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I took my dog to banfield vet hosp. in Plymouth for his 3 year rabies vaccine and needed heart worm pills.

I recently relocated to this area and needed help with my dog. When we went into the small room a vet tech maryel greated us with a "I don't like boston terriers". Maryel then took some information from me -she said his previous vet never faxed over any information re: his last exam and rabies info. Well, I found out that it was not true-I proceded to tell her that my dog has some arthritis in his right hip and not to take any blood from there.

Maryel then took my dog to the back room-which I thought was strange because any time my dog had any blood drawn I was always right there. I heard my dog screeching in pain from the room I was in.--The vet tech and veterinarian. came through the door and I asked about that-the vet tech said jimmy moved and they took the blood out of his right hip! The vet explained that my dog needs a tooth cleaning under anastcia- I said I didn't want my dog in any pain and the vet tech said that it would only keep him from moving.

They tried to push a wellness package for m to buy. When the exam was over the vet tech said that I could take my lame dog with me. I'm not letting this go . I take good care of my dog and never thought that I'd have to worry about taking him to a vet.

not happy with this experience and- $158.50 later. Pamela Mayne.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Staff attitude.

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OMG How rude! I would have knocked that *** right on her ***!

Report your experience to the BBB and the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Dont let them get away with that ***! I hate Banfield so much!


There are no veins that have surface access from the right they could not draw blood from there. I think you misunderstood/misheard. Most blood draws are from either the cephalic veins (front of front legs), the jugular (under the neck) or the saphenous veins (lower back legs - nowhere near his hips).


Notice to all pet owners out there...The 3 year rabies vac has been proven to cause cancer in pets please do not get this shot opt for the 1 year rabies shot instead.


Can you point me in the direction of the scientific studies that show this?

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