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Took my dog in one time for her paw reason turned in paw told us Banfeld she would be ready by 3 or 3:30 went in had to wait another 3 hrs because of emergency this time took her in to Banfeld and told me she would be ready by 5:00 went in I live about 2 hrs away from vet she was not ready had another emergency said took 1,5 hours to stablize the dog and told me started to cancel her appointment out after she was there the 1st one there then she told me the doc that she was going to take her in 2nd asked why take her in 2nd when she was the 1st to be there and had an app.?no answer asked if she took x rays of her paw no I said this was discused finally took the xrays did not get out til 7PM my dog was in there from 7AM-7PM that night reamed them out like white on rice

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Classy!! What a wonderful vocab & imagination you have.

You must be a 'delightful' client to have to work with. It makes me feel sorry for whoever has to deal with you.

You might want to double check about some of the information you have. Most Banfield hospitals do not have a 2nd free vet to be able to call in on busy days, so it is just 1 vet having to proritize sick pets first, end of story.

The only thing they can do if they get really busy with very sick/critical pets is send home the less sick or healthy ones, which is what it sounds like they tried to do. What else ywould you have them do - ignore the sicker pet???

Banfield P

Outraged45 - We are very sorry you have experienced long wait times at the hospital and understand that your time is valuable. We are currently doing two things to address this issue.

First, we work continuously to improve our staffing so we have enough people to help our clients in an efficient and timely manner. Secondly, we are doing a critical review of our intake and checkout processes in an effort to make both faster and easier. Also, please note that sometimes emergency cases are prioritized over appointments, but we would appreciate getting your feedback so we can understand the specific circumstances of your situation.

Please feel free to contact our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or cat(at)banfield(dot)com. Most sincerely, Lisa Banfield Online Community Manager


I may be a *** but you are a pice of brownie that comes pout of your back ends you would not like it if you were there at 7AM til 7PM at night either you would be the same way I am aware of 1 vet takeing care of all the pets but u did not read they should have called another one in if they were going to be backed up and u do not know my health conditions where I cannot take long hrs of that and I agreed on takeing care of the er pets first they only had one that took 1,5 hrs and they still could have had my dog done by that time and you would not like it either if they told u they were going to make the decision of canceling the app after you spent all day waiting then tell u taking your pet 2nd after the er u would go off 2 they told me she would be done by 5or 5:30 they still had time to get her done by that time u A


I think you should have been a bit more understanding instead ofbragging about 'reaming them out' - that just makes you seem like an ***

A lot (if not most) Banfield hospitals only have 1 Veterinarian in them at any one time so if an emergency/multiple emergencies come in the Vet has NO CHOICE but to stabilize the sicker pet/s first meaning that any other pets will have to wait to be seen. If your pet was critically ill you would obviously want them to attend her first, no matter if there were several other pets that had arrived before her, correct?

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