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I was out of town when I got a call from my girlfriend that our beloved dog, "Willie" was sick. He was lathargic, would not eat and running a fever. She took the pet into Banifield pet hosp in San Leandro, Ca, because that is where he received his immunization.

The Doc there did not know what was wrong so she ordered several hundred $ of work. When in X-Ray the tech found a mass in his neck, which was an abscess. Why the Doc did not find this with her exam I can not figure out. All you had to do was feel for it, but I guess at this hospital they do not believe in putting hands on. The Doc then tried to drain it with a needle but could not get it, so she settle for antibiotics.

I am a nurse and work in a ER and have seen this in humans many times.

The antibiotics did not work so on the 3rd day the abscess turned into a massive abscess and my son immediately took him back to them. The Doc I&D the abscess which is good, but put 5 drains into it and failed give proper instructions to my son who knows nothing of health care. On the 3rd day of this, he tore a drain out and the skin tore off from the muscle. At that point the Doc said she would have to debred the wound and suture it back. The next day after the sedation, he stretched and shook and most of the sutures tore out. The doc had stretched the skin so tight that there was no place for the skin to go. I took him back in, and another Doc said that would have to call a surgical specialist in.

I'm down almost 3 grand and my dog has an open wound on his chest bigger than a softball.

I am now treating him at home, and he is doing OK, but it will take a month to 6 months for this to heal by 2nd degree healing, from the inside out.

This doc made one bad judgement after another and it cost me both financial and caused alot of stress in my family life.

This the kind of Vet that Banifield employees. I would not recommend anyone to take a pet of any kind to them. Not even a pet worm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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I had a vet at a banfield in Hagerstown maryland, that was proven by a peer review to have broken every protocol and used the wrong combination of drugs on my Shar-pei charlie on 6/19/15 that led to his death, their medical director told me this out of his own mouth. They also have a vet tech that released my financial information out on a public website, to which both these employee's are still employeed by this money hungry company.


Since you work in the health care profession you probably already know that an abscess can take time to "mature" before it can actually be drained. In addition, if the abscess is very large there can be a lot of necrosis to the skin and tissue in that area.

Unfortunately, depending on what caused the abscess it can leave a huge crater in that area regardless of how well it is taken care of medically. X-rays and blood work sound like a good standard protocol, especially since your pet was feeling so crummy. Sorry your pet got sick, but I don't think the vet did anything wrong.

You probably already know that necrotic tissue won't hold sutures or drains for very long and it's really just a matter of time to let the tissue heal. I'm guessing that they'd probably like to try and close the wound but you'll probably have a long road ahead of you regardless.


Thank you for your feedback, we take your accusations very seriously and understand your frustration. We are currently unaware of this issue and urge you to call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 so we can discuss what may have happened. We hope you dog is doing well.