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I took my dogs in for a worm check and to get their nails trimmed. They wouldn't even tough my male, as he has issues with getting his nails trimmed, but they obviously don't work on dogs, or any other animals, that have any issues.

They were the ones that gave him the issues to begin with, as he has only gone to this location in the past.

I will never take them back there again and do not recommend anyone else does either. They are not experienced enough to handle animials of any kind, unless they are perfectly well mannered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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I used First Shield Trio on my dogs before I knew how toxic Permethrin was. My female Bichon went blind in one eye right afterwards.

She is otherwise healthy. Has anyone else had a similar reaction>


Dear ThisisCrazy,

You need to re-read my input here. The groomers, not the trained vet, was able to do the nail trimming, among the other grooming requested, with no issues. To assume that they are not socialized or not cared for properly, reflects poorly on me. I love and care for those dogs as I do my own children. They are loved, fed well and properly socialized and played with. They are affectionate and beautifully behaved. They have been professionally trained and can go through any commands given to them.

If you had bothered to refer to all of the complaints on this particular website, there are hundreds against Banfield Pet Hospital. I am not the only one dissatisfied with their performance, or the performance of their staff.

Reliance on a professional in their field is normal. Having that professional cower to animals she is supposed to perform services for, is not. Since you were not there, I would suggest that you just listen, instead of create your own opinion to this situation. If one chooses to work with animals or any kind, the accept that things are not always going to go well and that the animal may object to certain things being done to them. It's normal! You are either in control, or the animal is in control. In which case, you should choose another field to work in. Get it?


First, let me say that I'm sorry you've had to clean up other peoples messes. I know how stressful that can be. There's no reason to cause injury to a pet for a simple nail trim.

However, I do think you've minimized the owners responsibility and placed blame solely on the veterinarians/staff instead. No one ever said that the pet had to be perfect, but they should know how to behave.

I agree, taking time with any procedure and accepting the "less is more" tactic usually pays off for everyone. However we can't always blame prior experiences for the response we get from a patient. Sometimes the response is solely due to lack of exposure. At some point the owner does have to accept some responsibility for the actions/reactions of their pets.

Abuse, mistreatment, poor experiences, etc. have become a common excuse for why pets act/react the way they do in a variety of situations.

I do agree that patients need to be assessed and handled in the manner which best suits them. Some respond well if removed from their owner, others do better with their owner there. In other cases simply placing a soft muzzle on them detracts their attention away from the procedure and allows them to calm down to a submissive state.

However, clients need to realize these are things they need to work on with their pet. I do agree that not everyone realizes that manhandling a pet is usually counterproductive, but you must also realize that nail trims are part of a pets general care. It's just like grooming a dog. It's something that an owner should introduce a pet to early on in its life and do on a regular basis. The more you do it, the better your pet will act.


Wow- I can't believe everyone is bashing this owner for suppossedly being a bad guy for having dogs who are nervous with nail trims! I also am a veterinary technician and work in a small animal clinic.

I personally have tended to dogs that have come straight to our facility from Banfield to have injured pawpads and torn nails treated. I have also administered oxygen/ resuscitation on a brachycephalic breed that Banfield over restrained in order to perform a nail trim. I know for a fact that Banfield is not competent in their abilities to handle nervous dogs, or any dog that slightly wiggles during a nail trim. I have personally witnessed dogs legs being jerked and grabbed aggressively by Banfield employees as they try to "pull" the leg out to perform a nail trim when the dog is resisting.

Dogs do not appreciate this and it can and will cause trauma to the dogs leg and mental health. I also know that not ALL dogs that come into our clinic sit perfectly still and hand me their paw for a nail trim. The greatest majority of smaller breed dos and some large breed dogs have been traumatized in their younger years and will try to resist a nail trim. As a proffessional, I know and my coworkers know exactly how to calm to dog down, go slow, and not over restrain the dog in order to gain trust before proceeding with the nail trim.

Banfield is incompetent and it is not the dog owners fault that the employees are not properly trained to perform a simple nail trim. Also do not blame the dog owner for not being able to do nail trims on his dogs at home... Again, even in well trained dogs, there are some that allow anxiety to get the best of them and do require extra help to perform a successfull nail trim.

This owner did nothing wrong! The only wrong turn he took was walking into Banfield in the first place!


After reading your reply your complaints sound valid. Sorry to sound harsh in my first response, but I do work in the veterinary field and read numerous complaints that sound ridiculous at best.

You really do need to find a vet that you and your dogs feel comfortable with. In the practice I work at it is extremely rare that we have to sedate a dog to do a nail trim. I'm guessing probably 1% if that.

Your groomer is right, if the doctor is intimidated by any animal and they show it, bad deal!

Thankfully your groomer is able to handle him without too many problems. In the meantime I'd find a different vet!


Although I appreciate that your dogs are well behaved, mine have had issues that have been created at this facility.

