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On 5/30 I took my brand new miniature schnauzer to Banfield, Hurst, TX. I bought in to the Wellness Program and got her rabies shot & an exam. Exam showed a healthy pup. She had NO issues. They recommended that she be spayed before her first cycle. So the surgery was set for 6/8/09.

6/8/09 - Bella goes in for surgery and I pick her up at 5:30. That night, while sleeping, she wet my bed - she was out of it and I attributed it to her having had anesthesia.

6/9/09 - Bella drinks water voraciously! She is ravenous with thirst and wet her bed. And the uncontrolled urination has not stopped to this point - 6/17/09.

6/11/09 - took her back to Banfield with my concerns, they couldn't get a sample and told us to try at home. If we were successful, bring it in and they'd do a urine analysis.

6/12/09 - collected a urine sample and had it to Banfield within 30 minutes of the time of collection. Test did not show any bacteria etc. But the vet, knowing how upset I was, said that even though the urine test didn't show anything, he'd go ahead and send me home with some medication. He prescribed Clavamox Drops 62.5 mg twice a day.

6/15/09 - Bella is still unable to hold her potty and is constipated. I tell Banfield that I brought in a healthy pet and I went home with an unhealthy pet and it is their responsibility to fix it. The only thing they did was the urine analysis again which now showed "bacteria". They did not agree to find out why or run any additional tests - they wanted to charge me yet again. I've paid in a lot of money and again I say that I took a perfectly healthy dog to be spayed. And I picked up a sick one. They also prescribed another antibiotic - Cefpodoxime Proxetil 100mg. She takes 1/4 tablet per day.

I also noticed that they gave her a shot which was not discussed with me. Copnvenia Injection 80mg and the note beside it said "not medically necessary". Then why was it given to her??? She wasn't throwing up nor did she have diarrhea. In fact, she was having trouble with pooping!

6/16/09 - I resorted to buying diapers for my dog to wear. This is an unacceptable situation. She was uncomfortable and irritated. She ended up chewing them off during the night which meant that for the 9th night in a row, she slept in her own urine.

I'd like to know how a perfectly healthy animal goes in for a routine spay and comes out *** all over herself and our rental home.

I'd like to invite Banfield Hurst, TX to lock themselves in a large pet taxi with no way to relieve themselves and wake up in their own urine.

I've paid a ton of money and they refuse to do anything. I'm filing as many complaints including the better business bureau.

This is simply not acceptable. And it certainly has something to do with the surgery. Nothing will convince me otherwise. If she were middle aged and her spay occurred years ago, then that would be one thing.

But she was healthy at 7:00 am and she's been sick ever since.

I am extremely upset because if this doesn't get corrected now, I will have to put her down. It is that far out of control.

And I am extremely upset that Banfield hasn't accepted any responsibility and has made no attempt to find out what happened. They just give her medication which isn't working.

Devastated in Texas

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Kgflores62 - Since it has been sometime since your puppy had the surgery I was hoping yo could tell us how she is. Did she grow out of the incontinence?

I had mine schnauzer puppy spayed & had a hernia repaired at the same time. She had no problems with the spay. It did take sometime for her hernia repair to heal, but she's great now. I'm a schnauzer lover too.

I've got 4 of them. Hope yours is doing okay & she grew out of the incontinence.


Well if you are not wanting to hear anything how can they tell you anything if won't believe otherwise. If those test were done and there was no bacteria well then there was probably none I am a rn myself and working at a hospital I feel bad for that doctor. I'm sure going to school for 8 or so years and performing spays on a daily basis that the doctor knows what he is doing..


It is possible that your puppy may have developed what is called spay incontinence which can happen in female dogs any time after being spayed whether a day, week or years. Typically they are responsive to estrogen supplementation and if this is the case this had nothing to do with the surgery or the vet that performed the surgery.

It happens to be one of the possible complications after surgery that can occur.

Its also possible for a young puppy under stressful circumstances to develop a urinary tract infection again a possibility that has nothing to do with how the surgery was performed. I'm sure the vet performed preoperative bloodwork and if bloodwork postoperatively was performed and the kidney function is also normal, spay incontinence is the most likely problem.


The CONVENIA injection was not given as it was made "not medically necessary." Whether it was because you declined it or the doctor did not see fit to give it.