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I had adopted a healthy kitten more than a year ago. He quickly became sick and died suddenly without warning, a day before he was scheduled to go to the Vet. Several months later I adopt a lethargic, stray kitten and immediately took him to a Banfield, terrified history might repeat itself. Once there, I was told that this kitten was very ill and that it would be more affordable and beneficial for me to purchase the Banfield Wellness Plan. I purchased this plan out of sheer desperation after they showed me my options. I had a choice to potentially not be able to afford to save this kitten or to get the wellness plan. The extremely unfriendly clerk handed me contracts, while she frankly stated that they were to consent for treatment. Is this where the fine print for the Wellness Plan was strategically hidden? When the clerk asked for my card, she gave me the impression I was paying for treatment and plan initiation. I thought it was extremely deceptive that she never gave me verbal disclosure that she was recording my card number for future automatic withdrawals from my account. (STRIKE ONE!!!).

(Oh well... I'm a patient person. I overlooked the fact that they took advantage of my flustered state.)

So I let them give this kitten the tests they thought he needed, without dispute. On top of deworming and normal vaccinations, the kitten had a little abscess that I was worried about. So the vet shaved him, claimed she would "flush out the abscess", and advised I purchase the more expensive, more effective injection antibiotic for him. All this time I'm being told I can't stay with the kitten (or see if what I was paying for was even being done). I don't know what flushing out an abscess does, but the bump looked exactly the same- except with the scab picked off. A couple days passed, and the abscess grew ENORMOUS with multiple sores erupting. I dabbed it with a wet tissue and it exploded yellow foam and puss. I'm ashamed to say I exhausted my biweekly funds and don't have any money until the next pay day to take him back to the vet. My only consolation for him was to keep changing the bandages to hold him over until payday. He heals and gets better, no thanks to Banfield's "flushing method" and ineffective, expensive antibiotics. (STRIKE TWO!!!)

(Might as well take him fon his boosters and another check up since I have the plan, right?)

I call Banfield on my cell phone while driving my kitten to his second check up. I ask them over the phone to see what procedure would be to get him neutered. They explain they only do that on the weekends, so I schedule an appointment on that Saturday. 30 minutes later, I arrive at the Banfield and explain to the clerk that I just realized that this was my weekend to work (and also that I wanted to wait until a payday). I ask her to cancel the appointment, and she confirms that she has done so.

I'm at work that Saturday and receive a voicemail from Banfield stating that since I never showed up or cancelled my appointment, they will make an (unauthorized) charge to my checking account for that appointment. As a recent college grad paying student loans, living paycheck to paycheck and in the middle of switching banks, in this current economy, this withdrawal would have over-drafted my account, bounced my checks and made me delinquent on several accounts. I waste my lunch break and am on the *** of getting in trouble being on my phone while working because I was being transferred, being placed on hold, playing phone tag, being told to call someone else because no one could or wanted to help me cancel this unauthorized pending charge. I'm DONE!!! (STRIKE THREE!!! YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!!!... or are you?)

I'm not utilizing any of the benefits for this wellness plan, thinking it's cancelled. It's a couple months later... And my kitten has worms. (STRIKE... four?)

Banfield would not stop withdrawing money out of my account. So I had to physically close the bank account I only opened several months before. I then get phone calls saying I'm delinquent on this account by ~$90.

FINE! I wrote to them to express my dissatisfaction and gave them two choices. I ask them to please salvage what trust I might have left by canceling the account without fees. Second, I ask them to send me whatever the final bill may be to finalize the requirements for cancellation for this plan- this choice resulting in me never setting foot in a PetSmart/Banfield again.

This was a while ago, and today I get a phone call that not only am I delinquent on the account, but it more than doubled because they renewed it for this year. (STRIKE FIVE... I guess we're bowling?)

After speaking with the guy at the the collection agency, I tried to explain how this is unethical and bad business practice. He suffered from foot-in-the-mouth disease while trying to defend Banfield and it's actions, stating that "Banfield is one of OUR best companies to work with"... What does that tell you? I guess collection agencies would go out of business without companies like Banfield... By the way, my cat is alive and well, thanks for not asking...

If you HATE your animals and LOVE throwing away your money... BANfield is the right place for you. Wish me luck on continuing my never-ending quest to cancel my Wellness Plan...

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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These people are implanting animals with plastic microchips from Datamars. If the first three digits of the transponder code is 981 for Datamars and if you got it 2014 or later it is probably plastic.

