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I just had an office visit to have my 5 month old German Shepherd puppy have a fecal exam because I knew she was exposed to another puppy that had coccidia a few weeks ago. My dog started having *** that looked like ice cream and I figured I should have her checked and treated before it got serious.

My appointment was for 5pm on 12/12/11. I arrived about 3min prior to my appointment and was handed a form to fill out for first time client and asked to take a seat. After I filled it out and turned it in, I was directed to an exam room. I waited in the exam room for about 12min before anybody came in.

The lady came in and was very friendly. She did all the normal checks on my dog (heart, temperature, fur, etc.) took the *** sample and said that there was only one vet right now and it would be a little longer than normal. 45min later, she returned apologizing saying that it's taking longer than it should and I would receive some dental chew things for my dog (I do not allow my dog to chew on anything for her teeth. I clean them myself once a week with a toothbrush.) A while later she returned saying that they would comp.

the office visit and that the vet would be in shortly with the manager. I informed her that I already had the visit for free with a coupon. She shrugged and walked off. Another lady came in and explained that the first test found nothing and that the next test would be about another 10min.

She listened to my dog's heart (I don't know why considering the first lady did that initially) then left the room. Now another lady returned saying that they found no coccidia but she would let me purchase the medicine to treat it since I knew for sure the other puppy had it. I agreed and asked if I could receive anything considering that I had been in there for 80min now. She said she would ask somebody.

She quickly returned saying that they could do the exam visit for free but not test or medicine. I already have the visit for free with a coupon so she said the followup could be for free but nothing else. I had to return two weeks later to receive the free visit. She said she would be right up with the medicine at the front.

I went out and paid for everything ($77.20.) The lady scheduled the followup for two weeks later and told me I was all set. I had not received my medicine. So I sat down AGAIN and waited another 10min for them to bring the medicine up to me. She explained what I should give and when.

What she failed to mention was that the syringe they provided me with was too big to go into the bottle and thus could not be used to administer it to my dog. This is officially the worst experience I have ever had at any vet office. I will never again use this Banfield location and I will sure tell everybody that I know what horrible service they provide at the south Austin location. I also called back and let the manager know that they should not overbook their one vet.

She informed me that they always schedule four visits per vet per hour. I guess they don't care if a few people end up waiting over an hour or not.

Monetary Loss: $77.

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Then I realized this morning after giving her some of the medicine that they shorted me about 10ml and that they reused my bottle. It has a previous label on it. Hope they cleaned it thoroughly before using it for my medicine.


Then I realized this morning after giving her some of the medicine that they shorted me about 10ml and that they reused my bottle. It has a previous label on it. Hope they cleaned it thoroughly before using it for my medicine.


The FREE exam coupon is the way they sucker new clients!! Then the big sell to join the PLAN starts as soon as you enter the room...BEWARE of this scam.

Then they suggest you do all these tests for your animal so that should you want to cancel the plan and simply pay retail, it looks like such an exorbitant difference, it makes you think the plan just might be better. BUT IT'S NOT...just another way for them to get you to come back in those doors. I paid the excessive charges (they gave me no choice even though I only wanted to get my puppy's *** checked) to move on my merry way.

But I will continue to let everyone know to find a reputable hospital for their beloved pet. Mine was sicker after the visit!


We are very sorry you have experienced long wait times at the hospital and understand that your time is valuable. We are currently doing two things to address this issue.

First, we work continuously to improve our staffing so we have enough people to help our clients in an efficient and timely manner. Secondly, we are doing a critical review of our intake and checkout processes in an effort to make both faster and easier.

Also, please note that sometimes emergency cases are prioritized over appointments, but we would appreciate getting your feedback so we can understand the specific circumstances of your situation. Please feel free to contact our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288.

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