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I have been bringing my dog to Banfield since he was a puppy. He is now four years old and was diagnosed with "epilepsy" when he was one years old.

They put him on phenobartibal, which controlled the seizures to him having one once a month. The vet said this was normal. Throughout the last few years there was many instances where he would have cluster seizures. We would bring him in they would do a blood test and test his pheno levels.

The only thing they would change is the dosage of the pheno. Just about every time he played with other dogs or would play excessively he would have these cluster seizures. We would ask the vet why this would induce them they replied, it could just be the stress or it could be a brain tumor. We would have to recommend you to see a specialist to get a MRI.

This obviously freaked my boyfriend and I out, but we didn't have that type of money. We kept him on the pheno and things seemed to be controlled, except the few instances where he would have the clusters. On July 28th of this year my dog had five grand mal seizures within a 24hr period. This is the most he had ever had, usually the clusters where about two to three seizures.

We brought him in, and again the same two things where done..no further treatment and no further recommednations. The only thing that was abnormal was his liver enzymes, which they sent him home with Denamarin. Not once did they bring up another medication or try to figure out why he was having so many seizures. On August 21st, my dog had a seizure at 11am and did not come out of a seizure state until 5pm that night.

The only thing that changed within those six hours was on and off gran mal seizures. We took him to the emergency clinic ASAP. He was at the eclinic for 48hrs and almost didn't come out of the seizure state. He now has brain damage and a long road of recovery ahead.

I came here to tell my story, because the eclinic made us aware of the other medicines that should have been used to help treat the initial clusters. They also made us aware that the FIRST time he had cluster seizures, Banfield should have changed the medicine and tried to STOP the seizures all together. They also said that it's never OKAY for a dog to have monthly seizures. I should be able to rely on a vet for always having my dog's best interest in mind.

The staff was more worried about trying to get me to upgrade my wellness plan than helping my dog.

I didn't know there was ever any other medicine he could have been taking, and when I asked questions I got told it could be a brain tumor. Banfield cost us $3,000.00 at the eclinic and almost cost us our dogs life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Veterinarian.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Money grabbing vs pet caring, Banfield rips off their customers, False advertising the plan, Almost killed my dog.

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