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Banfield Botched my puppy typical spayed! I came home after work and from Roxy with her intestine, stomach and 3 pints of blood on the floor of her crate.

I called Banfield and they said NOT to bring her into the office, they could not helkp her. I called them back and the next person told me to per her e-collar on. The next person told me to bring her to an emergency clinic. I ask if Banfield would pay for the bills and the girl told me to call back the next day.

I brought Roxy to the VCA in Southern Maryland that they were amazing!

Roxy had a Wound Dehiscence and Evisceration. Never go to Banfield unless you want your pet to DIE!!!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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My English Springer puppy was spayed at our local Banfield. When an appointment for surgery is scheduled you must cancel 3 days in advance or pay a penalty.

Three days prior to surgery, my puppy had a crusty rash on its abdomen and I know from my experience in the OR that surgeons won't operate on humans with such a condition. They gave me some ointment and cleanser for her abdomen to use until surgery and told me it would be fine. It wasn't fine. After surgery, they told me they decided to put her on antibiotics and when I asked why, they said because the rash was worse than they thought.

If it was worse than they thought, why did they operate? Predictably, four days later, the wound began to drain purulent liquid. They put her on more antibiotics. After weeks of wound care she seems fine now, but what happens later in her life when she develops adhesions and bowel obstruction?

They don't care. If they were subject to malpractice litigation, I assure you they would care. They won't get another chance to injure my dog.

The worst part was, they seemed to want to make me feel guilty because it got infected. I'm sorry you found Banfield too.