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My dog has died yet Banfield Wellness Program is still taking electronic withdrawls from my checking account. They sent me a letter stating that my Plan had been cancelled 6-17-11 then proceeded to withdraw a wellness payment (not a vet bill) from my checking account on 6-20-11.

I had called and emailed prior to this withdrawl that my dog had died. The Banfield pet hospital handled his creamation, still the withdrawl. The Banfield Pet Hospital had my dead dog on their premises but could not cancel the Wellness Plan, I had to call them. No one answers at this number you are put on hold indefinately.

After 2 weeks of off and on trying to cancel, I emailed to cancel. Got a letter of cancellation but was still charged thereafter. I have called to complain, the operator said he would get back to me within 24 - 48 hours, I never recieved a call back.

This Wellness Plan needs to be shut down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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No offense to you PISSED CONSUMERS below lol, but to be honest it just sounds like you don't understand how the OWP works and the fact that it is not insurance/coverage. You get a set amount of services in each plan, preventive care for the most part.

What they do is break down the cost of those services over the course of 12 months. It is a payment plan that's all it is requires no additional thought to comprehend. So if your pet dies or you move or for any reason need to get off the plan you can do that at anytime after you pay for the services you have used within the year. Now if you've used nothing, good for you, you can literally just call them and cancel it whenever.

If you used services during your current year and want to cancel then more than likely you will still have to pay for the remainder of the services YOU HAVE ALREADY USED. (see how i put it in caps in case anyone cant read/understand) If you just call them and your bonehead answer is "uuuuughh well duh my pets dead why shud i hab 2 pay? durrr" and you have indeed used services you will have to pay. If your plan just started/renewed and you took your pet in had a bunch of stuff done and wanted to quit one month later you would still have to pay what you used.

Otherwise it's as if you got $100+ worth of services for only 24.95. I do think Banfield can increase education on the Wellness Plans i do agree it is shady because they don't explain everything up front. To be frank though, the contract is just 1 page long, ONE PAGE!! Assuming we all took English in school it is very easy to comprehend not a difficult contract at all.

Take responsibility clear your old debts the collection team is always willing to try to work with you. Either that or find a corner to cry in.

@Mr. Questionmark

Mr. Questionmark, your remarks are insensitive, you must work for Banfield.


I wholeheartedly agree with you guys, I have NEVER had a good experience from Banfield they are by far the worst vet clinic I have ever been to in my 27 years of being a pet owner...they've overcharged me so many times, they have me in collections for a wellness plan that I've had canceled for years on a dog that is no longer with me as well...these people are evil filth that don't deserve to be called human, anyone who works there is just as bad as the Federal Reserve!


I totally agree with you. My pet just died on Jan 2, 2014, and I called to cancel my plan was was told i have 4 months left on the contract. ARE YOU KIDDING ME....The plan is truly a rid-off for consumer's BEWARE!!!!


I am very disappointed in the treatment of people with deceased pets at Banfield. They had only been treating my old cat for a month when she died.

There is no way she received the full optimal plan care within that month. She only has two bills for cripes sake. And I don't think I should have to pay for the blood work that they miss placed.

I plan on protesting the continued with drawl after I get the bills together and write a formal letter. I hope they don't pull the but your pet died three months ago you can't argue now line because I will go ballistic in the office.


July 20 these people are in cahoots with the Federal Reserve Bank and J.P Morgan even if you close the account your bank will still run the thing through and send you bill for $35 + the amount. Banfield is nothing but a business who hires good sales people, they do give a hoot about you or you're pet.

Banfield P

@Marabeth – Can you please send us more information so we can look into this and have someone follow up with you? We want to help, but we’ll need your name and the location of your Banfield hospital in order to find your records.

@Banfield P

Why so you guys can do nothing. That is what you are doing with me. Won't even bother to come to some kind of agreement.


@ Marabeth:

i was ROFL at your comment. You must understand that using a phone and/or e-mail is a very technical procedure that must be undertaken with extreme caution!

One never known when your phone has been tapped or your pc hacked. o shht nevermind, that's what paranoid people do...


In regards to the response from Banfield here on this site, why have you not contacted me personally about this problem? I have spoken with your customer service rep and he said that I would recieve a call within 24-48 hours, he would consult with management..

that was over a week ago! I also emailed my complaint on Banfield's website an auto-response stated that I would be contacted - I haven't been. In my experience, Banfield's customer service is non-existent. Also, I had been a Wellness Plan customer for over 10 years prior to my dog's death.

How's that for graditude. I will never take my pet's to Banfield again.

Banfield P

We are very sorry to hear about the loss of your Pet. Regarding your Optimum Wellness Plan payments, unlike insurance, our Wellness Plans are preventative services Pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option.

We hope you understand that since your dogs passing you have only been paying for veterinary services your Pet has already received.

For any questions please call us at 866-649-2716. Again, we are so sorry for your loss.


They are probably going to charge you again on July 20 (and August 20, and Sept 20...)

If i was you, i would quickly close that checking acct. Tell your bank what happened.

Open another acct. GL


you say they sent you "a letter of cancellation" and still charged you after that? Hmm, id contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. If they failed to return your calls, they probably have no intention of helping you...

The other option might be small claims court. Since you have the letter from them, your case would be pretty easy to win id think. You would also get back your court fees if (when) you win, so this might be worth it.

Im so sorry for your loss.


As a previous Banfield employee, I know that you are responsible for the remaining on the wellness plan. You either can pay off the plan or pay what you have already used at retail value.

Unless it is the renewal anniversary and nothing has been used for this plan... Almost ALWAYS is paying the remaining plan value is cheaper. You sign this agreement with the contract when you first sign up for the plan. Also, as employees in the hospitals, we have VERY limited information and authority to do anything.

Like many other programs I have been registered to, you HAVE to call corporate. Sometimes it does take a few minutes, but never longer than that.

You must not be calling the correct number. 888-649-2716.

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