I believe my dog has an ear infection, I will take him to Banfield due to the free office visit, and free ear testing. Now here is where the educated consumer comes into action. The vet states that the dog has a severe ear infection, needs to be under anesthesia to clean the ear out etc... total 1200.

I would state Dr. the symptoms have only been present for 5 days. I will not spend that much money, let's irrigate the ears, and place him on a topical antibiotic, or myticin, or whatever. If that works great.

If it does not then they go to their real vet.

Yes Banfield is a corporation, they are there to make money, but so is the mom and pop vet. Ultimately, it is your choice to proceed. Would you undergo surgery without a second opinion?

I hope not.

All in all their wellness plans are great. As the Sym's commercials state "the best customer is an educated one".


i live in oklahoma and i agree every vet is different. I take my dog to banfield and they have been wonderful especially since i didnt not want to take my other dog in b.c he is afraid of ppl and i did not know how he would react so when one of my dogs had worms they gave me enough meds for both of them and they have always been wonderful about helping me get my dog to gain weight. i am really glad i choose banfield.


Hate to break it to you but mostly there are *** complaints here. Don't take it personally.

People generally don't say please and thank-you in letters for good things that happened. Their parents did not teach them.

Infact there is one person who uses the site to scam restaurants into giving her money because she always recieves poor service. Half the time she makes things up for free things.


I love our hospital. We have a one doctor and she takes her time and is very straight forward. We have had MANY people tell us she is the best around.

I have read some complaints on this site, and alot has to do with people not being educated.

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I took my cat in because he was having difficult breathing. Banfield decided he must have a rabies shot since he was overdue. They never discussed the possible side effects... such as swelling of the face and throat and difficulty breathing; if they had I would never...
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banfield killed my cat. she went in for a routine spay and she never got better.

two days later i took her in again because she had difficult breathing. this went on for another visit.....the four days this went on she had tons of air pockets under her skin, and. collapsed lung. i wound up taking her to the er and she started to show improvement, except today she went back down.

she had to have surgery and went into cardiac arrest because her little body couldnt take anymore. had banfield done their job correctly, she would still be alive and well.

this is a nightmare. i do not recommend this place to any pet

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