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Banfield Pet Hospital - Portland?

Okay. i'm looking to research about Banfield. my sister uses this and LOVES it to death. the place is close to my home too. i called about their cost and they have a kitten package that would cover the first year. then i wanted to see if there were any reviews about this place. well, i found TONS of negative reviews but the problem is.. i do not know which is which. do you have any opinion about Portland, Oregon? the one on 82nd avenue. i want to make sure my kitten gets the best but at a good cost and i surly dont want a vet to kill my kitten due to "negligence" like some of these reviews said. please let me know! thanks :) Maks
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To "Me" who is talking about overvaccinating pets... First of all, there is no test to test a dog for Corona virus.

It is fatal if caught, it makes the immune system supressed and makes it easier to contract other diseases/viruses. Secondly, Giardia is a zoonotic parasite, so in plain english: IT'S SOMETHING HUMANS CAN GET FROM THEIR PETS.

I know I feel better knowing my dogs are vaccinated against something I can get. I have a 12 year old healthy beagle who has been going to Banfield for over 10 years and gets every single vaccine they offer every year, with NO problem :p


I know a couple vet's from the Portland Banfield and although I am not a fan of their prices, I am a fan of their vets up there. Dr.

Phillips is one of the best vets up there and is a very smart man. He truley tries to find out what is going on with your pet. As far as the wellness plan I only recommend it for the first year. It does package the spay/neuter cost with vaccines and makes it cheap.

Remember that not all comments on here about Banfield are justifiable. Some clients are poorly educated about what is going on with their pet or they hear what they want to hear. It is your job as the client to ask questions and understand what is going on with your pet. The any vet sees over 40 pets a day and easily forgets.

They are only human and they do make mistakes. I know I would have a hard time trying to focous and remember everything they do. Plus some misdiagnosis are commonly mistaken for similiar illness that have the same symptoms. Just remember to ask lots of questions and educate yourself so you can help them b/c they can not remember everything.

Portland Banfield is also a e-clinic so sometimes there might be a wait but that is with every clinic. stuff happens try to be patient and understanding.


If you are unsure take a visit to the hospital first and talk to the staff, other clients and even ask for the doctor. I currently work for a Banfield hospital.

Not all doctors are the same just as MDs are not all the same. They all have gone to school but each doctor applies their knowledge differently- some are good and some are not so good. Go there when you have time to spend. Ask questions about the package ask for a copy of the contract before you commit.

I believe that most of the bad comments about banfield are due to people not fully understanding the Wellness plans and I will credit some to doctors not fully commiting to their oath. It is not an insurance plan and there are some prodicals if you decided to cancel or have a death. If you compare the prices of the vaccines and office calls to other hospitals it is cheaper. I worked for a private hospital that charged $55 for the offical call alone granted they didn't offer all the vaccines that Banfield does but they charged for every single thing Most clients didn't leave there with a bill under $150 but you times that by 3 and add in a spay for the kitten that is $450 plus the cost of the spay.

So I don't know how that hospital in Portland is but that is where the company originated and I do believe that it would be busy with multi doctors. Do your research and find out what works best for you.!

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Eden Prairie, Minnesota - 3-mos old puppy goes into shock-distemper shot

Our 3-mo. old mini-dachund recd his 2nd distemper shot, and went into shock. We almost lost him. I was advised to find out what they gave him - 5-way vaccine or 7-way. He is 4.7 lbs and they also gave him bordatella in the nose at the same time. How does a person find out what is best for their dog?I was also advised that he was given an antibiotic that can cause ear damage-gentocin-and a cleanser that cost 3 times more than it is worth?? HELP-iI need input.
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We vaccinate lots of little puppies. One of the Emergency Vets we work with suggested using a vaccine by Pfizer.

He said it had the lowest rate of negative reactions.

We have taken his advice and our pups have done well. He also suggested no Lepto for small and toy breeds (at least while they are babies)

Thanks Doc


What exactly is a vaccine troll? I'm a bit lost.....


There are way to many vaccine trolls on here defending for the greater good and not the individual. how dumb do you think people are you fake post writers get a life.


Well Colleen vaccine reactions happen quite frequently and are usually easily treatable with Benadryl and sometimes steroids. And it's a TITER, which tests the immunity of the pet but it needs to be vaccinated first to have immunity. Titers are FAR more expensive than just vaccinating so feel free to waste your money.


Most of the comments here are related to vaccine reactions. Vaccine reactions can occur in any dog with any vaccine at any hospital.

It happens everyday at every hospital - not only at Banfield. There is really any way to predict which pet will react unless they have had a previous reaction. Small breed dogs like dashchunds and chihuahuas are more likely to have reactions. Some veterinarians recommend vaccinations yearly, while some recommend them less frequently - it really depends on your location and your dog.

IMHO it is better to protect your pet from deadly viruses that kill thousands of dogs yearly (ie: parvo, distemper, rabies) than avoid vaccination due to risks.

If you are concerned, educate yourself and discuss the problem with your vet!! I see pets die horrible deaths every day from infections that could have been easily prevented by vaccinations!!!


