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These people scheduled my cat to be put under anesthesia without even checking if he could tolerate the anesthesia, so he could of died. The only reason this came to our attention was because of a loose tooth that was so severe he had to be rushed in for an early appointment.

I called the office the night before explaining how his tooth was so loose, and the lady said if the doctor could not just yank the tooth out, he would be put under antithesis. Once we arrive, a different doctor looks at his tooth, and says he would just leave it alone and let it fall out by itself, and most importantly tells us a diagnostic blood test was necessary in order to tell if our cat would be able to tolerate the anesthesia. This is very alarming since he was already scheduled to be put under and I have been told twice now that he will be put under. Once by Dr.

Machoviak when we scheduled the appointment and twice by the front desk. This makes NO sense and is very alarming. I allow them to take blood, however, they do not get enough the first time and subject him to a second needle. When we asked the nurse why we were not offered a diagnostic testing to see if our cat could handle anesthesia, and why was he scheduled to be put under if this could possibly kill him?

She answered by insulting us saying "we do not explain the inner workings of our hospital." She then smirks and attempts to run out without even consulting a doctor, since she clearly did not have the knowledge to answer our question. The manager Vicki was dreadful and emotionless, even answering the phone in the middle of our conversation, all the while the nurse is standing next to her smirking and laughing at us. Our cat is pretty distressed at this point, undergoing two needles next to a hyper dog, and he *** himself. (exuse my language) This is a cat who drove in a car with us across the country and had no problems, and has no real health issues.

The manager is obviously made aware that our cat soiled himself and she does nothing. You think there would be some kind of moral code of conduct that you guys would instill in your workers to not allow an animal to sit in its own ***. As if the situation couldn't get any worse, she then says that there is no charge for the days visit, and that there were no tests done. Why were there no tests done?

You took 2 viles of blood. Her answer is that she assumed we didn't want them to. Why would I put my cat through all of that for nothing? Of course I want the results of his blood tests.

This place needs a serious lesson in interpersonal social skills, communication, and compassion.

The value of my loss is what I was charged for the wellness plan, which I am cancelling since I want nothing to do with this horrible place. Banfield should be ashamed of themselves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Just had my dog neutered at Banfield, Central Park, Fredericksburg, VA. Was advised of a possible amount out of pocket to be between $35-$50.

Was also advised that they ran blood work before the surgery to make sure all was well enough to have the surgery. They asked if I wanted a pedicure as well. They called after I had dropped him off, informed me that blood work looked great, and asked if I wanted to have him microchipped. I declined and they did not push.

When I picked him up 8 hours later, the amount due was $46 and change. They called the next day to make sure he was doing ok. After each vet appointment they call to make sure he is not having a reaction to the shots or to generally check on him. My Banfield has been nothing but professional and courteous to me and my pet.

I will continue to take him to them.


My maltese just died this morning at Banfield in Grand Prairie, tx. Bad reaction to anesthesia. Problem with that excuse is she was spayed less than a month ago with no problems.

@rip lola

Maybe that was the problem. Just like humans animals can acquire an allergy to anesthesia and other medications.

Banfield P

Hi Anonymous - Thank you for taking the time to let us know, and I am so sorry that you were not satisfied with your experience.

We truly appreciate your honest opinion about your experience with us. Could you please call our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com to help us better understand how we can improve overall service? We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team

@Banfield P

There are thousands of complaints about Banfield and their dangerous protocol. Never, ever take a pet to Banfield....they are grossly incompetent. Read all the reviews on several sites....and BEWARE of BANFIELD!


There are millions of complaints against McDonalds. Doesn't mean a *** thing. EVERY business has complaints.


This sound pretty standard for humans before surgery too. Just because the animal is SCHEDULED does not mean they just ignore the test results.

And honestly, do you really think the desk clerks are vets?

They don't know. They are not the doctor.

Does your mechanic know how to do brain surgery?


Having an ex who very recently (

@jg Sorry about that - it cut-off the rest of my comment.***********
She worked with them < 2 months ago & it is 100% required (they can get in serious trouble/fired if they don't follow anesthesia protocols) that EVERY pet that goes under anesthesia has a CBC/serum chemistry/electrolytes run prior to anesthesia. NO exceptions, not even for vets/nurses own pets.

The costs of these tests are included in the surgery/dental packages that you have to sign an estimate for - so it sounds like there was a mis-communication & no-one pointed out to you that by agreeing to do the dental you had already agreed to also do the bloodwork. I'm not sure why they ended up not doing the bloodwork that day - I'm guessing that when you got upset/confused they may have thought that you didn't want to do the dental anymore & cancelled the whole package (which would include cancelling the bloodwork).

Unfortunately most vets offices to get a lot of clients that 'change their minds' so we are used to having to cancel procedures/surgeries often - even when we know they need to be done - because the owner has cost concerns/found somewhere else/chooses to ignore the problem. All in all sounds like mis-communication on both sides - I would call up & see if you can have a chat with the Vet to see what is best for your pet

FYI the anesthesia package includes mandatory bloodwork prior to sedation. So they can schedule the anesthesia but the day of bloodwork will be done and if there are any abnormalities concerning for anesthesia they won't do it.

This is a very strict policy for Banfield.

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