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I purchased a dog from a private owner, her son was allergic to dogs and had to find a new home for Maggie. I took Maggie into the Banfield vet and found out she was under a contract for the hospital. How the dog could make this contractual commitment to the company is beyond me.

I contacted the private owner who stated she had already spoke to Banfield and would be continuing with her obligation to the company. This took several calls by both of us and was finally resolved, so we thought.

Over a year later I received a call from a collector stating I owed monies for a wellness program. I had no idea this had happened and thought again it was resolved.

I am refinancing my house and just found out this is on my credit report! I have no credit cards, no car payments and a score of 800's in credit until now! I have to explain why 5 years ago I didn't pay some ridiculous wellness program for my dog before I can refinance my house.

I went to google to find a number for this company and came across the first three links as complaints against this company. I am wondering if I can print screen and send it to my bank as proof to the issue with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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I can tell you exactly what happened.

OWPs need to be cancelled by calling a specific number. If the previous owner did not call within one month of the plan's renewal date, it would auto-renew. An employee at Banfield should have been able to see that auto-renewal was still activated on your account.

The employee should have create a new patient file for the dog once you adopted her, since OWP agreements are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Instead, the employee probably just changed the contact information from the old owner into your name...so when the plan auto-renewed, it was in your name instead of hers without you having ever signed a contract.

If you speak to the corporate office, make sure to tell them that you NEVER signed a Wellness Plan Agreement, and therefore they cannot hold you responsible for the amount owed.


Hey Banfield Pet Hospital Representative....

How about you contact me or find another avenue other than me sitting on the phone YET AGAIN to take care of this issue. :roll


Hockeymomof4, thank you for providing this feedback and for bringing this to our attention. Please call our Wellness Plan Team so we can gather more information and look into this for you.

We understand your frustration and I do want to make sure we acknowledge your issue. The number is 866-649-2716, thank you.

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