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I just want to make a point. After, reading all, these ,reviews, My , own, complaints, with, Banfield, seems, mute.

Has anyone , noticed,many of the, comments, attack the person, that, complains about, the way , they're , animals are being treated , or, lack of. Ask, an, ex- employee, about, company policies. Banfield, Why, don't you,own up, to, you're,neglect, for, customers, instead, of, insulting, customer's , intelligence? You, show, no compassion, for, people, that have, lost, they're pets, while, under, you're care.

It's a fact, You tell, , you're employees, to , defend, you're practices, on line, but, you, wouldn't have to do that, if, you, would, start being honest. I have talked to, atleast, 2, Pet Smart employees, who, told me, they, take, they're, pets, to, veterinarians, not, associated, with, Banfield. You can , attack this ,review, all you want, People are starting to wise up, to, you're, lack of care, for ,they're animals. Unfortunately, for them, sometimes, it's too late.

Since, Pet Smart, supports, you, financially, Petco, can, supply, all, my needs. Have a good day.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let me start by saying I do NOT work at banfield. I did for 6yrs but I don't anymore. Nor am I a fan of the company itself. I now work at a privately owned clinic and let me tell makes me MISS the 2 vets I worked with at banfield. This privately owned clinic has terrible management, the veterinarian is not up to date on alot of the new recommendations for things such as vaccines, and the rest of the staff act like they are in high school, even though they are in their 30s,40s & 50s

HOWEVER, You can't always believe what people write on the internet. There is ALWAYS 2 sides to every story.

There are multiple ppl in the field, including vets , who HATE banfield but comment sometimes defending them because from what the person is saying, banfield did nothing wrong in that situation.

As for banfield telling their employees to defend the company online. That is completely false. They do not tell you to defend the company at all. Ever. So please don't spread false information. This is exactly why I said don't believe everything you read on these sites.

Am I saying that banfield vets never makes mistakes? Of course not. Vets are human. However, there are many *** privately owned practices out there as well. You just hear about banfield more because they are nationwide.

You cannot say that all banfield vets are terrible. The 2 vets I worked with were absolutely phenomenal. I'm no longer working at banfield, I am at a private practice. But I still take my dogs to see the female vet I worked with at Banfield, as she's no longer at banfield either. She's actually at a clinic next to my house. I did work with some *** relief doctors at banfield, and guess what? If we felt they weren't doing right by the pets, we reported them. A few of them were not allowed back. Lastly, why are you using commas after practically every single word?!?!?


An , Something isn't adding up with your'e story. You say not a big fan of the company, but you worked there for 6 years.

You are trashing the clinic that you work for now. You say you miss Banfield , and take your're dogs to one of the vets. Sounds like your're still employed at Banfield . Do you really think that allthese people, with complaints , are lying?

It just doesn't add up. Banfield employees are brainwashed, and put on this phony act , of caring about animals.