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This place is a total rip off. They were more interested in running tests (spending our money) than treating my dog and at the end of the day transferred us to an emergency clinic.

Should have started at the emergency clinic to begin with, who would have thought it was cheaper. The tests Banfield sent to the emergency clinic were of no help to the emergency clinic and the EC vet did not even know why they were choosing to run the tests they were. EC vet started treating with antibiotics, even though she did not know the problem either, which is what Banfield should have done to begin with.

If you care about your pet spend the extra money to take them to emergency, it will be cheaper in the long run! Banfield is AWFUL!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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What a crock! You are happy with the vet that threw antibiotics at the dog and STILL did not know what was wrong?

AND they openly criticized the tests that were already done? Talk about unprofessional!


You want facts dude? I WORKED at a Banfield, how's that?

They're not equipped for emergencies, plain and simple. They don't have the proper surgical equipment for the more advanced surgeries you see with emergency cases, the nurses don't have enough training to monitor unpredictable surgeries(no RVTs or LVTs), and most of the doctors I worked with were new grads who were not up to par yet to handle those cases, barely could even do spays.


Ryan... isnt it your own fault for taking your dog to a place you believe is "not even equipped to handle emergencies"...

I would like to know what facts you have to back up your statement. I agree with reality check... you need to figure out the problem with the pet so that you can figure out how to prevent it in the future and truely cure it.

Throwing antibiotics at an animal will most likely make it feel better in the short term but its just a temporary band aid. The author of this complaint seems very ignorant to anything medically related!

Reality check

This may surprise you but in order to TREAT your dog properly, they need to know what is wrong. That is the PURPOSE of the diagnostic tests.

Can they choose to just guess and start with antibiotics? Sure. Does it sometimes work? Absolutely!

It appears that your ideal vet is one that treats a problem without knowing what the cause is and hopes they are correct with their guess.

I hope you find a vet that works that way. But I promise you that is NOT the way proper veterinary medicine works.


I think it's wonderful how people take there pet's to the vet and want a cure all drug or just drugs in general to help their pet. They don't want to find out what is causing their pet's problems.

Just give me drugs! Please, if you went to your own doctor do you think they would give you medication just because you asked for it?


That sucks. Banfield is really not even equipped to handle emergencies, but they sure love to take them! Can I ask what tests they ran and what was wrong with the pet?

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