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I took my puppy to the vet in Delaware at the Banfield in PetSmart. I asked them to give him his rabies shots, and his 2nd shot.

I was told to buy him benadryl and drop him off on Saturday (July 31, 2010). I took him there and dropped him off, I called so I could pick him up, they did everything I did not ask them to do, then had the nerve to say it cost 559.76 and I had to pay once I came to get my puppy.

But if I purchase the wellness plan, it will only be 112.23, it feels like I have just been scammed. I thought about purchasing the wellness plan a few weeks back, but after this stunt they pulled, they just lost a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $559.

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I had my 3 dogs on banfield but when Coco got ill vomiting blood and mucus and I inquired about a possible gastric ulcer they repeatedly told me dogs aren't like humans and wouldn't explore that option. Instead they put her on trial after trial of different antibiotics.

End of story:Bleeding gastric ulcer and IBS and 2k plus in med bills. Banfield lost big customer and hopefully many more in hopes to save more lives!


That's their game! Same thing happened to us.

They said $600. but if on the plan $250.

My husband took the plan it ended up then costing ($70) a month for both old dogs another $852.for the rest of the year on their wellness plan. Even doing so I had to fight to get the services provided (free on the plan.) Awful awful deceitful practices. Fast food Vet care, managed by production.



I think all vets are a rip off. I read an article from some sort of "veterinary society" which was calling on vets to ask for more xrays because they needed extra funding.

Anymore, they charge as much as a regular doctor visit. I took my cat in for earmites cost 293.00. I was sickened. It was over half my paycheck.

I avoid the vet at most costs.

Obviously, if it was serious, I'd take my pet in. I just avoid the checkups.


Did you ask about the fees before you took your dog in? That price is pretty steep but I would have asked beforehand.


that is why you have to sign a piece of paper saying exactly what you want and if they do extra stuff then you can refuse to pay! i wouldn't have paid it...

whenever i drop my puppy off i make sure i know exactly how much money that they are charging me and i sign that piece of paper and if that amount changes when i pick him up i want to know exactly why it changed!

i always ask for a copy of the amount too and then bring it back with me! I am very cautious about my money spending...