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Please take a minute to read this!!!!My dog is a healthy dog, eats the best food and I am thankful. I have been on the Benfield Wellness Plan for about 3 years. The Past 2 visits that I took him in because he had an allergic reaction, long story short we immediately drove my dog straight to Benfield on Oracle and Wetmore Tucson and the DR. gave me an estimate of $400 to test my dog; keep in mind that during that time my poor dog` s throat is closing up, his eyes are swelling up, he cant stop coughing out of his stomach, and the DR. tells me she is not sure that it is an allergic reaction. Very embarrassing on the Dr.` s part (she was a female Dr.), so seeing thqt my dr. isn’t goignt to do nothing, my fiancé ran to the store and brought Benadryl and gave it to my dog in the room wit the Dr. and than she said “oh yea it might have allergies to something”. I said “ Are you kidding me” and we left. I was freaking out the whole time, later couple of hours my dog thankfully was fine.

Another time, oh this gets better, happened just the other day. I came to the same location Oracle/Wetmore to pay my bill, as soon as I got there there was a family waiting at the counter, so I patiently went, stepped to the corner and waited with my doggie. So, than the receptionist girl ran to the back and was gone for 30 minutes (no lie) I stood there and nicely waited, it was 6:30 pm and they close the cashier at 6:50 pm, and it was already around that time. She never said please wait, or anything polite. So… a guy comes out a tech I guess and brings a sick puppy out and the puppy vomits in the techs hands onto the floor about 3 times, they were standing on the other side of the counter from where I was. The people paid (keep in mind I am still waiting) and the guy finally says will be with you shortly. Later, The tech orders the Associates of Petsmart to clean it up, so the young boy comes out with a dirty mop and drags the throw up back into the back room of the Petsmart, as the drops are going all over the floor(possibly on my dog. So there is no way of getting around for me, other than stepping on it. My poor baby and I are still waiting to be assisted. So 40 minutes later… After the people left with their sick poor puppy, I asked the tech, “What does the puppy have?” The tech says “Parvo? Ma`am that is why I told you to wait right there and clean it up before you can come over here?” I said” Are you kidding me? Here take my card and charge it. I am not walking with my dog to the infected area while its still wet and not pretty much cleaned at all. Don’t forget that the drops from the dirty mop were right next to my dog and me. So, I am paranoid because my dog was kind of sniffing the drops of those that were dragged by careless associates of Petsmart. “Finally the tech came out again and sprayed something on the floor (the only thing that killed Parvo on the floor is bleach), and on that note I don’t even think he was spraying bleach( may some clear cleaner I don’t know). So here I am trapped in the circle of throw up dirty mop drops, trying to walk out of this nasty place. Before I left I asked the guy if my dog was going to be sick now, he smirked and said “Ha he should be” So I ran to my car freaking out, this is the second day as I am watching my dog` s symptoms. When I got home I washed my dog and my shoes. Please read the signs of parvo and please do not rely on those careless people at Benfield. They don’t care about your dog or mine. They care about money and getting off early. Today I am going to go in and hopefully not to freak out at them and make sure I ask them if I should be worried and I am cancelling the plan. I have had enough with this company. Oh, there are more stories about these uneducated people, who are money hungry. Remember, this is supposed to be a hospital to better health of your animal( that is your child) and not to get your dog sick, which the doggies can die from. And some of you reading this wondering how come I didn’t think “sorry” for the puppy I actually did and I know that family didn’t care of not exposing that poor puppy to the virus. But at the same time I was happy they were actually taking care of the problem. As we know that city of Tucson has a lot of animal abusers and careless people. Thank you, I hope this helps for people who are trying to do the best that they can do for their babies. I will follow up on this and how my dog is doing. But ridiculous place, i hope they WILL CLOSE DOWN!!!!!!!!

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Really, honestly - We've just been over-the-top pleased with Banfield Veterinary Servicies. We could not be happier with their professionalism, knowledge and care.


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