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I recently took my little 8 lb Chihuahua to Roanoke's Banfield Hospital, she had fluid in her lungs she was sedated and a Lasix IV was inserted. She was turned upside down held by her hind legs and shaken.

Her heart stopped and she was revived with heart massage, her rib may have been broken, and the vet said she should be put down for this. I think this must be a common practice overdosing a pet, they ask if you want to revive. I was presented a bill for $166 for a Lasix IV, pet exam, emergency visit and oxygen. When her heart stopped they came out to the waiting area and asked if I wanted to revive her, I said yes.

A few minutes later I was given a bill for $566 while she was still on the exam table. I saw her EKG and was told recovery looked possible but she needed to go to an overnight hospital. I was asked to apply for care credit and it came back rejected no credit rating available. They let her die because I had no credit.

They had me come in the exam room and talk to her, her eyes were solid black and non responsive, I think she had already passed away, or was in a coma. Minutes later they wanted to euthanize her. They knew I wanted to take her to another hospital and if I had taken her to another vet the overdose would have been detected. My daughter's cat was given 10 times an overdose at the Charlotte Banfield.

Hundreds of complaints at Pissed Consumer, Consumer Affairs, Complaint Board, and My 3 cents. They never intended for her to recover. Banfield outlets are franchises, write to your state's attorney. Banfield has interns from local Vet schools, I received a sympathy card with several signatures on it, the day I was there there were students in the exam room, my dog was a tutorial.

She should never have been sedated, the vet said "she sure didn't like that tube in her throat".

Owners can't watch what they are doing to your pet, they seat you in a separate waiting room. Gives them the opportunity to do whatever they want.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $59000.

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I would love to join the class action lawsuits linda garner



@Art E

I agreed they don’t threated a sick dog , they are sucks my dog died June 19, 2018 and they said I have to continue to make payments until December My dog been with bannfield for years and didn’t palpated that she had a growing tumor on her spleen it burst that causing her death she went to bannfiel one week and before we took her to wachussett hospital and they had to put her sleep because the tumor of her spleen size 6 centimeter and she’s only 15 lbs. why they didn’t palpate the tumor in the small dog

@Art E

Jocelyn l


They killed my 1yr old last Feb. I took her in with a cough and they gave her cough suppressants.

She got worse. I called and emailed pictures, but they kept saying that she would be find. I had to use a turkey baster to give her water and they gave me an antibiotic. She died the next day.

I had no vet experience, but I did have a wellness plan.

I took my dog in all the time. She was fabulously healthy and we would have play dates with her sister, who is alive and well now.


I took my dog too and they gave her cough medicine and got worst , I hate them My email

Trina M

I am sorry for your experience, but you are absolutely right. I almost lost my dog as a result of the incompetent care at a Banfield Pet Hospital in Tucker, GA.

After checking the web, it appears that there are so many who have been ripped off, mistreated, and even killed by this company. I don't see why an organization like P.E.T.A.

has not taken this company on. It appalls me that they are getting away with this.


Banfield is a scam artist. I have to pay for a year after my pet died on their so called wellness plan. I'm looking for an attorney


I too have an account with them... Tried to cancel it months ago and no luck.

I no longer have my pets. Nor do I have a home and yet if explained this to them. I have no money at all! Not a single doller to my name.

I have a 4 Year old son. That's what I have it's Xmas and I got him nothing..

And yet these *** don't care. Their scamers and cruel ppl.


My dog was killed by a Banfield in South Jersey. Filed complaint with State board.


My Boston Terrier broke his leg under thier care. He went in for aneutering.

They called and said he stretched ligament. When I picked him up I could tell his leg was broken. So the poor guy was nuetered and had emergency surgery at a big animal hospital. Banfield foot the bill but now his knee hyper extense alot.

I went in for a follow up xray a year later becuase I still had the wellness in contract and they won't admit his knee is wobbly. He has a plate and pins.


I too belief we were victims of malpractice at one of the hospital too. My chichuchua passed in April 2013 and they charged me for the remainder of the contract because of services, until Nov13.

I am so angry now. I would like to join any class action sue going on, if any


I too believe I’m a victim of malpractice! I just came back from taking my Morkie for his yearly routine dental cleaning .

