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I had an appt. to have my cats ears looked at at 8:30 am. The vet office door was locked when I got there even though the sign on the door said they open at 8. The buzzer at that door was removed so I buzzed for at long time at the store door. Finally some girl came and let me in. She told me the vet door was for deliveries only. When I told her there was no sign saying that she brushed me off. Put a sign on it for heavens sake! I also had an empty dog food bag and I asked her if they had the food. She said yes. Turned out later they didn't have it.

Now it is near 9 am. I had a coupon from their website giving me a free exam. Was told by the receptionist I couldn't use it because I was already in the system. The coupon says nothing about this.

They came and took a scraping of my cat's ears and after a lengthy wait came back and told me they would wash her ears and prescribe medication. the cost would be $214! I asked if they couldn't bring it closer to $100. they said no. Who can afford this? I'm 60 yrs old, have seen ear mites before, didn't hold back taking her in, never saw such an inappropriate charge. It gets better. I still had to pay $80 just for coming in!! They didn't do anything for my cat!!!

and they didn't have the dog food the girl had told me they had.

I thought I would give them a second chance. Earlier in the year I told a recently adopted dog in for a wellness exam. Used the coupon. Cept they never examed her! The entire time was spent trying to get me to buy their wellness plan.

Stay far away from this place. These people don't care about your pet at all. It's all about the bottom line with them.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Fees and lack of concern for pet.

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"If something is free then you are the the product".

A big company like that didn't get roach by giving stuff away - they only use those free office coupons to get potential new clients through the doors. That's why you can only ever use that coupon one time, then you have to give them all your info & you are saved in their system to spam and try and lure in.....