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Their 'welless plan' is a ripoff. My 17 yr old dog was on this plan and when taken to the vet in an emergency situation (he was in congestive heart failure)I was told to sign an estimate bill of over $500. When it was time to take him home, they wanted to send him to an overnight facility ($2400 a night). I opted out since his age was 17 and I had an oxygen concentrator at home and he would be afraid at a strange place without anyone he knew. I had to sign a waiver to relieve them of any responsibilty and they only gave me a days worth of meds. They brought out a bill that exceeded $750, and said it was because he was on oxygen longer than they expected. This was not price I signed for. The next day when I needed more meds, they insisted I pay the balance if I were to receive any meds to keep him alive. They did reduce the bill by a small amount

On 1-23-11, I took Bailey to another vet to have him euthanized as his condition worsened. Surprised, on 5-16-11 I received another bill for his so called treatment on 12-08-10. This was supposed to have been a follow-up that was included in the'wellness plan'. If I don't pay this bill I never knew I had until now 6 months later, it will go against my credit report. Of course I am still paying the monthly bill for the 'wellness plan' until July 2011 even if Bailey died in January. This new bill is in addition to the plan.

Someone should stop these thieves.


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Banfield Pet Hospital

We are sorry to hear of Bailey’s passing and know how hard it is to lose a family member. Sometimes when pets are brought in for emergency care, it is difficult to know exactly what procedures and medications the pet may need.

Ongoing therapy depends on how the pet responds to initial emergency care.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of emergencies, tests, treatments and associated costs which might be optional in non-emergency situations are rarely so in life-threatening situations. We believe that you have already resolved your concerns about your wellness plan payments but if you have additional questions, please call our Wellness Plan team at (866) 894-7927.