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We have been dog owners for 20 + years and had always had labs. When our precious Lab died in August, we decided we needed to look at other breeds so after much research decided to get a Mastiff. We took our healthy 11 week old Mastiff to a brand new Banfield Hospital within a Pet Smart in East Peoria Il for his vaccines.

He was given 5 vaccines (Corona, Distemper, Parvo DAPP, Leptospirosis 4 way, Giardia, Lyme Disease) and was sent home with topical flee medication and de-wormer which we were to give him within the next few days. Interestingly, they also gave him Benadryl 50 mg Im, which in the 20 years we have had dogs has never been done. I was told by the vet after his death that they sometimes do that to help with adverse symptoms- Like you would give your child tylenol with their vaccines.

He was vaccinated at 9 am on a Friday and by that evening he was lethargic and whimpered whenever he was touched. I read the info they sent home with us and felt a little better when it said those symptoms were not too uncommon. On Saturday he was still very lethargic but did eat and drink and all body functions were working normally.

On Sunday he had one BM and slept the entire day. He did not eat or drink at all that day.By evening he started having diarrhea and was still very achy. I went online and read about vaccine reactions and became worried by his sypmtoms.

On Monday I attempted to take him to Banfield but they were not open. Because he was by this time vomiting and having diarrhea, I took him to the vet we had seen for 20 years with out labs. He immediately said he was over vaccinated (I took the records from Banfield with us) and gave him a steroid injection and Reglan which helps calm their tummies. He said he should be better by Tuesday. I took him home and he slept all day. He tried to eat but vomited everything up. By Monday night he would not come out of his crate and was having vomiting and diarrhea frequently. I was afraid he was going to die in the night. I stayed up with him all night that night.

On Tuesday morning, my husband took him to Banfield. When he got there, the vet who had seen our puppy twice before was not there so we chose to take him to our former vet who had seen him the day before. They admitted him for IV fluids. We racked our brains trying to figure out if he could have eaten something that was causing him to have a bowel obstruction- xrays were negative. His bowel gas pattern was normal and no foreign object was seen.

On Wednesday my son and I went to see him. It was the most horrible sight I had ever seen. (I am a nurse) He was wretching and sighing with every exhalation. I told my son I thought he was dying. They repeated another xray which again was negative. On Thursday, 6 days after the vaccines, the vet called to say that he was not any better. At 1130 am as my husband was pulling into the vet parking lot to go see the puppy, I received a call saying he had sat up in his kennel and then slumped over and died. Our precious 11 week old puppy dead.

An autopsy was done which showed congestion of the spleen,kidneys, lungs with intra alveolar hemorrhage. He did not have Parvo. Banfield's physicians take no responsibility for his death saying things like..."we give 100's of thousands of vaccines every year and few dog have complications". Well that may be true,but our dog died. The internist our vet consulted said without a doubt it was the vaccines that caused his early demise.

Our vet told us that the fact they gave Benadryl tells him they were expecting a reaction of some kind. Our family lost our precious lab on August 5th and our 11 week old puppy on Oct 15th. I would not recommend ever taking a pet there. They did let us out of the "Wellness Plan" we paid for... or should I call it The Death Plan. That was big of them since their over vaccination of our pet was the cause of death.

I am not satisfied with the way they have handled this situation and am considering notifying our local newspaper. People need to know. Our number is 309-693-2729. If any more of you have these same stories, we can band together and perhaps get the word out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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Banfield over-vaccinated my puppy and did so without even asking/seeking my permission to give him the shots. They said they were taking him in the back to draw blood for a worm test, and when they returned, told me they gave him 4 different vaccinations.

He was noticeably limping and needed to be taken to an emergency animal clinic later that night because he could not stand or move without great pain, whining and gasping for breath.

Luckily he recovered, but I am never taking him back to Banfield. I would suggest that anyone going there demand up front that all shots be administered in their presence and limit the number of shots Banfield "suggests" to only a couple per visit.


The internist did not say without a doubt it was vaccine reactions, your vet was lying to you. The internist said it is possible but sufficient tissue was not given to determine what it was and the necropsy was not performed properly and it could have still possibly been parvo so results were inconclusive.

Banfield always gives diphenhydramine, because, well, they want your money. If your pet is going to have a true reaction it is going to show up within hours of the vaccine, and diphenhydramine given before is not going to stop a true reaction. Many veterinarians give the very vaccine your puppy got. Your vet just hates Banfield, as all vets do in the area, and tried anything they could to sabotage them, when really your vet did not do their job properly, parvo testing was the FIRST thing that should have came to their mind.

Not just over vaccinating considering many vets give the same exact vaccines.

I'm not defending Banfield because I don't like them, but in this case it is clear to see your vet dropped the ball. Perhaps you should steer clear of them and Banfield and find somewhere a little more trustworthy.


did you get reinbursed for the hopital bill cause of banfield?


Omg That is what is happening to my dog now. Banfield here in Denton, Tx off 288 loop.

They gave her the same shots but shes 2 and a half. I had to take Her to the hospital and they told me that is was the Leptospirosis 4 way banfield gave wrong




My pets get chemicals only when infested with fleas-(the south is loaded with fleas}.USE NATURAL WHEN YOU CAN, CHEMICALS ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE TOO! USE COMMON SENSE, DON'T BE ***.


I am not saying vaccines can not cause a reaction... they most certainly can...