My baby chihuahua received his distemper shots and developed sneezing, coughing, runny nose. We took him back to the vet that day and they put him on antibiotics.

A couple days later, seizures started and we rushed him to the ER vet. They tried to get the seizures under control but couldn't and the poor baby had suffered enough so I had to make the decision to stop. It was gut-wrenching and we are still not over it. To make matters worse, my 3 year old chihuahua was behind on this years booster shot and he began with the sneezing and coughing.

I panicked and got him in for blood work at the vet. The results only said that he wasn't currently fighting a full blown virus. We went ahead with the booster shots that day. His symptoms were worse the next day and I just knew he had distemper.

That was a couple of days ago and his symptoms have lessoned but are still there. My vet says she doesn't think the puppy died of distemper. The ER vet really didn't know either but they said everything pointed to it.

I lost a beautiful chihuahua 11 week old puppy because of seizures that may or may not have been shot related. I may never know.


The rabies and distemper vaccines at Banfield Pet Hospital caused my dachshund to swell up and break out into hives. She had to be put into emergency care and given shots of benadryl, steroids, anti-nausea medication, and is now on oral steroids for the next 10 days.


when this happened, the vet at Banfield said their brand of vaccines are so bad she doesn't even bring her own pets to the hospital. She recommended my family that has 4 dogs go elsewhere.


Next time ask your veterinarian what the DANGERS of giving steroids and vaccinations on the same day are. Ask them why if you have the plan do they not break up the vaccines to lower the risk of vaccine reaction.

By "break up" I mean not giving more than one vaccine on the same day to small breed dogs!

Educate yourself, at my clinic we don't give a vaccine for two weeks after any steroid injection because of the risks! Please do yourself and mostly your pet a favor and ASK about the dangers of this type of vaccine protocols!


I recently went to Banfield Vet and had an awful experience. Besides the vet trying to over vaccinate my dog, I told her he needed benedryl before the Distemper.

I never saw her give it to him, called her out on it and she replied "we're that good, we're so fast you didn't even see it!". About 2 hours later my dog was completely swollen, itchy, vomiting, and could barely breathe. She obviously did not give him what requested.

He was later rushed to an Emergency 24hr vet to apply benedryl and prednisone. I would strongly advise pet owners with small dogs (I have a chihuahua) NOT to use Banfield Vets, and only get Distemper if you cannot afford the test called tites(

might b spelt wrong) to see if your pet even needs it.


I have a dog who is allergic to lepto. He goes to a private vet.

Vaccines reactions happen. Don't blame a business because your dog has a vaccine allergy.

There is no way to predict what pet will have a reaction and which ones wont. That's life.


This happen to my doxie today. He is eleven weeks old and his entire face swelled up to the point he couldn't see.

The gave him a shot of steroid and benadryl but the swelling didn't go down. The kept him for a few hours to give him fluids so he wouldn't go into shock.

I'm now administering steroid and Benadryl for the next couple of days and the swelling is not completely gone. Does anyone know what the lasting side effects are for him?


Small pocket house dogs will never be exposed to diseases spread in the woods by wild animals. Most feet barely touch the ground.

Whay are you putting these heavy duty nerve brain and cell damaging strong vaccinations into your little pet who will react with vomiting, seizures, brain and personality damage. My gosh, how *** is that? Banfield is corporate run and they are told from corporate office to push that stuff into your dogs every year when researchers and studies have proven don't need to be given that often. Look it up.

Most vaccine lasts 7 yrs. If your dog was fine untill you stuck all those vaccinations into it and then it got sick, it is NOT your imagination, it's because *you* allowed it to be poisoned by vaccines it never needed.


Banfield WAY overvaccinates your pets and mostly for things they will never be exposed to. Don't just blindly let someone put things into your pets without asking first!

Any pet who needs to be pre medicated for reactions is allergic! STOP vaccinating it! Google too many vaccine for our pets and you will be bombarded with informations from vets, AVMA, reseaqchers showing the studies that vaccines every year is negligent, damaging and un needed. Humans are not vaccinated every year and your animals don't need it either.

Banfield is stealing your money and worse yet killing your dogs and subjecting them to a life of illness, ear and skin problems from too many vaccines too often.

Please people look it up first before you just blindly coe back to Banfield every two weeks for that assualt on your poor dogs! I know, I work there and see it every day


I currently have a 13 week chihuahua. Last week she went for her distemper vaccine and within 24 hours she started acting strange.

she had a seizure and started vomitting after the seizure. She also became very wobbly. I have taken her to a neurological veterinarian and without further testing which ranges between $300 - 2500, they can't pin point exactly what it is. She is now on a series of medications (Antibiotic, Predisone and Lactalase) to treat her for a possible liver shunt or any type of infection.

She is now starting to get better however she continues to wobble and can't walk straight or stand up for long periods of time.

She is also very tired. Could this be a reaction to her vaccine or is it truly a neurological conditio?


I have a Jack Russell and I always like to give him the dexamethasone injection when he gets a series of shots. I reccommend this to any dog owner.

It can't hurt and at my Banfield costs $17. Worth it for the peace of mind.


