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Today, I've taken my cat to the Banfield Pet Hospital (#447), and had a very unpleasant experience there. I have called them earlier today to inquire about a walk-in service, which included obtaining a health certificate for my cat. I was told by the person who answered the phone to go ahead and come in without an appointment. One hour after I called, I showed up at their clinic, where I was asked to fill out tons of paperwork. Afterwards, the receptionist named Rosaline (or something similar, I’m not sure) told me that they don't have a veterinarian with a certification license on site. Now, I have told her right away, when I walked in, that I came to get a health certificate for my cat, and yet I was still asked to fill out paperwork, even though they had no licensed doctor. That made no sense at all. I actually left from work earlier after getting a confirmation from that receptionist via the phone that I could come in for a health certificate. I drove in traffic for over an hour to the hospital, where I got nothing but disrespect. When I asked to speak to a supervisor or a manager, they told me to wait. Well, I waited for almost an hour together with my poor cat. I spent forty-five minutes in the reception area, waiting to talk to a supervisor, because I could not get any satisfactory response to any of my questions from a very slow and disrespectful receptionist. She obviously had no clue what she was talking about, and kept wasting my time. Eventually, that same receptionist informed me that the supervisor can't see me, unless it's an emergency. That was a bottom line, and I left.

The Banfield employee, a receptionist that I had to deal with, wasn’t trying to help me at all. She was just sitting there, faking a smile, and saying that it wasn’t her who told me to come. However, I spoke with her on the phone at least twice, and I recognized her voice. Plus, she introduced herself when answering the phone, so I knew perfectly well that it was her, Rosaline, who was incompetent to the point it became ridiculous. Yet, she was looking me in the eye and kept repeatedly lying to me. At the end she refused to call a manager. If the supervisor was busy, she could have called the manager. I had to call the store manager, after I left, and he had no clue about the situation, he was actually surprised that he wasn’t informed.

If they simply told me that they didn’t have a doctor with a current license to issue health certificates, I would have gone to another clinic and be done with it. Time was really of the essence for me, because we needed the health certificate for my cat to travel this week. I don't understand why Banfield so carelessly hires people who are so incompetent, who make a joke out of the customer service and who lie shamelessly to the customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

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