I am saying in this particular case, given the circumstance and development of symptoms and the necropsy findings... it was NOT a vaccine reaction.... I definitely recommend the DAPP vaccines... much better than your puppy getting parvo...

although, unfortunately, just like humans puppies can get sick from vaccines, I hope your beagle is much better. But there is nothing sadder than a puppy/dog with parvo.


My puppy max recieved the dapp shot and it seems to not be coming out of this horrible lethargic, vomitting and diarrea state. I am doing research on these shots. I have had dogs my whole life and never had these kinds of shots dapp or any other just rabbies shots ...very concerned my little girls beloved 3 month old beagle wont make it.


For those who think vaccines don't kill you're wrong. In 2003 I was required by the hospital I worked for to have a measles, chicken pox and 3 hepatitis shots.

I was told my blood showed no antibodies for these childhood diseases. If I didn't take the shots I would lose my job.

I took the shots and one year later developed Multiple Sclerosis. It's an autoimmune disease caused the the immune system becoming too aggressive.

The lady just lost her pet have compassion.


excuse me..its not autopsy its NECROSPY.. my mistake...

I'm just a little irritated that incorrect information is being put on here...

But I don't blame Moses's owner.. I blame the OTHER vet who provided them with incorrect information to cover their own mistakes.


I actually know personally about this case and the OTHER vet did the autopsy and sent the tissue to the pathologist, in which the pathologist said he did not recieve all the information in the case or everything he needed to make a proper decision on what happened. And that the results were inconclusive. Being behind the seens it seems to me the OTHER vet was not doing all that they could and covering up things that they did wrong...


no such thing as OVERVACCINATING a dog


Vaccines are poison. They tried to depopulate the planet last year with the swine flu hoax, which didn't work, because enough people woke up after discovering terrible damage the vaccine was causing people. Your pets problems can be cured with nutrition, supplements and homeopathy, that sort of thing. Orthodox Vets and doctors should not be respected, they have been brainwashed into believing their poison is the only way. Their science is sick, and is driven by money not love. Before you say it, yes I am a conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat and I am mental and need my meds.


There's ground up, diseased monkey lungs in vacc? What chain email did you get that from Einstein? :?


If you don't want to know the truth about mercury, anti-freeze, diseased monkey lungs from monkeys in labs, antibiotics, human aborted fetuses and other garbage, than you don't want to know what they put in shots!LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF, DON'T NAME CALL!!


It rhymes with glass!


Janet, you're an ***!


I have two cats and a dog.They were all fixed without the shots! I will not allow the vet to blackmail me into shots with the spay.

One of my dogs died after a shot. Ever since than, I have educated myself about the toxic ingredients in shots that you would see in a toxic waste dump! Big pharm brain washes with ads and vets are just in it for the money!

My pets eat organic food, use natural litter toys and spring water. My dog is 17 years old, walks every morning, cats jump around and have beautiful eyes and shiny fur.Anyone who allows injections without first looking up ingredients is *** ans cruel!


Sorry, your puppy had parvo. Your SECOND vet should have treated the vomiting and diarrhea with more than a steroid shot.

Unless the pathologist did slides and tests to prove that it was, in fact, vaccine reaction, then you cannot presume. If a parvo test was NOT done then you cannot rule that out


Was your dog tested for Parvo? You said he didn't have it, but that's what it sounds like to me!

The vaccines given do not sound unreasonable.

Lyme is the only one that some vets don't necessarily give. Parvo would be top of my list, sounds like your wonderful vet missed it and was covering his ***.


Over Vaccinating CAN kill. Was it known if this puppy could have been vaccinated by its breeder prior to going to the new owner and/or vet?

Many vets 'scare' owners into believing these vaccinations are 'no good' and convince them to vaccinate again...thus endangering (and risk killing) the puppy. Some vaccines are NOT neccessary (non CORE vaccines), and especially dangerous to a young puppy. Leptospirosis, for example, should NEVER be given to a puppy under the age of 12-14 weeks because of the very risk of reaction (and probably the VERY reason why the benadryl was given was for THIS vaccine...look it up). Also, it is proven to be much safer to give single dose vaccinations over combo shots (seperate Parvo, Distemper, etc.) with at least 1-2 weeks between these vaccinations.

And yes, I have worked in a vet clinic and have been involved in animal husbandry for over 17 years.

IMO Vet Tech and Banfield need to held accountable for what I feel is fraudulent and irresponsible business practices being shoved at unsuspecting customers...and they need to get current with the newer vaccination protocols. These are living animals, not a profit margin for your corporation.


you people are going to scare people into not vaccinating and that will cause more dead puppies than anything else. As a vet tech it breaks my heart when I see pets suffer from distemper, parvo, kennel cough and other diseases that could have been easily avoided with vaccination.

There is no such thing as over vaccination. There is always the possiblity of vaccine reaction just like in any person. In most cases the benefits of vaccinating out wiegh the cost since most vaccinereactions are treated easily when caught early. I actually just had someone get vaccines atmy clinic and then refuse to come back for care when the pet showed signsof reaction.

Vaccines are one of the safest procedures you can do for pet and though the situation in the original article is unfortunate. There is no way the DR could have known your pet would have a reaction as mastiffs and other large breeds do very well having multiple vaccines at once. I would also like to know what qualifies Jeffery to say such a thing.

Pets get revaccinated all the time when going into shelters and even after being adopted for the safety of the pet, the owner, and other pets they would be exposed to. Some vaccines even combine up to 8 vaccines in 1 injection.

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