Monitor your pet for inflammatory diseases.Pet owners can file an adverse event report with the Veterinary FDA, without their veterinarians’ permission. Details on how to, here: you do not want to download their extension, here is the form:


My 16 year old granddaughter offered to take a foster dog into Bandfield for a Vet check-up prior to being adopted. Months later she started receiving harrassing phone calls, to her cell phone, asking for back payments for a Wellness Plan?

We repeatedly told Banfield that they made a mistake and asked them to cancel this plan, however they insisted she pay up!! After we signed our granddaughter up for her first Teen Bank Account, she proudly used "her" debit card, at Pet Smart, to buy her cat's food. Two weeks later, Banfield used her debit card information to make a $340. unauthorized withdrawal from her Teen Account!!

Not only did they make an unauthorized withdrawal, they used her name and "Teen" Bank Account information, on the Banfield Website, to set up a "Pet Account" in "her" name!!

Unbelievable!! We have filed a police report and plan to pursue Banfield's illegal activity!!


Banfield plan works well for us have had pets and plan for years and we like it !


Your cat didnt get worms from Banfield. It got it because you didn't do any heartworm testing and didnt give any heatworm preventative so dont blame the vet for that.

Also, "flushing" out an abscess means literally flushing it out with some kind of antibacterial solution while trying to get any dead or infected debris out from the area. This aids in healing. This is not a miracle treatment and most likely would have gotten better if you had continued to take your kitten to the vet.

Also, because it had worms and the abscess seemed to get worse, my guess would be that it is either not taken care of very well, or it lives in a very dirty environment. And like everyone else is saying, READ THE CONTRACT!!!!


We apologize for any confusion; to clarify our Wellness Plans are preventive services packaged together at a discounted price with the convenience of a 12-month financing option. When a client wants to cancel their plan throughout the year of the package we simply ask they either pay for the services already used at full retail cost or the remaining payments, whichever is less.

In other words, customers who do cancel are not asked to pay for services that they haven't already used. We would like to help resolve your issue but we are unable to identify your account and have someone reach out to you.

We ask that you contact our Wellness Plan Team so we can gather more information on your specific situation. Please call them at 866-649-2716 or email at


Strike four your kitten has worms? Whose fault is that?

Tape worms are contracted through eating infected fleas (which can happen when cats groom themselves). So if he had fleas, either a) you didn't have him on flea prevention or b) he had fleas when you found him and had already ingested one. It takes a little while for the tapeworm to develop into the adult that you can see come out in the ***. If it was any other type of worm, those are contracted from the environment.

Which, if you picked the cat up off the street, really isn't a surprise. It's not their fault your cat had worms!


Unethical - taking advantage. A wellness plan should include Banfield calling the patient to schedule and stay on top of things.

I learned to never sign contracts of this nature. Learn how to do home care for your cat and be very reluctant to give up any of your hard earned money. Be very skeptical of any advice; you know your pet. It is very important to document document document.

Please send your side of the story to the main office, the CEO. You can open an escrow account for the payments until resolution. I think you should PUSH BACK. These are aggressive marketing techniques that do not have the consumer in mind.

Mr. Smarty Pants above as not been on the receiving end because he is SO smart.


You obviously haven’t read this in its entirety where I admit initial fault and sweep the first several incidences under the rug… and I also clearly state that I tried cancelling, the second time in WRITING- Also stating the inefficacy of all of their treatments, lack of bedside manners by their staff, the collection agency admitting that they have many accounts because of Banfield etc... But I guess we judge veterinarian hospitals on how well their lawyers craft legal documents these days… because that’s what really keeps our pets healthy.

Is this Am I pissed?

Am I consumer? Where would I ever get the crazy idea to dare warn other consumers of my unpleasant experience?!


You sound like you dont have a life.. I dont think u have a right to tell someone of they can afford a pet like *** ..smth. cant go anywhere on the damn internet without finding annoying *** know it all trolls!!{{redacted}}


your a dork--if you had read your contract before you signed it--every thing is on the back of it--you would know they are in the right--i've dealt with banfield and the wellness plan and its not that good--but i followed through on my part as agreed--then canceled it after one year--why are you blaming them for your mistake--yes they sucker a lot of people in on that plan but its their own fault for just siging with out asking questions or smart enough to under stand what they are signing--and if your living pay check to pay check then you can't afford a pet right now anyway--they have lawyers that they pay big money for to make sure their contracts are binding and legal--so in a nut shell--your stuck with your own mess.