They gave me a follow up call after the “surgery” tellin me that everything went great during the procedure & to pick him up after 3pm . So I was like :”okay good everything went fine “. Then when I got to pick him up from Banfield, the doctor discharged me and also said that everything went great ! So I went on my happy way home .

Then when I finally went home , I checked his moth and noticed he WAS MISSING 4 or his FRONT TEETH!! I was freaking out and pissed ! I called over Bandfield and no answer after calling 3 Times, then by the fourth time someone finally answered and I went off !! I spoke to the doctor and voiced my concern as a pet Mom an the doctor downplayed my upset .

She told me that yeah sometimes they tend to lose teeth, And I told her :” So you all weren’t going to tell me *** until I call pissed ?!!!” You guys thought that I wasn’t going to find out ?!! Then she said : I’m sorry did my assistant not notify you ?? I told her : Obviously not that’s why I’m Calling pissed . I’ve taken him to get his teeth cleaned every year and he NEVER lost any teeth !!

I know someone thing didn’t go right!! Please help me all what can I do to get justice ?!!

#729883 Banfield tech noted my schnauzer hind legs crossing when put on table but stacked up other charges, took xray said it was not spine food blockage and cont to sugest other dyes and med to see. Took to different vet inmorning who also noted legs took xray and also later confirmed same info was very evident on banfield xray.

Please help me to help others to not take pets they live to Banfield. The only help they offered was to upgrade my plan under new start date go pay for charges over 500$ I truly believe when they took my dog out of exame room they discussed how to milk me.

Plus I even directly asked while looking at xray was it spine indention she said it was the food. Sorry, but she looked up instead of looking at me when she said no and suggested dye to see blockage.


I would LOVE To join in this lawsuit. Becki Coleman

Banfield cleaned my dogs teeth and she died two weeks later...


I'm so sorry for your loss. I was employed by Banfield and I'm glad I got out.

I cried on a daily basis.

I'll never forget the things I saw there. I think they need to be shut down.

Tabitha Weinkauf


This lady should read this article to understand the point of view of the veterinarian (although, I'm guessing she won't given her previous comments).


her heart stopped because of the sedative. I was never asked for a health history, I was not allowed in the exam room.

My dog was struggling to breathe, she had a heart murmur, the oxygen could have been placed over her face, she SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN sedated for a tube down her throat or to be INVERTED. The comments of the vet were proof they don't give a ***.

"I already told you that and You've been here a long time." The customer complaints here exceed your lame responses. What goes round comes round.


From an outsider looking in on this situation: none of what the client said indicates that the vet did anything wrong medically. It may have seemed that way from her perspective, but given the symptoms of the dog, the vet did right by that animal. It's a pity she lost her dog, but it's even more of a shame that she's playing the blame game.


Seriously - this lady needs to seek professional mental help. I'm bored/irritated with seeing her *** moaning again & again when she doesn't have a case.

Looking through her other complaints plenty of people also with Veterinary experience have said the same thing. SHE HAS NO CASE!!!! ZERO, NONE!

It sounds like they tried everything possible to help within the limits of HER financial constraints.

It is not up the the hospital or Dr to pay for a pet - that responsibility rests 100% with the owner. A Dr can ONLY do what an owner will let them/can afford for them to do. It's sad but a reality that if there is no money for critical care/overnight care then there is nothing else they can do but euthanize. This happens all the time at the Emergency clinic I work at.

If the hospitals payed all the costs for everyone they would go broke in 24hrs! Also, if CPR is done with enough force to be successful you often do have a broken rib or two. Any vet who has had to do CPR knows this. She would have had to give permission for every treatment done, including the euthanasia - she GAVE PERMISSION!!

It's very sad that her pet died but if it was in heart failure (given the history/meds the o describes the pet being on etc etc this seems very likely) then it was only a matter of time before the pet became critical.

All you can really do for this disease is try & keep a good quality of life, minimize stress & buy some time with different medications, but you can't cure it. Sad but true.

This owner needs to stop trying to shift blame & learn to accept the loss of her pet & move on with her life

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