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I have been taking my cat to the Banfield on Ponce De Leon in Atlanta now for 6 months. I have taken her once for a comprehensive exam plus a round of vaccinations, then had her teeth cleaned shortly after. Since her dental cleaning, she has had a red spot under her chin that occasionally turns into a whitish zit. Furthermore, the areas that were shaved during her dental surgery (the inside of her thighs) have still not recovered hair after 3 or 4 months. Lastly, since her dental surgery she has began obsessively cleaning herself. She has quite a few balding spots, some of them are scabbed over and some of them are discolored (yellowish brown).

She has been to follow up visits, diagnosed with allergies, given a steroid injection (which made her lethargic and ruined her appetite and cost $40), she has been given antihistamines ($21), she has been eating Royal Canin HypoAllergenic HP23 EXCLUSIVELY for 6 months now ($27.99 for 7lb bag), and she is not getting better, she is in fact GETTING WORSE. I have switched her dish from a plastic fountain to a ceramic bowl and switched her litter from clay litter to cedar litter. I just can't fathom how she was a perfectly healthy cat with none of this conditions before she began visiting Banfield.

I'm also weary that my Banfield will not treat my cat in the room with me. They take her to a back room.

Probably the least important of my complaints is the wait. There is no line, I get sent straight to an open patient room (that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a year or more mind you), yet somehow after being sent to the room, I wait for a pet nurse to arrive for 45 minutes to an hour EVERYTIME, and I have only seen the vet or spoken with the vet at the hospital once (at my pet's first exam).

I okayed them to trim her nails for $11 during one visit, and two days later I realize they only cut 2 of her 10 nails. Her left paw, and two rear paws had not been trimmed at all. And their solution? I have to bring her back in to get her nails trimmed (for real this time). She already hates the vet and becomes very anxious. I would rather have trimmed them myself and gotten a refund than wait 45 minutes in a patient room for a nurse to trim them. My goodness.

I also must say that I had one other cat treated at Banfield before (I miss you, Kaoru). He was diagnozed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and died only a few months after he began treatment at Banfield (he was ONLY 4 years old). All in all, I paid a year of the premium wellness plan (which remember, he only had for about 4 months), $500 for cremation, and $400+ for hospitalization, catheters, etc. I am afraid the same thing will happen to my kitty now. The vet at this Banfield (which was located in Augusta) didn't seem very happy with her job. I told her I was interested in becoming a vet and she actually ADVISED ME AGAINST IT, telling me that the job takes it toll on you (whatever that means). I was interested because I love animals, but she turned me off from it. She spoke of how expensive the schooling is and how low the salary is. Sheesh.

As you can see, I have had many experiences with Banfield, this review not rash and based off of one visit. I have been dealing with Banfield for over a year now, and these are observations from my contact with them. I am suspicious (perhaps paranoid) that Banfield is killing animals so that they do not have to administer any more treatment, but pet parents still have to pay their wellness plan (after their pets death until the end of the contract). I'm considering skipping my kitty's next comprehensive exam this month, and I have been researching other cat insurance options.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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My kitty is doing better now. Although our vet doubted this as the cause, I switched her from a plastic water fountain to a ceramic water bowl (she already used ceramic feeding bowls), and her wounds are healing and her hair is growing back now.


I am a practicing Banfield vet and have been for almost 4 years. I apologize on the behalf of your hospital for your dissatisfaction of your service and wish that I could help. Unfortunately that's a little difficult over the internet. I hope that if you are this unhappy you have talked things over with your vet and your hospital's office manager. Many times, the hospital's leaders cannot be present every minute of every day and need the client's input to better their hospital. It sounds like this is the case.

In regards to your statement about Banfield killing animals so that they don't have to administer treatment... Again, I'm sorry for your particular experiences, but THIS IS NOT TRUE. Yes, being a vet is stressful; the hours are long, the scars are many, and the pay could be better. But it's all worth it to see an 8 week old puppy's big eyes staring up at you from the arms of a trusting owner. This is the sentiment you are looking for. If you can't find it where you are it, then go elsewhere. I won't be offended. If you end up at the Banfield on the opposite side of town, great! But if you end up down the street with the rural town vet who makes you feel like your cat is the only pet in the world... well, that's all that matters. That's *my* goal with all my patients and all my clients.

Just please remember that there are ~800 Banfield locations worldwide. We're not all the same.