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After taking my puppy to Banfield for the second time I am truly infuriated and disgusted with the lack of care that your hospital has shown her. I took her in for balding spots and it was as if all they cared about was draining my life savings.

When they took a skin scrape from her, they sent her back into me bleeding without warning! Roughly $300 later compared to the $700 they wished to charge me to perform a series of irrelevant test.... I received a "medicated shampoo", the equivalent to Benadryl, and some fish oils..... They told me if that does not help to bring her back in two weeks.....

For what? For what should I bring her back for when she was not helped at all, not even a little bit in the first place? $300 later she is still balding, and it is getting worse and when I called to discuss it I was given the most inadequate answers that neither appeased me or made want to ever take her back this awful place.

I plan to write a review similar to this one on any site that allows one. And I plan to share mine and Lacy's story to anyone who wishes to hear it in effort to protect other pets and their owners from this disgraceful treatment.

Reason of review: I was not helped at all.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Overcharging for services, Unprofessional staff, Very poor and under qualified.

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Its not unusual for some breeds of puppies and even felines to have skin issues when their young. The skin scraping is necessary in order to see if whether there are skin mites present/mange or just a dry skin issue.

These can be seen on a slide under a microscope and diagnosed within minutes.

There are medicated shampoos (Chlorahexaderm) that contains peroxide and this shampoo can be purchased without an RX at Fosters Smith or KV pet supply.

This product works very well on many types of skin issues on animals in general. Its not expensive and the results are usually seen within a few days after bathing.