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Don't take your pet to these vets!

I took my 13 year old domestic shorthair male cat to the Banfield in Peoria, AZ because he had a loose front tooth - it was sticking out over his upper lip.

They recommended an extraction and dental cleaning. I could not afford the procedure, so they suggested their 'wellness plan' to bring the cost down to something I could afford right away. They told me it was urgent to get him in right away so they 'fit him into their schedule' the next day. Of course when they had him under anesthesia they called to tell me he needed two more teeth extracted at the cost of another $150. The original tooth fell out on the table, but I was still charged for that extraction.

Four days after surgery my cat blew up like a balloon. I took him back thinking he had a dental infection but the vet said he had air under his skin, generally caused by trauma. My cat is an indoor cat and lives in my master bedroom. The only trauma he suffered was the dental surgery.

They wanted another $600+ to try to diagnose the problem. I did not have the money and suggested sadly that he be put down as he was suffering. They did not want to do that and sent me home with anti-biotics (another $28). I brought him back a couple of days later as he had blown up to 3x his size and crackled when I petted him. He was not eating, drinking or using his litterbox. I had looked this up and found out it was subcutaneous emphysema, and my thought was that they punctured his trachea during intubation during surgery.

When I brought him back again I suggested this and they said they doubted it happened then as the intubation tubes are small and flexible. They sent me home again, saying without more tests there was nothing they could do for him.

I wrote a scathing survey on and two hours later got a call from the local hospital,saying they 'wanted to do right by my pet', said this could have happened during surgery and offered an outside surgical consult.

I went to the consult and the outside surgeon said "very likely" they tore his trachea during surgery.

It took a WEEK for me to get a call back from the vet surgeon who did this to my cat (she said she thought someone else had called me). I have called the Client Advocate department a have a case number, but still no one has called me about this and it has been over a week already. I talked to the surgeon today and she apologized for not calling me sooner, but NEVER apologized for what she did to my pet. Each time I took my cat in they told me they had never seen this condition before.

She said this was not negligence, not malpractice but an unexpected complication of the surgery. Really? My cat went in for a TOOTH EXTRACTION! Thankfully he is slowly recovering. After his trachea finally healed the air is being reabsorbed into his system.

I reversed the charges on my credit card and am going to be like a fly on *** until they respond to me. You will see this review on every consumer website I can find. If they think I am paying for that wellness plan they can think again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $900.

  • subcutaneous emphysema
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probably the dr had nothing to do with the dental, when i worked for a banfield for 2 years the dentals were all done by techs unless they needed a dr to do an extraction because the techs arent allowed to do those. thats why their dental cleanings are so chaep, drs dont do them.....techs do. also they hire untrained and unlicensed techs because they have to pay them less then expect them to do things they arent fully trained to do but the drs dont have time to help or train them because they see too many pets and are always busy

@used to work there

Dental cleaning wasn't cheap in my book, but I believe you!


they probably forgot to deflate the cuff on the endotracheal tube before they removed it. Untrained nurses have been known to do this, especially if the cat wakes up suddenly. You should ask if the doctor extubated the cat himself, or if a nurse did it.


Tech extubated. Doctor was not in the room.