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I took my bichon frise to a drop off appt for a comprehensive exam yesterday. When i picked up my baby after work her whole bottom part of her body smelled of urine and her top part of her nose was bleeding.

it looked like it was scraped off along with the hair... It was raw.... The attending doctor said Kassie did that to her self which is a load of ***.... I have had the priveledge of owning my baby girl since she was 7 weeks old and she has never done anything like that to herself.

I have never experienced such maltreatment in my life. My baby was scared and solemn...She is such a happy go lucky doggy for her to be withdrawn means she with through some trauma...I let these incompetent idiots know that i would file a report and this was unacceptable behavior. They didn't offer any apologies or justification. When I got home my Kassie drank 3 bowls of water back to back this showed me that these idiots didn't give her any water.

Who does that? They are suppose to provide quality care.... This was a horrendous experience. To top it off today spmeone from their establishment called me to find out what happend and was rude and obnoxious...

Of course i told him where to go.... He wasn't there and doesn't know what transpired so don't offer info where you aren't privy too.... I am so angry.... This shouldn't have transpired....

Not at all. I filed a report with the humane society....

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Idiots work at Banfield! You can make a muzzle out of a lead and not hurt a dog!

If an animal is stresses, charge the pet parents more and sedate the animal! There are retaining techniques, calming methods! I would never take my animals to Banfield! I have worked in high stressed environment for animals, and there is no reason ever for a pet to return injured!

Dropping off animals is ***, irresponsible, and stresses the animals out. The only time drop off appointments should be surgeries! Banfield does not care about pets, but profits, or this barbaric stressful drop off appointments would end. I want to meet the vet, interact with my fur babies, and ask questions!

How can you develop a relationship with a vet you never see? None of you care about animals or you would not work for a vet that is more interested in profit, than care of animals!

There are ways to ease animals stresses in cages, and I know because I have worked with animals and very familiar with animal behavior! I hope Banfield gets it ads sued out of existence!


You are really out of line to say that none of us care about animals if we work at Banfield. I don't agree with some of their corporate policies, but the vets and techs I work with are great and would not work for the peanuts we are paid if we didn't care.

How insensitive of you! Sure, I'd love to work for a family-run business, but the job market is tough so for now Banfield it is.

We are good to both our clients and our patients and do our best to provide the very best care. I have to put food on my table, and at the end of the day, I feel good about how I treat the animals and their pet parents.


I read page after page of how you vet nurses attack pet parents for not being able to afford the outrageous prices! You guys denounce anyone on a limited income not to have an animal if you cannot afford one.

There are thousands of reports about abuse and uncaring staff. I worked at a shelter and held down unwanted dogs, that only sin is being unwanted. I took barrels of kittens to the back to be euthanized because of overpopulation issues. I cleaned after 400 cats, impounded hundreds, fascinated.

You all whine about surgeries. Do you know how many a vet at a high volume shelter does? Hundred daily, vet techs treat hundreds of animas and you complain about your job?! Boohoo!

As far as I am concerned, low cost vet offices, rescue groups, shelter workers, vets that are employeed at any of these places love animals. Banfield and profit that preys on caring pet owners, and uses guilt trippng to improve their sales! You guys make fun of or minimize owners experiences. Llike you said, times are tough.

Before blasting a pet owner for not having unlimited funds for their pets. Maybe try showing some compassion for their situation .


Sometimes there is no way to calm a stressed animal. My cat rubbed her nose raw on her carrier bars and I never even dropped her off.

I was with her the whole time. That's all people are saying - that it wasn't abuse or maltreatment, but a dog who tried to dog it's way out. I agree about drop offs.

Yes, it allows more pets to be seen (ie higher profits), but in the end things get miscommunicated or missed. Also, the pet shouldn't have been returned soiled with no explanation.


@beatupmiababy - I totally agree with what you said. All of these dumb butts that get on here from Banfield are just scums of the earth knowing that they only care about how much money they bring into their establishment and not the care of our animals which to some of us are our children.


Yeah, I'm really sure all the vet techs who make barely above minimum wage care SOOOO much about all the money they are making off of you! You are so right, I'm sure it has nothing to do with being accused of hurting animals.

