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My 18 month old shih tzu, and my 5 month old yorkie suffered smoke inhalation due to a fire. Ems rescusitated both and provided oxygen.

They told me to rush to my vet. They were o.k. They need more oxygen and IV fluids. Bandfied ignored me.I yelled for help.

when thr vet came out he sent me to another vet. when he could have at least given oxygen and IV fluids to minimize damage.That small action would have flushed some carbon monoxide out of their system, rehydrating them.In a panic, I couldn't think, my apt has been burned, so I felt that I could trust the professional, I had to scream to get their attention, then he sent me to an emergency room several miles away. Meanwhile their respirations are compromised, he could've at least administered oxygen to comfort them. I'm a medical professional, but that day I was a parent of 2 who meant the world to me, so I figured, who'd be better than their vet to give them what they needed.

This complaining won't stop the aching that I feel at their lost. I'd rathered that they'd be stolen by someone else who'd adore them rather than yielding them to the very same folks who often raped my checking account promising heartfelt care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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i agree with this pet owner. ANY DVM (EM clinic or not) should be capable of administering oxygen to these 2 dogs.

This is basic medicine and does NOT require the immediate referral to am EM Ctr. Besides, these 2 dogs were already there. Why would you turn them away when it is clearly an emergency, and send them miles down the road to another hospital? Most states REQUIRE that a DVM immediately make attempts to treat (and at least stabilize) an emergency.

Besides, didn't they take an oath?...

Once the pet is stabilized some, referral to an EM Ctr for overnight care might have been reasonable... Sad, very sad...


You are taught to stabilize then send. This was a traumatic situation at best.

I would have reported them to the State. :(


Your attitude is appauling. If I was having a heart attack do you think I'd go to my GP and then belittle him for not helping me?

Its unfortunate your dog died, but the only vets with both the training and equipment required to save/ help are emergency clinics.

You do not understand the medical reasons this or you would not be blaming a regular practice for not being equipped to handle your emergency situation.


Sorry for your loss, but i'd have to agree, the emergency clinic is where you should of gone, quite honestly it's a bit more then o2 and flushing when it comes to smoke inhalation. Depends on the varying degree of lung damage etc.

Just because they were revived doesn't mean they would of survived. Banfield is not an emergency clinic, most that i know of do not have o2 kennels for those situations.

I am sorry for your loss as it is a terrible situation either way, but it was the fires fault not banfields. :sigh


I'm sorry for you loss, but all I read was your Dr. couldn't see your pets (is Banfield an emergency clinic?) and he advised you to take them to a vet that could.

Isn't that what emergency vets are for? My vet has told me several times what to do in case of an emergency ... and because he is essential a "family Dr.

for pets" he has advised I should always take my girls to the emergency clinic regardless if his office is open or not. Sounds like you were given the advice you needed but you preferred to sit in the office and scream instead of taking care of your dogs.


I am so sorry about your losses. I too, lost a dog due to Banfield. I still think about her last days and the desperation I felt during that time.

How many more pets will die because the owners believe in them?