Marlton, New Jersey

I've just had one of the worst experiences in my life. I took our dog to Banfield to take care of a minor skin condition and was treated with disrespect and my dog was treated horribly.

Please keep in mind that I love Banfield. The normal group of nursing staff and Vet Doctors have been great. Unfortunately, there is a bad apple from time to time. Doctor Edem (and I use the title "doctor' loosely in his case) treated my wife and I like we 1)didn't care about the wellness of our dog 2) treated us like we had an elementary education and 3) put my dog through a great deal of pain.

Mr Edem, because he doesn't deserve the title doctor, was condescending and very rough with our dog. Our dog needed 2 injections to help fight a possible infection for his skin condition. Now.. we have to give him shots rather frequently and our dog has never even flinched.

Mr. Edem, however, was rough, invasive, and extremely harsh to the dog. He proceeded to jab the dog with the needle numerous times and severely hurt him. After not being able to inject the medicine because our dog was in hysterics by this time, he started hitting, yes, hitting the dog where he just tried to inject the shot.

The dog was screaming and nearly climbed over me to get out of the examination room (mind you that this is a 70-pound dog). The dog and I have NEVER been treated so irrationally. ALSO: and this is the real kicker... Mr.

Edem barely spoke English... He couldn't even convey the appropriate words to 1) help us understand what and why he was doing what he was doing and 2) how to treat the dog in a calming manor. I bit my tongue numerous times for the sake of the dog but, wow.. I have never been so close as to assault someone.

Extremely pissed off and concerned dog owner, Moorestown, New Jersey.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Report this to the NJ State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners!


Suzy, as an office manager, I am appalled at your comment here. Even though you are off the clock, you still are responsible for everything you say and do in life, especially if it relates to Banfield. Be glad I am not your OM. I suggest doing some more research on client handling through Banfield Learning and with your Field Trainer, Medical Director, and Field Director. I am also sure Shannon at CTS would also be willing to help counsel you further on how to conduct yourself outside of the walls of the facility.

Your actions here, I can see why people across the nation are upset. There is a way to defend Banfield. Unfortunately, you missed the mark by a mile.

I apologize to everyone on behalf of Banfield, The Pet Hospital.

Not all of us are uneducated, not all of us are rude, not all of us are out for money. Just like private practice, each veterinary clinic has their own personalities. Their own way. There are "Guidelines" within Banfield. And one thing, EVERY vet clinic is out for money. Only way they can keep their lights on, employees paid. There is a bottom line that MUST be met or doors will close. So please, do not kid yourselves that your own private vet isn't out for your pocketbook.

I do ask everyone, please remember that. Remember that every vet clinic is made by their staff. Nice thing about Banfield, there is someone else to go to if you are unhappy, to help "fix" the atmosphere. I am at one of those hospitals that has been changed dramatically because someone spoke up. And thank goodness they did.

And being in private practice in the past, I encourage you to meet the doctor and observe the clinic before signing anything. Be sure you are happy before handing your pet to ANYONE. I am in Banfield and I'll open the door to every single client. I'll bend over backwards for you and the care, health and well being of your pet.


To Suzy:

You are in a field that requires patience, and the ability to relate to people. Yes, there are many complaints here that at times I wonder about their validity.

I do not condescend. I try to educate. Yes Banfield may be a corporation but doing research on the organization many are owned by a veterinarians or a group. Banfield's prices in certain areas are too expensive and overly priced.

Prices are set by the veterinarian themselves. The "corporation" should teach the owners to do extensive market surveys in the area they are going to be opening so the prices are competitive and not out of reach. Instead of writing you should not have a pet if you cannot afford for their care you should have said, that Banfield had to stop the practice of letting people pay on payment plans because according to the research that was conducted by your corporate officials it was extremely noticeable that clients were not paying for services once their pet was better. This also goes for the no check policy in some markets.

Please refrain from writing condescending reviews. This makes us the consumer angry.


We used Banfield here in Denton TX until they screwed the pooch so to speak. We placed a review on here about our puppy that had Parvo.

Banfield employees always acted like they were s**t-hot, but actually just glorified attendants, and knew about as much about Animal Care as a migrant worker knows about Quantum Theory.

Our NEW VET...actually has staff that WENT TO SCHOOL, and are service oriented, friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. BANFIELD NEVER AGAIN.


I am an employee at the Banfield in Fort Worth, Tx. Everyone who come on this site bad mouths our company, but they dont realize that just because you had a bad experiance at one you need to come on here and bad mouth all of the Banfields.

We are a nation wide company, dont just talk *** on the one you went to cause they arent all like that. You come on here and say we are rude... well just so you know after dealing with screaming clients all day because are prices are high, or something wasnt done as fast at you wanted it done. get over it.

you are not the only one is this world with a pet that needs help. If you know are prices are high then go to some cheap clinic who doesnt care about your pet and just get you in and out just so they can get their money. Our corperation is very large, and evey team is different. We do care about your pets, and if you did you wouldnt complain about every little thing.

If everyone is going to get on here and bad mouth Banfield i think when i say this i am speaking for most of my fellow team members. Too our clients: thank you for not calling and letting us know you wont be coming in for your appointment, cause someone who actually needed to come in couldnt that day cause you said you would come in and guess what you didnt show up!! and not to mention thank you to the clients who walk out on a 2000 dollar bill. you cant just get your pet seen and treated for free, if you cant afford to take care of your pet then you shouldnt have one.

and thank you to the clients who have a bad day and come in and take it out on us because you think we did something wrong but it was your fault. thank you to the clients who think they know everything about animals so when the doctor diagnosis your pet you want to argue with them about cause they went to school to be a doctor but they dont know anything about pets, well sorry to tell you they prob know alot more about pets then you do, and if you know so much then why the *** did you bring your pet in.. and the clients who say the wellness plans arent really saving you anything. well that you are wrong for how much you pay for it a year does not add up to how much it really cost!!

you save 50 percent that half of what you would pay without the wellness plan. and its for PREVENITIVE CARE NOT EMERGENCIES!! its to PREVENT your pet from getting sick.. we also offer other ways to taking care of your pet without getting on a wellness plan.

we have clinics 3 days a week and we lose money when we do these clinics.. So for all you people who get on her and talk *** on Banfield well theres something about you!!


I can't believe this reply...So inappropriate to talk that way to a patient/customer.

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