Sure, most of them are overworked and underpaid, but continue to do their jobs because they LOVE caring for animals. But you're right, it must be because they are so concerned with money.

Banfield P

Hi Princess2823 - We apologize that you were not happy with your experience at our hospital. I know that you have already contacted our company, but I am hoping that you see fit to reach out to our Client Advocate Team to see if there is any way that we may be able to assist you. If you have any concerns that have not yet been addressed, please contact them by calling our toll-free number 877-500-2288 or emailing cat(at)banfield(dot)com.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team


YOU were not there either so you do not know. My dog is the most gentle of creatures, yet he gave our groomer's assistant a black eye when she tried to put him in the dryer.

Our groomer forgot to tell her he was afraid of the dryer.

Fluffy might be gentle with YOU, but can become CUJO to those who do things that she can not understand when her fear takes over her.


"I know my Kassie better than anyone." This is something we in the veterinary field hear ALL THE TIME! Oh Fluffy never bites, fluffy is friendly, fluffy isn't scared of anyone.

The fact of the matter is that you may know your dog's behavior WHEN YOUR DOG IS AT HOME WITH YOU, but you don't know your dog's behavior in a strange place without you. You can't because you aren't there to witness it. It sounds like she got very anxious when you dropped her off. Just because it hasn't happened before doesn't mean it can't ever happen and that someone "abused" her.

Perhaps she was caged next to an aggressive dog, or got an injection that stung. She probably rubbed her nose raw on the bars (happens A LOT) and urinated on herself either in fear or because they didn't take her out for a potty break. Also, dogs tend to not drink when they are in stressful situations. I would always give a dog water, but the nervous ones never touched it.

REGARDLESS, Banfield should have explained her condition and offered to clean her up for you instead of just sending her home (unless she became too aggressive to bathe, which happens when pets are really stressed out and fearful. Doesn't mean they are mean animals, just afraid). I'd be upset too if my pet came home like that and I wasn't offered an explanation. But seriously, I doubt they did anything to harm her.

Bad customer service, yes. But abuse?

Not likely. It's best to thoroughly think things through before slinging accusations like that.


My dog is extremely meek and rather hide under her blanket then ever be aggressive. She had the same appearance today after going in for 5 glucose tests.

Scrapes and bloody nose, a bloated cheek and a half closed red eye.. All on the same side. i am ready to sue. She looked beat up.

It is all on the same side of her face, which indicates a fall from a significant height (treatment table) or worse, a wack to shut her up. She was ridicoulously happy to see me. There's a sadist in the Las Vegas branch.

I didn't see it when I picked her up, but now a few hours later the swelling is getting much worse.

*** you with your Fluffy this and Fluffy that in an effort to minimize the pain suffered by both the pet and the owner. Clearly you have never received your dog back from the vet in an unusually altered state or you are a vet who uses the same violent methods to get as many of them done in one day as possible to reach your monetary goals.

And yes, I know my dog. I've had her for 13 years. She's a lover. Even in terrifying situations.

You of all people should seek to FIX this, not defend the abuse or minimize the pain it is causing by destressed dog parents. Shame on you for selling yourself as a person who through knowledge aquired for the profession as a Veterenarian, believes he now has the power to speak for ALL veterenarians.

Believe me, I have been to quite a few, and there is a difference. In fact for Banfield in new York and Las Vegas I can give you the names of the ones that are unhappy and don't care less and for some that really care.

@BeatupMiaBaby sound like a real ***. You should actually LISTEN to people who have worked in this profession for YEARS.

People who have first hand experience working in the hospital (unlike yourself). I'm not saying anything about YOUR particular situation. I was commenting on the ORIGINAL post who indicated that the nose was rubbed raw. This is a very common thing we see when dogs get anxious and try to dig their way out of the kennels or press their noses up against the bars.

In fact, it happened to my cat 2 months ago when I brought her into the vet. It happens. Again, I'm not commenting on the condition of YOUR dog, but the dog of the original poster. If you knew anything about animal behavior, you would know that even the most gentle and meek dogs can *** or turn aggressive when placed in a fearful situation.

