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This is the email I sent to Banfield:

Today I took my dog to Banfield ( the Arlington Heights IL location) for a checkup.

It was my first time there. I was interested in signing up for the Banfield program to help keep my vet bills manageable.

My last dog I took to a different vet, and although I was happy with their services, they are expensive.

Anyway, I walked out of the Arlington Heights Banfield traumatized. The least of the problems was the lack of cleanliness there.

There was visible *** on the floor in the exam room that had not been cleaned completely. A dog peed in the waiting area and someone used a couple of paper towels, but did not completely clean it up.

The other point of concern was the lack of knowledge the staff seemed to have. I was telling them what I knew and they would say, "Oh yeah." or "Maybe". I was charged money for a vet tech and a veterinarian (???which I question are Banfield vets really fully licensed vets????) to act very unsure and unprofessional.

As I was waiting to pay my bill, a man with a Bloodhound puppy (she was about 35 lbs) came out of the back room into the waiting room. The dog was in distress and was bleeding all over the place. I asked, "What happened to her?" The person behind the desk said she had surgery on her labia and also was spayed. This poor dog was bleeding all over the floor and not able to stand up without collapsing. The Banfield employees let that dog leave there without so much as a bangage or dog diaper to cover her wound. As the owner was walking her to the car she collapsed again and the Banfield employees were watching and saying "Don't let her sit down on the salt in the road." But they weren't saying it to the people outside, they were just saying as they cringed watching that dog suffer.

They wiped up the blood with a mop and I was horrified to see the blood was just smeared around and not completely cleaned up.

How the Banfield vets, vet techs, and desk employees could have let that dog leave their office in such a state of suffering is beyond me.

I worked in a vet hospital and NEVER saw an animal that butchered sent on its way without so much as a bandage.

I would rather go broke taking my dog to my more expensive vet than to ever entrust my dog to the people at Banfield.

I hope you investigate this (and every other) location immediately. If this is how you run all of your Banfield locations then you have no business being open.

Word of mouth is what will either gain or lose customers and I will tell anyone who will listen and post on every animal message board I can about my experience with Banfield.

No one should have to endure what that poor Bloodhound and its owners did today.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have this location investigated.

Arlington Heights *

49 W. Rand Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Phone: (847) 253-4433 · Fax: (847) 253-5286

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:sigh I had the same experience with Banfield a couple of years ago with my puppy. They charged me for a full year of monthly service charges even though they made my dog sick.

I took him to another vet and the damages to my puppy's stomach/bowels were irreversible. He was 4 months old, I had to have him put down.

Reality check

If your story is accurate, that is truly not a good place. However, I would caution you to not lump all Banfields together.

That one does sound bad and things need to be addressed. There are very good Banfields out there as well. And of course, all veterinarians are fully licensed.

That doesn't meant there aren't some incompetent ones out there (just as there are physicians, dentists, lawyers etc). I'm sorry for your experience and hope you find a vet clinic that works for you.