Mobile, Alabama
Not resolved

took pet to bandfield pet hospital for comp. exam.

pet there 9 hrs. no call go to get pet nothing done. no report. never seen vet, in 3 years i have been taking her to bandfield.

wish to cancel pet insurance as of now 6-27-11 i have had insurance on pet for 8 and a half years. verry unhappy with treatment at hospital in mobile ,al.i do not know vet's name. my pet's name is fancy butts. i do not intend to pay anymore pet insurance as of 6-26-11.i will inform bank not to let bandfield draw from my account.

maybe if you treat animals, and people better you would not be getting this. i am so bad i never will use bandfield for anything.

i hope it was worth it to you to be so un care'ing to my pet. very unhappy in mobile, al.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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The hospitals ive seen are all quite understaffed. A friend of mine reports that getting any overtime is a big no no.

I suspect a 9 hour nothing had a lot to do with the lack of appropriate staff vs ill pets and emergencies. Just sayin


One of the first things that are done for pets when they enter the hospital is they get a form of ID, water and a blanket/towel - unless their procedure does not allow them to or they have a history of eating things they aren't supposed to then they don't get a towel. Unfortunately we have to see sick pets before we see healthy ones and sometimes emergencies just walk in!

I'm so sorry that your Pet did not get to see a doctor!

I don't know what happened as far as the lack of communication but hopefully you will call the number above so that the mistake doesn't happen again to anyone!! Hopefully you'll give them another chance.


9 hours seems like enough time to do an exam. How can anyone be that slow?

Did the pet even have water?? :?

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