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I brought my 3.5yr old dog in who had not been eating for a week. Waited for over an hour and decided to leave her there.The Dr.

Called me late afternoon to tell me they were finally looking at her. They obviously didn't take much time to look at her. They sent me home with dog meds and a special diet and after another couple days I brought her back. Finally went to get a second opinion bc they could tell me nothing except she sould probably go see a specialist.

I ended up having to put put my dog down the next day. The other vet told me my dog was in critical condition and may not be able to handle surgery. The second vet spent a great deal of time with my dog and I discussing every possible attempt at saving her. She grabbed my dogs stomach and felt around, when she let go my dog puked all over.

Something banfield didn't take the time to do a decent job of. Although some of the costs are going to be refunded, it does not compare to having to put my dog down for their lack of time to really look at my dog. I will never use them again and I will warn everyone else against them as well. To top if off I bought their "wellness" plan and the Dr.

At the Atlanta location told me to call and cacel and they may be able to provide some of the payment back. I waited on hold for over 20min and the girl of the phone was very ugly. She told me that even though I didn't use many of the services that my plan was to cover, that the few that I used were "More" than the plans cost to me (I paid in full, not monthly). I was to get no refund.

When I argued this fact she got very snipy which also got me heated. I'm sorry to my dog that I sent her to such a terrible vet clinic.

Though I am sure many of the Dr.'s are nice people, I will never reccomend this companies services to anyone!! STAY FAR FAR FAR AWAY FOR ANYTHING YOU THINK MAY HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE OF BEING A SERIOUS PROBLEM, THEY ARE NOT CUT OUT FOR IT!!!!!

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Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Anonymous - We are sorry about your family’s loss of your dog. After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to gather more information regarding the care that your dog received at Banfield. Could you please call our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com? Again, we are so sorry for your loss.

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager