Aventura, Florida

I took my pet to Banfield at the Petsmart in Aventura because I had an emergency and my dog injured herself the night before jumping. Upon arrival to Banfield, me and my husband saw a girl which did not say her name but had long black straight hair & worked during the morning shift on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

The girl looked like she was having a bad day and without asking what the situation was........she said if you don't have an appointment we cannot help you. I even said.......it was an emergency and she insisted in saying no until another client got upset and told her again that it was urgent. She then decided to help us and told us to drop the dog there.

My point with this complaint is that if you work at a pet hospital or at any other place where you have to speak to clients, YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT, LISTEN TO THE CLIENT BEFORE YOU SAY NO AND HAVE EMPATHY .......SPECIALLY IF YOU ARE DEALING WITH SICK PUPPIES OR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. I will continue going to this Banfield as it is very close to my house so hopefully this women learns how to treat people with respect and be customer service oriented because if she doesn't.....the manager and the Doctor will hear the story from me personally and I am sure they are not going to be happy with the type of service she provides.

  • I am neutral but they need to prov
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Regardless, Lou the girl is working with clients, usually concerned with the healthof their pet. There is no reason the receptionist had to be rude and act like a first ckass witch. It sounds like she is a perfect for Banfield, since they could careless about animals and and money motivated.


Lou works for banfield. I know the girl you speak.of. Up all night partying n doing *** so yeah shd was probably having a bad day.


No offense, but if the situation really was an emergency, you should have gone to an emergency hospital THE NIGHT BEFORE when the dog injured itself. Also, your dog was not truly in an emergency situation.

Its life wasn't in danger. I'm not saying it wasn't in pain, but it wasn't a life-threatening situation. I sympathize with you, but if you don't have an appointment, you can't expect them to back up their day with a non-emergent situation. At the very least, you should have called first to see when you could be accommodated.

If you wanted your dog seen right away, you should have gone to an emergency hospital when the dog first injured itself.

Imagine if you sprained your ankle, waited all night, then went to your primary care provider and demanded to be seen right away. Your primary care doctor would say, "no, you either need to wait and make an appointment or go to the emergency room if you feel you cannot wait."