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My dog recently gained weight quickly, started acting lethargic, had very dry skin, lots of dandruff, had infections and skin problems on his ears, and was becoming somewhat weak. I could not wait until Banfield in Spokane opened as they are closed on Sundays, so I took my dog to pet emergency. I agreed to have basic blood tests done and everything came back normal. My dog had slightly enlarged lymph nodes and I was prescribed clavamox and prednisone.

I went in for a follow up with my vet at Banfield the next Monday. She spent approximately 3-4 minutes with my dog and told me she was going to put a bid together of what I should have done. The estimate came back to have blood work and x-rays done with the medication my estimate was almost $600. At this time Dr. Sanders stressed that it is probably cancer we were dealing with so it is important to get the tests done. My husband and I decided to keep him on the medications and give him another week.

After doing some of my own research all his symptoms matched up to hypothyroidism. At my follow up appointment the next week, I right away told the assistant that I would like my dog tested for hypothyroidism. She told me that it is probably not what we are up against. She stated at the age of 4 he is not old enough to have this disease. Everything I read dogs can develop hypothyroidism between the ages of 2 and 6. The assistant wanted to talk to the vet on duty (Dr. Sanders) and she came into the room. She only checked his temperature and lymph nodes. She told me that his lymph nodes have doubled in size and are extremely enlarged. His temperature is extremely high at 102.8 and this could be dangerous. She put together an estimate of test to run with the hypothyroidism test…(still stressing he most likely has cancer), the estimate came to over $700. I knew the average temperature for dogs was 101-102.5, for her to make such a big deal about the danger of 102.8 I knew she was lying. No one could answer my questions directly and continued to talk in circles.

I knew it was time for me to get a second opinion. I had my dog to a new vet within an hour of leaving Banfield. This vet took the time to listen to me, and answer my questions, and go over all the symptoms of my dog. He physically checked over my whole dog. I did not give him my opinion and I did not tell him what Banfield had said or done. I wanted his professional opinion based on my dogs symptoms. After reviewing his blood work results from pet emergency, he said I believe the next step we should take is to test your dog for hypothyroidism. He went into details of what hypothyroidism was and what it means for my dog if he has it. During my dogs physical examination (from the new vet), his temperature was 102.1 and the vet told me only his back lymph nodes in his legs were slightly enlarged. What a change within an hour (sarcasm). He did tell me that testing for hypothyroidism may just be the tip of the iceberg and wanted me to understand that it could be a long road to find out what was going on if the tests came back negative for hypothyroidism. I am sad to say my new vet called me with the blood results and my dog test positive for hypothyroidism at the same time I had some relief. He explained to me that he can still live a normal life, he just has to take medications for the rest of his life. What that means to me, is that my dog is going to have a happy life and I will make the most of it. Just a couple days on his medication and he is almost back to his old hyper-self again. I find Banfield in Spokane Washington and Dr. Sanders there to be very unprofessional and money hungry. I will not recommend this poorly ran establishment to a person and I will tell everyone I know about my experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Sad how some vets have no heart. I'm glad your poochie is feeling better now. You're an excellent "Mommy." :)