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I have taken my companion to Dr. Morgan in Wylie for several years. I am a physician Assistant and highly educated and she never seems prepared for my questions.

Last time I was there I asked one of the dweebs at the desk to print out her medical records which they did without question. At least the idiots at the front desk due as they are told although they are trolls.

The next appointment Dr. Morgan who can barely utter a word of comprehensible English said she had no knowledge of the labs and would have to look them up. She does does not prepare for her office visits. Why I have a comprehensive plan for some *** veterinary I don't know. I am possitive that I could run circles around the little yellow ninji freak

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Fire Dr. Morgan and Dr. Naktjueboren.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Front counter staff.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Doctors.

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If you are highly educated, why would you be *** and use Banfield when there are so many small vet clinic that will give you better services?


IF she is so incompetent, why would you continue to see her for years? I seriously doubt your credibility. Your hateful racist and inflammatory comments suggest there is more to this story than I am sure you are willing to tell..


For someone highly educated, you sure don't know how to spell worth a ***.


What a racist *** you are being! You certainly don't come across as someone 'highly educated' or professional at all.

As a professional perhaps you should know that these corporate vets can see 30-40 cases each day, OF COURSE they don't have time to be intimately familiar with each pets labwork ahead of time. If you want a vet that has time to do that you need to go to a smaller, less busy practice....although with an attitude like yours maybe they won't take you??


Wow. As a medical "professional" I'm amazed by your tone and description of people.

Perhaps your rant would be taken more seriously if you used professional, medical language. No need to be mean.

If you're unhappy with your care and/or interactions with your veterinarian and staff, express it more eloquently. This just makes me question your true level of education.

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