I took my dogs to Furry Friends today and they did wonderful with their nails and grooming. I spoke to the groomer and she said that although they may have been a little upset initially, they calmed right down and she was able to take care of them easily. I have Shiba's and they are beautiful and wonderful dogs. They were traumatized by Banfield and that's why they get so upset when they go into their facility.

The vet who came into the room was afraid to come anywhere near them when she told me that it would cost $350 to get them trimmed up and that was just for a nail trim. When I told the groomer she said the same thing, "That vet is in the wrong business."

Thanks for your comments, but some dogs have had issues created by vets. Training doesn't change that. Remember, a groomer did what a vet couldn't.

Thanks again!


BTW, any well mannered dog will tolerate having most anything done to them. To blame Banfield for a dog having issues with a nail trim is a cop out, unless the vet or staff beat the *** out of your dog during this.

If your dog was really well behaved and well trained you should be able to trim its nails at home without any help. I have 4 dogs, 2 of them are bullmastiffs that weigh over 100#s and I am able to trim/grind their nails by myself. They go to the vet and know how they have to behave when they are there. The vets and techs are able to draw blood, trim nails, etc.

without my presence because they are well mannered and know how they should behave.

A well adjusted dog knows how to behave and can recover from any situation. Blaming the vet for your dogs poor attitude is ridiculous. If he really was well trained he'd lay there in a down stay for his nail trim.

I've seen dogs with open fractures allow people to clean and manipulate their wounds and still lick their caregiver on the face. If your dog can't even deal with a nail trim then he needs work and as the owner that falls on you.


its YOUR dog. u have every right to say NO to the fecal loop and simply drop off a sample!...


Are you able to trim your dogs nails?


The problem with Banfield is they never tell anybody to drop off a stool sample to check for intestinal parasites. They just take a fecal loop and stick it in the anus to try to obtain a sample. First of all that has to be uncomfortable and second of all that is not enough of a sample to do a good job in my opinion.


To check for worms, they do NOT have to TAKE a sample of stool directly from the dogs colon/rectum. For nervous/aggressive/small dogs it is always best to simply DROP OFF a small amount of fresh stool in a container to the hospital.

There is NO reason to put nervous/aggressive/small dogs through a rectal to get stool for a fecal. Why would you put the dog through that? Why would any DVM with logic put your dog through that?...

Just take the dog for a walk, and when he/she *** collect it.

Sometimes medicine is hard. Sometimes we make it that way!


Every time I take my dogs to the vet, they check their temperature. In checking for worms, they have to obtain a sample.

Doing their nails is an additional trauma, as the vets and assistants are so afraid of the dog, they can sense it.

That makes them uneasy and with the included trauma of the above, makes it very difficult to trim their nails. Just thought I would explain.


Last I checked, you don't need to insert anything into a dogs rectum to trim its overgrown nails.

If you did in fact have your dogs professionally trained, good for you. If you feel you are getting ripped, then by all means go somewhere else.

Just remember that there are usually two very different sides to every story. And I do know a bit about animal behavior, as I have been in the pet industry for about thirty years now.

Good luck


Hey Cause and Oops! Stop! You're making yourself look like an ***.


oops, pc lagged...

sorry, it was just ONE hard nail trim!


cause nail trims are hard?!


cause nail trims are hard?!


cause nail trims are hard?!


Dave, Although I appreciate your words of wisdom and suggestions of training, I would like to know how exactly you train a dog to take something up its rectom. Any suggestions?

I am not and will never be, the habit of inserting items up my dogs rectom. I would not either of them to become accustomed to that happening.

Bottom line is that they are good friendly dogs. They have been professionally trained.

If someone chooses to be a vet, they accept the risk. It's not if, it become more like when they will get bit. Being spineless when it comes to animals is what gets you hurt.

Something this particular facility will have to grow up and learn.

I appreciate your comments, but obviously you don't have a clue about what you're talking about.


Anyone knows that if you show fear, which the vet did, to any animal, they are going to take advantage of it. The vet wouldn't even pet my dog.

She sat in a chair and you could tell that she was afraid of him, without even getting to know him. You have to show dominace otherwise, they will smell the fear and ***. My dog has never bitten a human and never will. That's because he has been socially trained.

Get it? Trained! Professionally trained! If a vet that deals with dogs is afraid, they are in the wrong business.

They should be sitting behind a desk. To charge me $350 for a nail trim is ridiculous! They are trying to gouge the consumer and they are rip off's! They try to sell you their wellness *** and you never get your money's worth.

I bet they don't even take larger breads, like pits and rotties. Too afraid of getting bit. They are in the wrong business. Because they would take my female and not my male, they are scared little idiots.

They are in the wrong business. Trying to take more money for something that could be done quickly and painlessly, maybe with a little more effort, especially in today's economy is wrong! They left my dogs with long nails and didn't even address the worming issues.

They are not competent and anyone considering taking their dogs there should be aware of the situation. I do not and will not recommend them to anyone!