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Until this past Saturday I was fairly satisfied with the staff and care for my two Siamese cats. My oldest one was in for his first annual checkup and was apparently left in his carrier for over 4 hours.

Then I was called and told they couldn't get him out and he had soiled himself. I had to go and get him and bathe him in an exam room sink with no help or concern from the staff and trash his carrier. He had fasted since the night prior for teeth cleaning and was obviously dehydrated and needed a litter box. He should have been put in a cage as soon as they took him from me.

I was there with my other cat for a minor problem for over 40 minutes so if he was actually difficult to remove from his carrier (he only weighs 7 pounds) they could have asked for my assistance. I feel they were overbooked and just didn't get to him and then didn't want to deal with the mess he had made. He is fastidious and was horribly upset in lying in the mess for so long. I was only 10 minutes away and came immediately when they called.

I am pretty disappointed by the episode. No animal should be left in a carrier for that amount of time. I also think that two vets and three techs should have been able to get the cat out of a carrier. How in the world do they handle large, upset dogs?Surely they have gauntlets and restraints if needed.

I have already started the second year of the plan so I will either have to cancel and lose money or see it through.

(Oh yes, and the same day the #2 vet suggested that the cat who was there for the minor problem- he's a polydactyl and it is a trick to clip a couple of his extra claws, which are hidden-would be better off with his extra toes amputated rather than deal with trying to just remove the two hidden claws) At this point its time to explore other options!

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I'm confused... If the cat was fasted and dehydrated, why would he need a litter box?And if you'd fasted him, how did he soil himself?

Surgery patients are fasted and not given water because any stomach contents mess with the anesthesia.

So if you did YOUR job, he wouldn't need a litter box. Don't complain about him not having something he shouldn't have needed.


Have you ever had cats before these two? I've tried to do shots at home and they try to kill me for suggesting it.

It's like they sense you're coming at them with a purpose, and being the pricesses and princes they are they can't be bothered.

Then put them in a new environment like a vet office and it's like watching children in a knife fight: you would never know they could do wild damage.

Take it from me: if you have an issue with how it was handled, consult your local Board of Vet Medicine. If they think it's an issue, then I would be concerned.


Im not gonna lie.. my cat is a DEAMON at the vet...

my dad is a big guy and he bit right through my fathers hand so bad that he had to go and get stitches... cats can be pretty bad when it comes to vets.. my cat has to be wrapped in a towel over his head with his nose peeking out to breathe its so bad, hes bitten so many people.. but he has never EVER hissed or bit anyone outside of a vet exam room.

The sweetest cat in the world goes wild at the vet its amazing how fast they turn.

I can understand where she is coming from i would be upset if my cat was in a carrier that long as well..its cruel. But cats are pretty scary at vets.


Some people are just so dumb it hurts to think about. I work at a Banfield.

Some cats are so difficult to work with we HAVE to sedate them. Most cats look so cute and cuddly when their owners bring them in and then once they are in the back, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to remove them from the carrier. I know of 5 people that I work with that have had to go to the doctor because a cat has ripped the skin off their arms. True story.

Cats are VERY dangerous. Even more than a 150# dog sometimes.

And just about any animal that is in a new place *** themself. And we DO clean it up.

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