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I took my cat in because he was having difficult breathing. Banfield decided he must have a rabies shot since he was overdue. They never discussed the possible side effects... such as swelling of the face and throat and difficulty breathing; if they had I would never have agreed. Well my cat had a reaction to the vaccine and I thought he was going to die, the next morning they treated him with steriods and Benadryl but later that night his reaction flared again. How dumb do you have to be to give a cat a vaccine that will cause difficulty breathing when he is already having difficulty breathing? Despite bleeding me for hundreds of dollars for tests they couldn't figure out what was causing his problem and they didn't seem very concerned that he was in any real danger.

After two days at Banfield I took him to a pet hospital where they did more for him in ten minutes than Banfield did in two days. Within a half hour of being at the hospital my boy was breathing easy again and within a few more hours they had diagnosed his problem and prescribed a treatment plan. Sure it cost a few hundred more than Banfield but at least we got something for our money.

I don't think the Banfield vet is a bad person, I think she sincerely meant well but lacks the experience to be treating animals on her own and Banfield failed to provide proper support and supervision. Never will I go there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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banfield killed my cat. she went in for a routine spay and she never got better.

two days later i took her in again because she had difficult breathing. this went on for another visit.....the four days this went on she had tons of air pockets under her skin, and. collapsed lung. i wound up taking her to the er and she started to show improvement, except today she went back down.

she had to have surgery and went into cardiac arrest because her little body couldnt take anymore. had banfield done their job correctly, she would still be alive and well.

this is a nightmare. i do not recommend this place to any pet


Banfield vets are incompetant and try to do as little as possible to treat your pet if they're sick. Don't go there if you pet is sick, take them to another hospital where they know what they are doing.

My cat was misdiagnosed, given to high a dosage of pills for too long.

They gave my cat 125MG prescription antibiodic for humans. My cat was on it for two weeks and never got better. Then they gave my cat Prednisone, which weakend the immune system at the same time this time the right dosage amount, but the wrong number of pills, they gave him too many!!! My brother in law was on the same antibiodic and he was better in three day's. My BIL is 160 lbs and my cat was 9 lbs!!!