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I took my dog in for the $42.95 fee for a office call, and the Doctor, I believe his name was Carlyle, in Largo, Florida mall, was telling me all about their wellness plans and such, all the while giving my dog certain treatments, even though I was very specific that she was up to date on all her shots and treatments for another 5 months.

I don't know why exactly, but I went with their $36.00 a month plan for 1 yr.

I went home $78.90 poorer for a office visit that was supposed to be $42.95, and a plan I didn't even truly understand, as the doctor rattled off all kinds of figures that made it sound like a good saving situation.

The following day, I checked with a friends vet and their top tier pricing was way less than Banfields minimum pricing for almost everything they offered. I decided to cancel my plan , within 15 hrs, and they tell me they can't cancel my plan due to an unpaid balance.

Now I am furious at this time and ask them why. Here is their pitiful response "we treated your dog for certain things ( remember, I told them she was good for at least 5 more months at the beginning of their B.S. exam ) And I figured they were doing the things I was paying for in the $42.95 they charged for the exam, not just say "hi, give me $42.95 for saying that ".

But, without my "ok" they did all this so called treatment, and still didn't spend 12 minutes with me.

I even pointed out that there were significant moles on her, he looked briefly at 1 only, and said it was a sebaceous blackhead, now this amazing diagnosis, with out even really taking more than a few seconds looking at 1 only ( there are at least 17, some varying in color,configuration and yet, just a zit ).

Now, here is the true reason they do all these unnecessary treatments is it costs them nothing ( their prices are sooooooooo inflated , even their cheapest stuff is wayyyyyyy more than any other vet i checked with, at least 6 )then if you don't sign up for their wellnes plan, they tell you that their treatments they just did on your pet is due, at a ridiculous inflated rate.

I told them *** no, and it still cost me for the first month ($36.00 ) for a grand total of $78.90 for the crappiest office visit and rudest people I have ever dealt with.

Just another chain rip-off like Americas best, or just brakes, all thieves

Stay away from these thieves.

They prey on your emotions and then steal your wallet.

TERRIBLE COMPANY, STAY CLEAR..........................................

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $79.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Overcharged for services.

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If you're paying monthly payments through a credit card monthly payment plan. Call your credit card issuer and tell them you either lost your card or it was stolen.

The card issuer will cancel the card so no further charges can be put on it and they will issue you a new card with a new account number. Banfield will no longer be able to automatically bill the credit card.


That is a very easy way to get sent to a collections agency


the charges will still be adding up & you will end up getting bad credit if you get sent to collections so don't do this


I don't know if Banfield was offering the first office visit free gimmick in your area but they were and I believe still are where I live.

This is just a gimmick to get you in and then they talk people into signing up for the scam wellness plan and try to talk you into vaccinations, hart worm blood test, flea and tick products etc for your pet. Bandfield's prices are about 4 times higher then most private vets.

Most people are unaware of prices for vaccinations, medications, office visit etc. And fall for their sales schpeal.


You have the legal right to cancel a contract within 72 hours/ three working days of signing it with signed and dated written or faxed notice


BEWARE!!! That's a common scam they do.

They'll sign you up for the plan when you just needed a vaccine, and then use loads of the 'included' plan services - so even if you cancel the plan the very same day you will still be charged for all the other things that you may not have even asked them (or given them permission) to do. MAKE THEM ITEMIZE EVERYTHING and if you don't want something done/don't know what it is ask.....

P.S 9/10 times your local vet will be cheaper - at least they were in my area.