I had my 6 month old Chihuahua vaccinated with distemper and rabies. Shortly after he seemed to be mostly deaf and can only hear loud noises or whistles.

These now startle him and he is becoming a very timid frightened puppy.

Is it possible this was from the vaccine? Nothing else was different.


I have to say that we went through the same thing with our Pomeranian. She goes into anaflactic (sp?) shock when she is given her vaccinations.

It happened the first time and they said that there was no way of telling if it would affect her the second time. W were told that it is possible that the second set she was going to get should be OK because it was different from the first. It ended up that she is just allergic to all of them. There wad no way of knowing befoe hand.

She is totally fine, but it turns out to be a pain in the butt when we want to put her on an airplane or get her groomed.

if we don;t have current proof that she is vaccinated, they won't let her go with us or get her hair cut. BUMMER!


I am a vet not associated with Banfield. Dachshunds are predisposed to vaccine reactions, but it is impossible to know which ones will have allergic reactions.

I vaccinate hundreds of Dachshunds each year and only a small number have reactions. Sorry, it's just bad luck that your dog is allergic to vaccines. Benadryl and sometimes dexamethasone injections prior to vaccination is recommended. Also, you may want to request a 3-year distemper combo shot.

Concurrent bordetella vaccine was not a factor. Lepto is a very serious disease and should be vaccinated for if it is prevalent in your area. Many dogs have reactions to lepto vaccine because of the type of vaccine it is, but many dogs react to distemper shots without lepto too. Discuss with a vet whether or not lepto vaccine is recommended in the future and what precautions to take if it is recommended.

There is no way they could have predicted your dog would react. Again, it's simply bad luck.

Gentocin is only toxic to the ears if the ear drum is ruptured and the medication gets into the middle ear (or if it is given as a pill or injection). I use this medication topically all the time as long as the ear drums are ok.


Oh, and also, you're right about the ear cleaner - not worth what you paid for it. A good product but terribly overpriced.

The best way to find out what's best for your pet is to do your own research (credible sources only! Try the AVMA, AAHA, etc.) and find a vet you trust. Also understand that you will probably be told something different every time you ask a different vet (i.e, one felt that it was fine to use gentamicin, another did not).

Let them know your concerns and then ask WHY they recommend X or Y treatment (for example, the one vet may have said, "I've been using gentamicin in my practice for years and have never seen a problem, that's why I use it", while the other may have said, "I had a dog go deaf just last week, so I'm trying to be more careful", etc.). Good luck.


You were asked if he received a 5-way vs. 7-way b/c it is understood that the "7-way" contains leptospira bacterin to vaccinate for leptospirosis.

It's also fairly well-know that leptospira vaccine is more likely to cause a vaccine reaction (so is Lyme). Additionally, your mini-Daschund is a breed that seems to be predisposed to vaccine reactions to begin with...higher-risk breed + higher-risk antigen = vaccine reaction in your case. It's actually company policy to offer a diphenhydramine injection (Benadryl) prior to vaccinating your breed (although I would not be surprised if this didn't happen in your case), especially since leptospira is included in the distemper/parvo combo puppy vaccine. At any rate, chances are your little guy experienced a reaction to the leptospira (most likely) and so should not be vaccinated with that antigen again - which means you'll have to be careful about paying attention to exactly what he is being vaccinated for when he goes in (some places combine their vaccines, some don't).

In all honesty, if it were my pet, I'd have him premedicated w/diphenhydramine before future vaccine administrations, and I'd only vaccinate him w/core vaccines and at the longest interval allowed (3 years for DHPP and rabies) - which you'll get a lot of *** for at your local Banfield, so be prepared. It's highly unlikely, btw, that the intranasal kennel cough vaccine caused his reaction. The active ingredient of Gentocin is an antibacterial called gentamicin, and a rare side effect is ear damage.

It's used a ton though, regardless, but if you're worried about it, ask for a different medication. Sorry for your bad experience - I'd recommend you go elsewhere if you have a pet prone to vaccine reactions given Banfield's overzealous vaccine protocol.

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Chicago, Illinois - Upset Banfield Clients.

WOW, I have to say a lot of these comments are based on ignorance. Any medical attention saught after has a cost. When was the last time you visited the doctor or emergency room for that matter? It's expensive. Good quality medicine always is. Optimum Wellness Plans are a great way to spread the cost of vaccines and disease prevention through the course of the year. If your pet becomes ill, he is not "well", right? Read the brochures, read your Wellness Plan agreements, ask questions. In other words, be an inquisitive/informed pet owner. With Banfield, they want yoy to understand the importance of good quality health care. If you can't afford medical treatment for your pet, do everyone a favor, don't own one.
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Never bringing my dog back to Banfield again -- they ran tests they didn't need to do; they misdiagnosed the problem she was having with her bowel frequency, and they charged almost 400 dollars for the same thing my usual vet charges 150.00 for. Then, they created a problem so I could not board my dog at the PetHotel, with which they are affiliated.

This would also not have occurred had I just gone to my regular vet -- all based on tests that were not asked for nor necessary. A scam. Never even saw the doctor, everything was done by the "nurses"/lackies. I ended up going to see my regular Vet later in the afternoon.

75.00 and one injection later, we were good to go. Furious with Banfield.


I was actually just terminated from Banfield today for BS reasons and still will defend the use of a catheter for a euthanasia..... Most vets would.

Would you rather take a chance of the vet not being able to get into the vein and having it take multiple injections and faaaaaar longer for your pet to pass away.

Sometimes when pets are very I'll there veins can be very hard to get into let alone inject a large amount of fluid into. I do agree though Banfields pricing is a little expensive but I have seen worse.


I was actually just terminated from Banfield today for BS reasons and still will defend the use of a catheter for a euthanasia..... Most vets would.

Would you rather take a chance of the vet not being able to get into the vein and having it take multiple injections and faaaaaar longer for your pet to pass away.

Sometimes when pets are very I'll there veins can be very hard to get into let alone inject a large amount of fluid into. I do agree though Banfields pricing is a little expensive but I have seen worse.


Having just left the West Jordan Banfield in SLC, Ut. I am furious!

It is a sad day when you have to see a friend take her last breath but, it infuriates me when I am UPSOLD on the use of a catheder that I didn't want. They told me that it was Banfields policy that if we were to be in the room that they had to use a catheder and that it cost $75 more.

Talk about a load of ***! That being said- the doctor and his assistants were professional and respectful but, the whole experience was desicrated by this "UPSALE".


I brought my dog Mikey into banfield because he couldn't keep food down. I was talked into the most expensive plan because I was in bad financial shape.

They led me to believe I would be saving so much for the tests he needed. I was told it would be aroumd 200 but when i got the call to pick him up it was 900. I got quite upset and was told " i shouldn't have a dog if i can't afford to keep him". Mikey was 9 and in good health all his life!

I explained that I was diagnosed with crohns within the past year and unable to work and asked if they could work with me on getting him better and payments for the bill. They refused!!!!! Mikey's vet was cold and uncareing. After treatments and repeated tests ( 2 ultra sounds 2 weeks apart, first no mass then a huge mass in his pancreus) Mikey came home to die.

The vet insisted he could get better if he stayed at the hospital on IV for a week or more but since I couldn't afford it there was nothing they could do. I begged for help with the bill and payment set up. Again refused!!!!!!!!!!!! Even their home office was a dead end.

The total bill came to 2000.00. That was paid by me having to borrow wherever i could. Since I signed up for the plan and even though Mikey died the second month into the plan they want their monthly payment. The best is 2 weeks after Mikey died I got a card from banfield.

It said sorry for your loss, A DONATION has been made in Mikey's name for families that can't afford their vet care! *** Banfield if you think your getting another dime out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take me to court cause I'd love to tell a judge this true story!!!!!!!! :sigh


How about you are already greiving when your pet has to be put to sleep. The unlicensed pet nurses and doctors not double checking, receptionists lying..You pay for a private creamation of your family member.

and they mis tag her and she goes to a mass creamation and they don't know where she went after that...They offer you a memorial urn for ashes you don't have. When it could have all been prevented.


I've gone to several different Banfields because I've moved three times in the past five years and now go to a private vet's office. I prefer the private vet's office, hands down.

They seem much more knowledgeable.

Banfield told me the prices for dental work was 210 but then when I got there and had to sign the price proposal, the total was 400 and I argued them down to 320. I strongly believe they would've charged more for unnecessary things my pet didn't need if I hadn't done my research.


After experiencing a LACK of quality vet service for my dog, I am happily returning to the Northville Banfield, wehre they know what they are doing. Good luck to those who try and have a positive vet experience at the Ann Arbor Banfield. Beware!!!!


Ignorance would be Banfield employees sleeping at night even though I have checked every invoice with multiple other vets, all well respected in the community, and the prices are anywhere from double to triple the price at the family Dr. The plan is garbage and I am one of the many, many people that will make sure this is known.

Beyond that I will have my attorney review the plan to make sure there is nothing illegal about this. I guess maybe that does make us ignorant because we agree to pay whatever you charge believing you and that the price is competitive. I have saved nothing. Urinalysis and Clavamox $130.00 Pill range from $26 - $40 dollars, I paid $50 originally $55, Urinalysis $80 average price $35.00 - $50...Again originally $135.

UNREAL. Sleep tight!!!


The employs at the front desk are not friendly. Very sour faced employes. :x


NEVER GO TO BANFIELD!All the idiots that write good reveiws on them are oblivious to how Banfield miss treats their pets. It sounds as if you work there and I feel sorry for you. Dont waste your time protecting a bunch of glorified kennel workers who dont do their job!


If you google, "Banfield Complaints" you can see that it's across the board of the serious issues that take place with clients and the outstanding high turnover rate with employees.


I was ripped off by Banfield


I've been a client of Banfield for over 5 years and have gone to two in that time. Both were GREAT!

I moved and I like the newer one even more. The Ann Arbor, MI Banfield is great. Each Banfield is run by the head Vet and I love Dr. Brouwer.

He is very kind and will sit with you as long as possible to make sure all your questions are answered.

I always had pleasant experiences at Banfield. If you don't like one, try finding another.


