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i have two pet rats that i bought from Petsmart almost 3 years ago. now i take really good care of my boys and use the vet office in the store since no vets around here take "pocket pet" i would love to know how my mother takes a dog and 8 puppies to the vet for shots xrays everything and i'm paying more for a 2 pound rat??i was told today that xray prices have gone down yet i need a 185 dollars to get one plus i'm paying 36.00 dollars a piece for a office visit!

how much is a dog or cat visit cost, probably the same as my rats. if there was another vet that didnt cost me as much as my rent to see them i would go but i dont think you should have a pet if not going to get them medical treatment when needed.

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You are paying for the appointment TIME, not the size or weight of the pet. Would you expect a Vet to charge less for a toy poodle Vs a normal sized dog?

Should a cat appointment cost less than a dogs appointment? Obviously not. The only thing in Vet medicine that is size/weight dependent is the costs of medications.

Otherwise there is normally a minimum charge per appointment that a Vet must earn in order to pay for their salary, their nurses salary, their receptionists salary, their hospital rent/mortgage, their utilities, their equipment (bloodwork machines, x-ray machines, white goods) and the medications they stock.

I applaud you for taking care of your pets, but please don't be naive enough to think that owning an exotic pet should entitle you to discounts based on their size.


I've paid over 100 dollars for a single rat exam and all they did was pick her up tell me she was healthy and then sent me home.... my rat was the tiniest *** thing and your complaining about an office visit costing you barely 40 dollars??? You even admitted that other vets were even more expensive so just suck it up and take care of your rats it's been three years and they're not dead yet so the vets must be doing a good job


I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but you seem to be confused. An office visit at Banfield is 37.95 (depending on the location) period. Dog, cat, rat, rooster- all the same. radiographs are always about $200 depending on the area they need to x-ray and the number of shots they need to take. You paid what you should have paid.

The only thing based on weight is medicine. You're paying for the vet's time, materials, and knowlege and its the same for your rat as it is for a cat or dog.

As to the "insurance," Banfield doesnt have any. They have wellness plans which are just for vaccines, fecals, and dewormings. Rats dont need those things. So, no you they arent offered to you.

Rats are exotic pets. Dogs and cats are small animal. Horses, cows, pigs are large animal. Birds are aviary. Fish are aquatic. Everything else is exotic. Thats how vet school/ specialties go. Sorry.


Seriously? This person is complaining because it's expensive to treat her pocket pets?

It sounds like the hospital bends over backwards to accommodate her. And she's complaining because a hospital which specializes in dogs and cats doesn't want to discount her visit for her rodents? Why should they? I'm sorry, but it takes special training and knowledge to treat pocket pets as they aren't the same as dogs as cats.

This is what happens when you try to bend over backwards to please a client - they just find something else to complain about.

And NO, banfield does not charge less for cats because they are smaller.

The fee for an exam, diagnostics, and treatment are the same. The ONLY exception is for medications which are dosed based on weight.


I agree that vet prices for "pocket pets" seem pretty high when compared to the cost of the actual animal. a free kitten "worth" less and should vet care cost less, consequently?

Ditto for a 2lb weighs less, but does it take less time, knowledge, or equipment to treat it? Society has us trained to believe "pocket pets" are disposable & many argue they don't need vet care at all because they are replaceable. I'm glad you don't feel that way. These "high" costs will be seen pretty much anywhere you take them, though, and it does have to do with time, training, and supplies.

As you mentioned, not many vets/techs are trained to work with these guys, and not many places even have the appropriate medication or supplies for pocket pets. Keeping this stuff in stock costs money. Also, that appointment time you get for your rats could have gone to someone with a dog or cat who would be paying the usual exam costs, so in order to not lose money, they choose to charge the same amount. This way they can continue to see your little critters at all instead of just restricting to dogs/cats (like most clinics) & they can justify allowing their vets to spend precious time keeping up with "pocket pet" medicine when they could be studying something more lucrative like orthopedic surgery.

Again, I agree with you, and I wish this wasn't the way, but it does make sense. I do applaud you for doing the right thing and taking your rats in for medical care when needed.

At least you know what to expect financially when you go so you can plan accordingly. Thank you for being responsible.


super mature shows your age really well.. my pets dont have diseases but the same cant be said for you


its because nobody cares about your disease infested rodents. They're digusting and so are you for having them. eeeewwwwwwwwwwww


You are an unknowlegable individual that has zero insight concerning pet rodents therefor you have no place forcing your ignorant opinion upon those open minded humanitarians. You are trashy trying to talk down to people that are obviously way above you and your morals.

Worry about your own skeletons instead of attempting to highlight anyone else's.

You are probably the disgusting one which removes the viability of you saying anything condescending concerning disgust or negativity. Being heartless is all you are worthy of.


If you don't like rats why did you bother leaving a comment? Also just because some people have a preference for rodents doesn't make them disgusting and I'm a little ashamed that your most likely judging rats on what you have been told and you probably have not actually tried interacting with a pet rat.

I actually used to think rats were really gross to but we had a pet rat at school and that little *** was the cutest thing in the world I now own three.

Any way my point was what's the point of commenting if nobody really cares what you are going to say unless it is helpful or related to the topic in some way. Your dislike of rodents has nothing todo with the vets prices.


first lets start with when you take your cat or dog to the vet cause they are sick. u can immediately get seen when i take my "rodents" in i have to check and make sure that there is staff there trained to see them cause most times there is not.

there is one tech that has some knowledge of them because she checks out the ones for sale. also cats and dogs are offered discounts on medicines and treatments with the options of payment plans and insurance. none of this is available for my "rodents" i pay extra for medicine to treat my pets because they are smaller and some how became a exoctic pet.

i go to this vet since i bought them because i was recommended by their reputation and i'm not saying one word against any of the staff there they try their hardest to help me, but yes you do pay different prices for your cat when you go because it is smaller just the same as you pay for its medicine different. i have had cats and dogs and know their fees just as well as i know my boys.


Sooo you think you should pay less just because your rat is smaller than a cat or dog? Should a cat's exam be cheaper than a dog's because they are smaller?

The veterinarian still went to school to treat rodents, the assisting staff still need to be paid, and it takes just as much time and money to do X-rays on a rat than it would on a bigger animal. Not sure where your logic is coming from.

@dont get it

No... it's about my rodents cost twice as much as your cat or dog especially due to the wellness plan...... duh?


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