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I have been a pet owner all my life, and have been to vets from New York to Argentina, and after discovering what policies Banfield threatens their vets with, will never take any of my animals there again. After having gone to a an local Long Island office a few times and getting what I suspected was too much meds, to much testing, and too much time, I have started going to another practice and have been told that pretty much most of what I paid for was a complete waste.

As it turns out, Banfield expects their vets to maintain an insane amount of profit per client - no matter what the circumstances, and will fire and doc that will not meet those standards. I was upset at the docs at the Banfield practice, now I just feel sorry for them.

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This is only my second post on this website. I guess that there was a reason for your leaving Banfield miss or mrs ..............

01-09-2010 I hope that you are happier now with your new job.

I never got a Christmas card but my daughter will make sure they get one this year. Thanks for the idea.


I have worked there and it is so true. Basically what happens is you put a diagnosis in the computer ie "diarrhea" the computer will automatically prompt you to do b/w,fecal testing, many unnecessary medications, and other unnecessary things as well.

Banfield does not care about the pets welfare at all. The Wellness Plans are not worth paying the money at all.

What happens is you will drop your pet off in the AM and the pet will sit in a kennel most of the day waiting for the doctor to examine your pet which will take all of 5 minutes. I would not recommend a wellness plan to anybody or banfield for that matter.


I am not sure what other animal care givers do in your area, however I have 2 dogs, 4 cats and a turtle that the Banfield in Savannah Ga. have been caring for years.

I don't know how any Veterinary hospital can make any money in our town with single doctor hospitals on every other block. We switched to Vet Smart kids name for it (Banfield)and Dr. Trammell after two other doctors wouldn't see our turtle 10 years ago. They have great hours, good client care, great animal care, and if Dr.

Trammell isn't in then there is a nother doctor that can see us and Dr. Trammell follows up later. I do feel that waiting area is a little cold, I would prefer a more inviting area to wait, CNN on a T.V. would be nice, and their charges maybe high sometimes but so is my electric bill, grocery bill and taxes and at least my Vet knows my animals names and teases my annoying kids for the time of the visit.

By the way I am an human doctor and I too have a min. patient charge whether you know it or not and it is a *** of a lot more than anything Dr. Trammell could ever charge me. My office hours are half Banfiels and I don't promise results either and my patients can talk to me.

I guess this is not what you probably wanted to hear but it is real.

Here is where I get ugly, if you feel that your animal care bill is to high than find a new home for the animal, you can't get rid of your children so you have to still pay for them. :)


I've worked there and what you say is true... heck they send out their christmas cards according to what client has spent the most money.


This is true..They set an avg charge that must be met and that is why so many services and products are pushed on you every visit. Its all corp with this company- it is not about the pets its about the amount of money the pet represents to them.

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