The plan is worth it IF you need and want every single vaccine that they shove in your dog. You need to do your OWN research to find out which vaccines your pet really needs.

There is a very real risk of overvaccinating your pets ie. increased risks of immunosupression, cancers, joint and kidney damage, even certain types of arthritis.... when was the last time that a dog over 8 wks of age was diagnosed with corona disease ANYWHERE? You can google it. Giardia? the vaccine doesn't really work at preventing the disease, even if your pet gets it, is not life threatening. Antibiotics for 5 days is all he needs. Lyme is only common in certain parts of the country and only if your dog is exposed to ticks, so you need to do your research on that one as well. Older dogs sometimes the risk of overvaccination outweights the risk of contracting those diseases.

Do your research and find out if paying $200++ a year for vaccines you don't need is really necessary.


I've taken my cats to the Banfield on 82nd avenue for 7 years and I love them. :)


To whomever defend Banfield is the ***. You can get great care without being ripped off.


NOT UPSET :) My dog has been taken care by Banfield for the past 4 years and I have no complaints. They have always taken good take of my dog in a very professional manner.

Yes, point-or-service care is costly, but if you do not want that cost and responsibility then do not have a pet. As for the Banfield Vet Hospital in Jacksonville, NC I am extremely pleased with their level of professionalist, level of care provided, and the facility.

As I read on other entries maybe you should evaluate that specific Banfield Vet because I have heard that some a not as good as others. So because being nasty to the entire chain maybe you should be specific to which one that has provided you the unsat service.



I'm happy some people realize that Banfield isn't bad. I love them!

Do people realize that "new" vets have to start out somewhere?

Do people realize that sometimes, a definitive diagnosis isn't possible (especially when they don't want to spend the money for diagnostics)?? Banfield is a high-quality, state of the art practice and I trust my pets lives with them!


Every veterinary clinic you go to, you will eventually run into some type of problems. Banfield as a corporation isn't a bad company, you can't speak of them as they are one doctor in whole, but each one has a different doctor and not all of them are bad or misdiagnose pets!

Wellness Plans are for preventative care, and are NOT insurance!

If you have a problem with the contract, then maybe you should read it through and not *** about it later once you realize what you've signed and didn't read!! And by the way...Banfield is NOT an emergency clinic!!!


Only 6 people complaining?

For the record, I have never had a problem with these people.


:( :( :(

Let's say you are right and that the cost of my pets' care is being spread over 12 months... What other pet car provider charge > $500 annually per pet (premium + copay)....

TOTAL misleading of the consumer... Put a contract in front of them, say 'it's a twelve month deal' and then hope they don't read it?

Shady business. Count me pissed.

:( :( :(


"Good quality medical care?" Are you kidding me? Now, who is ignorant?


I agree with "upset Banfield clients.

We pay the vets for our pets and pay the doctors for us. My problem is having to pay for a critical problem, and not getting a correct diagnosis.

All I can say is, if you truly care about your pet, DO NOT GO TO BANFIELD.


The Wellness plans are for PREVENTITIVE care, The benefits with the plan in the event that your pet becomes ill is no office visit fee and discounted services/meds/products. It's pretty simple.

It amazes me that people complain about the cost for their pet, do you complain at your physicians office, Restuarants etc?

Health care is expensive, just a fact of life. All Banfield clients should receive an "estimate" of services needed prior to any procedure that are outside of the plan, if you sign it why complain about it, you have a choice.


How much did Banfield pay you for your comments?

The question I have is "good quality medical care?" I lost a dog directly because of Banfield. I spent well over $3000.00 on tests, etc from Banfield.

I finally took her in for a 2nd opinion, where she was correctly diagnosed, but it was too late to save her.

So, don't respond like the consumers are all cheap and shouldn't have pets.

Maybe, if you lost a pet to incompetence you would have a reason to respond. :(


okay... im reading ALL these negative comments. but WHICH one does this refer to? i'm looking for reviews of Banfield Portland OR on 82nd ave. let me know before i make a jump with my kitten.


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Banfield Pet Hospital in Washington, District Of Columbia - Banfield is ridiculous; stay small and local!

Simply put, Banfield's charges are ridiculous. I signed up for one of the wellness plans two months ago and have spent roughly $1000 since, for two reasons. One is that, aside from the vaccines covered by the plan, none of the services my dog needed were covered. The second is that Banfield apparently charges for EVERY LITTLE THING, which makes that "savings" total at the bottom of your bill seem great until you actually look at it. For instance, they charge for things that normally would be included in an annual vet visit; $25 for a "neurological exam," which is basically looking into my dog's eyes for two seconds (I didn't have to pay that, as it was covered by the plan; whew! Honestly, I have never, ever been charged for this at any vet, so I didn't really "save" it, either), similar situation for all other "exams" that make it look like I've saved a ton (dental, etc.). $20 to "clean/flush" a wound (one small hotspot on my dog's leg), $25 to express her anal glands -- both of which would be included in a regular vet visit for around $40-50 TOTAL. Today, she had to get x-rays to see if/why her stomach was blocked. This cost $300 for the x-ray stuff alone, including almost $100 in "interpretation" (look at it for a minute!), and $40 each for positioning/restraint (my dog is THE calmest in the world) and handling! Are you kidding me?!? It's your job to handle animals! And this afternoon, I've checked with two other hospitals in the area, who do the entire x-ray package for $100 (up to 4 exposures). After this was done, they sent me to an emergency vet because they didn't have the stomach tube needed to decompress my dog's stomach. Thank you very much, Banfield! I've read a lot about staff incompetencies and attitudes, so I will say that the staff at the Towson, MD, branch is great. They've been very nice, genuine, and helpful. They just happen to work for a racket of a corporation that takes advantage of loving pet owners who would pay anything for their pets if they had to (and they convince you that you have to), while under the guise of treating you and your pet like family. Long story short, avoid Banfield and stick with your small, local vets! You'll save money, heartache, and frustration, while giving your business to the people who do, actually, give a ***.
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No, Tiffany, a toenail trim is $25 at Banfield...I know this because they tried to pressure me into it every time I went there.


