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I have had the WORST experience with Banfield in Overland Park, KS!!! I took my 6 year old shih tzu in for pain and not wanting to put pressure on his back legs.

The took a 200 x ray on his legs which came back with nothing. The vet informed us that he suffered from a torn ligament, gave us Carprophin (Advil for dogs) and said he would heal with limited activity in a couple of weeks. When my husband and I arrived home from work 10 hours later we discovered Wrigley could not stand and was crying out in pain. I took him to the local emergency vet, who had him diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his back in 5 minutes.

They gave him morphine sent us home with pain meds not Advil and had us make an appointment with the neurologist for the next day. The neurologist informed us x rays were a waste of time, because any educated vet should know slipped dics in shih tzus ages 4-8 are 95% the problem with any back or leg pain. Banfield refuses to take responsibility for this misdiagnosis. We filed a complaint with their customer advocacy line.

The business manager and Chief of Staff called back and were extremely rude and laughed at us for wanting a refund. We are currently escalating not only the lack of care for our dog but also the lack of customer service.

Banfield is ONLY concerned with $$$$$$$ not the livelihood of your pet. STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Not wanting to put pressure on his back legs is a lot different from screaming out in pain and being unable to walk. The next time the symptoms change like that, especially so dramatically, you should tell your veterinarian, just like you would with a human doctor.

He can't really rectify the problem if you never gave him the chance, and since our pets can't talk the vet has to rely on you to tell him what symptoms caused you to bring him in. I would have thought along the same lines as your vet if all you told me was that he didn't want to put pressure on his back legs. Always be as detailed as possible when describing symptoms to your vet, and give specific examples if you can. Those extra details could change the diagnosis dramatically, and it's always going to be less stressful for your pet if he's only got to go in once, especially with an injury like that.

Back to slipped disc problem though.

The same thing happened to my dachshund, and my grandma's vet (not Banfield) wanted us to pay for a ridiculously expensive ($2000!) surgery he couldn't guarantee would work. We got him back to full mobility for less than half that cost just by doing water therapy with him, supplements, and having him take it easy for awhile. Not sure what your plan is to address his disc, but I'm telling you water therapy is the way to go. Just get him a little kiddie pool and fill it to somewhere between his chest and his neck, whatever is more comfortable for him.

You can get him a doggie life jacket so he'll float or hold him up yourself by holding his stomach up with your palms. It works wonders!