It happens to my dogs when they are separated from me. People don't believe it because they aren't there to witness it, but it happens. It's the fight or flight response. In response to you saying, "clearly you have never received your dog back from the vet in an unusually altered state or you are a vet who uses the same violent methods to get as many of them done in one day as possible to reach your monetary goals"....well...honestly that is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard in my entire life.

FIRST OFF I have had my animals come back with abrasions due to them getting stressed out and trying to escape the kennel. I'm smart enough to realize this. Second, I'm not a vet yet (currently in school), but I will be and have worked for years in this industry. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about animals knows that you don't use violent methods to "get as many of them done in one day." Being rough with an animal is a sure fire way to SLOW things down.

The more agitated an animal gets, the harder they are to work with. If an animal is being difficult, if you hit it, that's a sure fire way to ensure that you will get bitten or cause the animal to struggle more. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about if you honestly think that we get violent with animals to subdue them. NEVER EVER EVER have I seen anyone do this.

Your accusations sound very uneducated, and I absolutely resent your accusation that because I claim that a simple NOSE ABRASION can be self-induced, that I am a violent person who abuses animals. Shame on you.


Can you tell me what store this happened at? I am very concerned about Banfield, it seems to have so many complaints.


It's the one located in Yonkers, New York.. On Central



Every business has complaints. All of them.

Most often from people who think they know how the business should be ran. I once read a complaint from a woman who said her father's surgeon did not do his brain surgery correctly. Seriously?

She worked at Walmart.

Everybody knows everybody's job better than those who actually are trained at it. Make your own mind about any vet or business by your own experience, not hearsay.


Having worked in several vets hospitals I can tell you that it is indeed a possibility that your pet damaged her own nose trying to get out of her kennel. I wouldnt be so quick to dismiss what the vet is saying becuase it could easily be true & make you look like an *** to everyone working there.

This was quite a common thing in anxious/stressed pets as they push their noses against the kennel door & scrape them raw. Very anxious pets will 'submissivly' urinate on themselves too in extreme cases. Once we knew a pet behaved this way (i.e separation anxiety, cage aggressive, stressball etc) our hospital would ask that these types of pets not be dropped off & have all their shots and exams done in a room while the o was there because it makes the pet calmer and less scared. A few times owners didn't want to belive us either and it seemed easier for them to believe that their pet had been abused (!!!!) which is ***, why would a vet/nurse ever want to hurt a pet.

we did all this years of training to try and help them.

think about it. Obv dont know 4 sure if this is what happened to your pet but just saying this is pretty common, esp with pets that are not usedto being apart from their owners or at the vets.


I would believe what you were saying if Kassie demonstrated being stressed out everytime she was dropped off... I know my Kassie better than anyone... Kassie is very well trained so no cigar...


The only *** is you... My job is to make sure that my girl is well taken care of and to protect her...


Wow. You really are ignorant.

You are not understanding that pets can act differently when they are stressed. I have a Bichon/Shihtzu that is wonderful, and yes-I know her better than anyone. I am a vet tech and sometimes when I bring her in for vaccines, bloowork, etc., she gets extremely stressed and has tried to *** members of our staff.

She never displays this type of behavior except for when she has to see a vet. Sometimes it's the noise, the smells and having to be poked with needles that can stress a pet out and cause them to act outside of their normal behavior.


You're choosing to not read/listen to what multiple people are trying to explain, it just kind of seems like you want someone to be upset at rather then believe your precious pet could get upset

Stressed pets act very differently when in strange/noisy environments. We hear it all the time that 'My Fluffy', 'My Kassie', 'My Baby' etc would never behave like that or would never *** anyone.............then take a guess what happens.........they *** someone or they get their teeth stuck in the kennels trying to chew the kennel door.

They really do have completely different personalities then they are upset, which obv you would never see. In the future I would strongly recommend you only do in-room appointments for this pet to keep her stress levels to a minimum & if your not sure about something ask for an explanation rather than just start slinging accusations at people - or you/your pet will get a bad reputation & you could end up in legal trouble for false accusations.

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