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We took are 3 year old tabby cat in to Banfield #0246 hospital for testing. Banfield conveyed to us that our cat was diabetic and Banfield missed diagnosis our cat as he did have anemia-extremely low blood platelets.

Banfield did not feel that the low blood platelets were an issue or even critical for our cat. We had our normal vet review the testing that Banfield had done and that is where we found out that it was anemia not diabetes that killed our cat less than 12 hours later that very same day we took our cat to Banfield. Our regular vet confirmed that anemia is treatable and that our cat could of recovered. No thanks to Banfield as they obviously overlooked a critical situation and now we have lost our beloved Goddard.

Do not under any circumstances take your pet to Banfield. There needs to be justice done.

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how high was the blood glucose?

it can rise from stress, including stress of illness and even the stress of treatments/diagnostics?

ib be REAL curios to know what the glucose was...


In reply to Reality check- Our cat did have extremely low blood platelets or is defined as a low red blood cell count and can be caused by a number of different processes, including blood loss, red blood cell destruction, and inadequate red blood cell production. The banfiled Vet did not address the areas that needed attention right away as our cat was CRICTAL and Banfield did not offer any assistance for emergency help.

In short again we feel that our cat was not attended to correctly by Banfield and that led to his death!!!

We feel that the Vets that are in training with Banfield need to have an experinced vet to consult with until they know what they are doing!!!!

Banfield is a warfield for new vets to trian on anybodyd's pet and it ends up that your pet is mistreated. They what to suck all of your money out of you and do care for your animal properly!!!!


I am sorry for your loss. I tried taking my cat to Banfield and felt like I was taking my car to the mechanic being ripped off!

They wanted to charge me over $1000 just to get her teeth cleaned. Before the vet even examined her the assistant asked to see her teeth. Obviously seeing what they could rip me off for. The vert right away said my cat's teeth had very bad tartar, decay and needed to be cleaned.

Possibly some would have to be removed. Oh not only that, but she has a heart murmur and they would need to do an ultrasound to be sure her heart could tolerate the anastesia. Not only that would they wouldn't accept a payment plan & I had to pay everything upfront. Obviously something didn't seem right so I declined & took her to a different vet.

You guessed it, her teeth were not in anywhere near the bad shape they said and although a cleaning might be good, there was no infection and no need for tooth extractions. Also no trace of a heart murmur.

Bottom line Banfield is a bunch of crooks. I'm happy to see the word is being spread.

Please people, if you care about your animals DO NOT take them to Banfield. It's all over too because my sister on the other side of the country took her dogs there and they almost killed it by giving it the wrong amount of anasethia.

Reality check

Your story doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Did your cat have anemia or low blood platelets?

There is a very big difference. Bloodwork run on a machine can often undercount platelets if they clump, resulting in an artificially low number.

A simple blood smear can be done to verify low or normal numbers. If it was anemia, it would be odd that the veterinarian would not address the issue.


Vet Tech is a rude person, probably does work for them as they want to run tons of tests for even a hang nail.


In reply to the vet tech, obviously you work for Banfield!!!! You do not know the full situation and have no right to assume that we passed on recommened tests for our cat.

By the way we DID NOT pass on any tests. Do not judge someone and that siuation until you are in their shoes!!! How dare you call us *** when the vet was the one that was suppose to be professional and in no way did we take this siuation lightly!!! There where no more tests beside the recommend suggested and there was no other suggestions as to our cat being crictal, the vet just gave a script and sent us home with no hesitations.

We know that their were mistakes made and we know the vet was human- NO DOUBT!!!!

As far we are concerned the vet did help us in the right way and the vet was the professional that should of helped the siuation!!! We do beleive the vet let our cat die!!!!


Just like human doctors, veterinarians are not gods, they aren't omnipotent or omniscient. It is very easy to say after the fact that anemia was the reason your cat passed away, however, anemia isn't a common cause of death in cats.

The anemia was most likely an underlying symptom of a larger disease.

Cats aren't like people, where they just become anemic for no reason. And if you doctor came up with a diagnosis of diabetes, I have to assume that other tests such as a urinalysis were run, unless of course, you stupidly declined all the tests that the doctor recommended...in which case, you killed your cat not the vetrinarian.

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