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Putting any stars would be to generous. For the second time Banfield Pet Hospital of Lawranceville, has let me down. Six year ago I had a new puppy that had been abandoned. By the time I got him he was full of worms. I was told by a friend that Banfield had no charge for visits if you came in during the week. So I called them up, and made my appointment. That is ware the savings ended. After several trips to de worm my dog at 40 bucks a pop for meds, I took my dog to my primary vet. He gave me 3 little bags of white powder to give my dog. In three days the worms where gone. Banfield cost over 5 weeks $200 (no visit fee of $68 over the 5 weeks). Primary vet was a bit more $225, do to the fact that I had my vet check my dog over not trusting the Banfield vet. More resent as of 7/8/2013, I took my new puppy in to see Banfield Pet Hospital of Lawrancveille. Why do you ask, simple. My mother in law had not ever owing a dag, was talking into the Optimum wellness plan. Soon after I became the dogs keeper and caretaker. So it was payed for So I took her to see them. My new puppy was loosing spots of hair on her side and was having louse stool after eating. I happen to be at the Petsmart on the Sunday before my appointment and spoke to the rep at Banfield. They reconfirmed to me that my dog may have Demodetic mange, but they needed to run some test to see. After dropping my dog off at 7:45am, my first phone call was around 12 noon. The tech that called me gave me a price to do the scrape and the fecal sample was part of the Optimum wellness plan. The tech then asked me to add another test for the fecal sample that was not part of the Optimum wellness plan. I asked the tech if they had the results to the first test. I was told no. I then told the tech to let me know the results and go from there. At 1:00pm I got my second phone call. I was told my the tech that my dog did have Demodetic mange, and the fecal test came back negative. The tech did not mention the other fecal test, but did tell me the treatment for the mange was $90. I asked how many times will I need to do this to get ride of the mange, I was told by the tech "I do not know" and that she would have to call me back that the vet was out for lunch. My pick up time for my dog was at 5 so at 4:30 still no phone call I had left work to get my dog. When I got to Banfield the tech was surprised to see me. She again told me the cost of the treatment, and still did not know how many times it would take fix the problem. I did talk to the vet, I asked why didn't they do the treatment that day. I was told that the dry time would take all day (I have a short hair dog). When I asked why I was being sold a test before knowing the results of the first fecal test I was told that I could deny the service. At that time I told her thank you and got my dog and her records payed the $36. and took my dog to my primary vet. The same treatment was $45, and would have to be done over 5 weeks (Banfield $450 vet $225). but no need my vet tells me, I was given 2 oral meds for $55. that will treat my dog for up to 7 weeks. So i payed my vent for the visit, meds and grooming $181. I do not know how much money my mother in law has spent up to this point with Banfield and its Optimum wellness plan, or if it really saves you money over time. I'm under the impression that if you only go to Banfield it will save you money. My opinion after 2 gos with Banfield is its more about the money you spend with then the well being of your pet. I put the challenge to pet owners to go and just talk to a vet and ask about pricing and make your own judgment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $683.

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