I just paid 11.00 at banfield for my large pits nails to be trimmed? don't use Remicin in your dogs ears it causes defenses especially in older dogs!


Why would someone get paid commission for saying a pet needs tests? That's just ridiculous!

And a toenail trim isn't $20--it's $12, the same price you would pay if you went to Petsmart groomers.... make sure you know the truth before you talk, please.


Check out Veterinary Pet Insurance.

They even cover your pet when they are sick!

I pay the same on VPI as I pay for Banfield, and I get to choose my own veterinarian, instead of going to some rookie vet. I think they get commision for the tests they say your pet needs.


Check out Veterinary Pet Insurance.

They even cover your pet when they are sick!

I pay the same on VPI as I pay for Banfield, and I get to choose my own veterinarian, instead of going to some rookie vet. I think they get commision for the tests they say your pet needs.


They even charge $20.00 for cutting your pets toenails.

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Miami, Florida - Wellness plan for a dog, waiting over an hour for a doctor

I went to Banfield to try and get on their wellness plan for my 6 year old dog. I was greeted by someone who was very cold and somewhat rude, not only to me but other patrons as well. I waited for 40 min when finally a tech came over asked me a few questions then left and said the dr. would be by. After waiting for 55 min. I went to the front desk to ask the girl if she knew how much longer it'd take. She was on a personal call and completely ignored my presence while chatting away. I was not the only one waiting to ask questions either. It was then I decided to leave and never come back. It's not worth it with lacking of customer support. Maybe they were understaffed who knows but it is the customers who suffer. My friend who'd recommended me was really embarassed after I shared my experience with her. Apparently no one will ever be recommended to go to Banfield. I think I will just pay a little more and continue going to my usual vet, at least they always are available to answer my questions and if they're busy at least acknowledge my presence. I found their staff to be VERY unprofessional!
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sorry you had this problem with Banfield. Which one did you go to?

I never had a problem with the one I go to. I also looked into VPI and they are great with their coverage.

Problem is you have to pay upfront to the vet then file a claim. Sometimes its hard to come with $500 in one shot for routine visit and vac or dental cleaning.


If they are short-staffed and busy, what is the receptionist doing on the phone?!!!


Check into Veterinary Pet Insurance. It is much cheaper than the Wellness program and covers more.

The wellness program pays for shots, teeth cleaning, etc. VPI is great if your dog has an illness or needs surgery.

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To those of you who are complaining about the Wellness you READ them before you sign them? They are very straight forward. Don't sign a contract and then complain that you had to pay for 12 months...that is what you agreed to do! Had you READ the...
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I will give my two cents about Banfield. Banfield does have a contract that you should read, and we did, but our puppy had a broken leg, and they told us he would have to come in weekly to have it rebandaged.

That would incur an office charge AND a bandage fee we were told. We also had xrays, and the plan would save us 10% on initial xray and follow-up one. We decided that it would be a great deal with the plan since we would be coming in weekly for 8 weeks and would then only have to pay the bandaging fee and not the office visit, plus our puppy had to eventually be neutered when he was well. What we DIDN'T know about Bandfield at the time was that you NEVER get to go back with your pet when they do immunizations or anything!

We assumed we couldn't go back with him with his broken leg because of the xray, NOT that we couldn't everytime! They say this is due to liability. On the third visit there, they took our puppy to the back and gave him a non-core immunization without asking and did a fecal loop to get a stool specimen without asking. When we complained, they told us they thought the tech had told us.

He didn't need a fecal exam. He had already had it done at another vet within the last 3 weeks and it was negative. Also, I would have preferred to have been asked first and bring in a specimen rather than have the loop done on him if they really felt they needed to do it again. He has had enough trauma with the broken leg..why would you do a fecal loopand not use a specimen if the dog is coming in weekly?

Invasive! I also would have waited to do the immunization as it was a non-core immunization and he has gone through enough with the broken leg. They talk you into the plan when you are under duress, making it seem like it is a great deal. Another clinic has told me that they are charging way too much for rebandaging $41.00.

We were told it would be about $30.00 when we signed up. I should have taken him to an emergency vet instead. I will end up paying WAY more in the end. We will be done with the plan when it is up in a year.

