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I had been a client at another location for years and moved 45 mins away. Wanted to get a non medicated ear flush that my old location said I could get at the one near me.

I called the Wellington location excited to be able to pick it up closer. With 2 beagles, this is a god send. When the girl answered the phone you could tell she was inconvienced by the call and upset. I explained the call I had just made to my normal location and what they said.

She took my phone number and told me it would take a minute to download my file. Once up she said it was medicated. I told her that must not to be the one as the one i get is just the flush and was not medicated. I verified it with my location first.

The girl then put me on hold and came back saying it was medicated and because it was they would need to see my dog first. I again reinterated it was not medicated and that the other location verified it and that I could pick it up there. She put me on hold, now even more irritated, and came back to say they will do it this one time but next time will need to see my dog. I told them that my dog has cancer and is being treated by a specialist.

For them to make a big deal about an ear flush, nonmedicated, was rediculous. I have been a petsmart customer and Banfield client for some years. And how she ended the conversation...wow. Dhe was beyond rude.

I called back to my normal location and Fran was surprised. She put me on hold, verified with her dr. and they said they would call. Fran called me back to say it is, for sure, nom medicated but they would not sell it to me.

Its an ear flush. I will never step into the Wellington location of Petsmart again due to this. It is more about the treatment from the staff at Bamfield and lying about it being medicated to make me be seen. It was just a courtesy to me as a banfield client not to have to drive 45 mins to get a non medicated ear cleaner.

And sadly this is not the first rude run in I have had with Banfield associates.

Seems customer service is an inconvenience. That should never be a standard of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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