Neutering is covered under the plan, but don't think we will go there even though we have the plan. Can't watch the work they do on your dog, do stuff without asking and do things that don't need to be done..

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Warrington, Pennsylvania - Dont go to banfield for emergency services

We have had our Bernese Mountain dog for 2 weeks. I signed up for the Banfield wellness plan the first week. During the second week that we had our puppy she broke her leg trying to jump her dog gate in the kitchen. I took her to Banfield and patted myself on the back for buying the wellness plan. Well the office visit was free and I received 10 percent off of my total bill. However the total bill was 850 for the visit, xrays, casting of her leg and various medications. They recommended that we see an orthopedic specialist. Well during the night she got off her 200 cast and 50 O collar. The next day we take our puppy to the orthopedic specialist expecting to pay twice as much as the previous day. They redid all of the xrays and recasted her leg. To our suprise the bill was only 225. They suggested that some of the medications we were given ( antibiotics that cost 90 ) were totally unnecessary. Frustrated and Ripped off!
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A WELLNESS plan has nothing to do with emergency services, that is for preventitive care. Why do people think that animals are "cheap", it's medical just like if it were your child, if you can't afford it then don't have one, if you can then don't *** about it


you need to read the reciept they gave you and review everything you were charged for. I've seen several puppies with broken legs and it has never been over $300.

You really need to see what all they charged you for. If you get a huge bill like that again, ask what all the charges are for.


It's an E collar...not an O collar! If you're going to make an argument...sound edukated.

(haha yes I know it's really spelled educated). ***

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Toledo, Ohio - Banfield Plans

I am a pre-law student right now and I have a cat, I signed him up on a Wellness plan at a Banfield and I have to say that after reading so many complaints about Banfield’s plans I have to wonder if people actually read what they are signing. A lot of people complain about having to pay when they want to cancel one of the plans. DUH! It’s a payment plan! It says that right in the contract! It says right in there that you can cancel the plan at any time, but if you do you have to pay either the full cost of the services you used or what’s left on the plan. Do you hear people complaining that they have to pay the rest of a loan off? Well, sometimes yes, but that’s not the point. You complainers NEED TO READ WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ARE SIGNING! And that goes for EVERYTHING from cell phone contracts to buying a house. Read the contract! And if you can’t understand it ask for a copy to take to a lawyer (like me once I graduate:)). You will all save a lot of time, money, and frustrations that way.
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Banfield Pet Hospital in Sacramento, California - Stop hating Banfield!!!

I am a nurse at Banfield and I have to say that I am appalled at what people on here are saying. I will grant that not all vets everywhere are going to be the most competent or compassionate towards your pet, and I realize that some people just plain lack customer service skills. But that in no way shape or form describes all of us. I have been trained by Banfield, and everything they have taught me has been the same that I was taught in school. There is no difference. People are also complaining about the cost. Is YOUR health care free? If it is, you are lucky. People's health care isn't free and neither is Pet's, but we try to maintain affordability for our clients and patients and still be able to remain in business. Lastly, I would like to ask all of those complaining this, how many of YOU have the knowledge, skill base, and access to determine what is wrong or potentially wrong with your Pet? Not claiming I do, because I take my pets to the vet, but Probably none of you, unless its a recurring problem you know about, because if you did, you wouldn't be taking you Pet to the doctor, any doctor.
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Banfield is a terrible company. And it seems like people country wide have the same opinions.

Money grubbing, medication pushing, and neglegent. You can defend your employer all you like, but your not getting anywhere.


To ur sad. Not everyone had a death, or Banfield would be in real trouble.

But the number of sites with literally 10's of thousands of complaints paint a very clear picture of Banfield. AND my boyfriend worked at one for 3 weeks and quit, he was so appalled.


Its sad when Banfield employees come to the vet hospital where I work due to the incompitance


yes I have insurance. When I go to my doctor I am told what is wrong with me. I don't have to go 5 or 6 times(which is what I was told by a banfield manager) to find the problem.


UR Sad might want to look his words up in a dictionary before using them on the web to make you look like a fool!!!!


This is petty. Most of the people commenting on here have pets that died, and are lashing out at whoever is in there path, to ease their own pain.

and who is telling u that ur pet died of neglagence? another vet? lol...come on, your smarter than that!

oh and ur totally right, yea banfield hires "wanna be vet's", yea that makes sense!

but, ladies here is a bit of legally advice, banfield is a HUGE corporation, and if you were as intelligent as you are all trying to make the rest of us believe, i would reframe from using slander on here.

u just might end up losing your pet, & getting sued! :)


My experience (and the experience of my pets) with Banfield has always been very good. I've also saved hundreds of dollars in visit fees over the years because of their wellness plans. I've worked in the human medical industry for over 20 years and can tell you that my pets have received better and more personal caring than I've seen people receive in hospitals.

Just last year, I watched a friend be put under tremendous pressure to pursue expensive therapy for her ailing cat by her private vet. I never receive any of that from Banfield.

I'll be taking the female cat to Banfield this morning because of a possible bowel obstruction. I'm sure that each "franchise" location operates differently. I'm glad that there is a Banfield just around the corner.


My experience (and the experience of my pets) with Banfield has always been very good. I've also saved hundreds of dollars in visit fees over the years because of their wellness plans.

I've worked in the human medical industry for over 20 years and can tell you that my pets have received better and more personal caring than I've seen people receive in hospitals. In fact, I'll be taking the female cat to Banfield this morning because of a possible bowel obstruction.

I'm sure that each "franchise" location operates differently. I'm glad that there is a Banfield just around the corner.


My experience (and the experience of my pets) with Banfield has always been very good. I've also saved hundreds of dollars in visit fees over the years because of their wellness plans.

I've worked in the human medical industry for over 20 years and can tell you that my pets have received better and more personal caring than I\'ve seen people receive in hospitals. In fact, I'll be taking the female cat to Banfield this morning because of a possible bowel obstruction.

I'm sure that each "franchise" location operates differently. I'm glad that there is a Banfield just around the corner.


Angela is right. We, as consumers, do not know veterinary medicine.

Neither do the so called vets that Banfield employs.


Banfield is the largest veterinary practice in the US, hence why you have complaints on here, as with smaller practices there are less to complain to unless locally. Banfield prides itself on PREVENTITIVE care, not HEALTH INSURANCE.

The wellness plans cover vaccinations, OHE/CASTRATIONS, Dentals etc to help prevent health issues, while giving you a discount on services/medications required in the event your pet gets sick and FREE office visits. All vets are licensed and trained. Although some symptoms are not always obvious it can take time to dx a situation. People don't complain that the same 1500.00 bill for your pet would cost 20,000 for their child..

pets are an expense and a lifelong commitment, if you can't deal with it, don't have them. Pretty simple


To Common Sense,

When I took my dog 5 times over 3 weeks with trouble breathing, and I paid well over $3000.00, to be told that she had a bladder infection. Mind you, they never took a culture.

This is gross negligence on Banfield's part. I took her to another vet and was told immediately that she had congestive heart failure.

I am not a vet, nor have I ever pretended to be, but I know when I am getting poor quality care. I think you need to get your facts straight!!!!!!


I personally have had a pet die due to negligence. I will not state where this pet died, but I will say this.

It is the moral duty and responsibility of the vet to take care of your animal, and it sounds like all over the country it is not being done.

Obviously the owner is not to blame for the death of the animal when he/she took it to the vet in the first place. (By the way, some people do have free health care)


I was responding to what the nurse had written, My sister just about lost her dog due to Banfields so called vet clinic, I have read many of these stories, I'm with you guys, and also the hundreds who have stated they should be shut down, sorry you misunderstood me. My two chihuahuas go to a REAL VET and if he needs any second opionion he seeks the U of M, my dogs are in great hands, and I have convinced my sister to do the same.


Banfield is the largest veterinary practice in the US, which common sense will tell you, is the reason you hear about them more than private practices. I guess Babs and Susan must be veterinarians to state that their pets died from negligence and incompetence.

Those are very pompus, slanderous, and irresponsible statements. Babs must also be uninsured, since in my 45 years I've never had an insurer without fine print.

Obviously Susan is illiterate to the time, dedication, and extreme hard work it takes to become a vet. Although not all veterinarians are the same, it is incompetent on Susan's part to call them "...2nd class..." Susan, if you could have done better, then you should have saved your own pet.


Chloe,No one is saying all Banfield vets are sorry, but when you have as many complaints as Banfield does in many different states, you can't help but believe it is the policies of Banfield that need to be changed. I hope you never suffer the death of a pet due to negligence, if you do however, I think your feelings would change.

Neglect is everywhere, as you said health care is not free and consumers should know what a policy covers straight up, no small print.

You wouldn't accept this from your own insurer, so why would you accept anything less form your pets provider. Banfield needs to at the least rethink some of their policies and tactics.


Obviously, Chloe has not had one of her pets die because of Banfield's incompetence. Their Vets are 2nd class Vets who cannot get a real job as a Vet.

Banfield should be put out of business. :)


how much did you get paid to write that?

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Banfield Pet Hospital in Manchester, Maryland - I want to agree

I first started taken my pet to Banfield when my min pinscher was not being treated right in front of me on a military post in Fort Hood, Texas. I never had a problem with the vet Dr. Laura. The vet tech's were unprofessional and uncaring especially when my dog was eatting herself raw on her legs and under arms. Glad to say that once the vet nurse and vet Dr. Laura took a look at her. They diagnosised her with a thyroid condition. We PCS to Baltimore, Maryland in Feb 2007. Transferred my insurance to Glen Burnie, Maryland were I had to pay an additional monthly fee on top of the regular fee because the insurance was switched in the middle of the month. Well the vet techs are terrible, horrible and unprofessional and uncaring. I have complained about them and nothing has been done. My min pin was really sick and I left several messages that were not returned. I called 2 days with messages left and not one was turn. Bansfield if they do train these people. They dont train Customer Service Skills. I am getting ready to PCS to Georgia and I truly hope that I wont have this problem again. If I doooo I will be back on here to tell you my experience.
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