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My friend stopped working there because she admitted they did things to the animals so that ppl would return with the pet and shell out more money. Now my pet is sick after a blood test. It is sickening what they are getting away with. I am calling a lawyer, more ppl should!! The reason you can't witness them drawing blood because they were sued and no one is allowed in the same room??? My dogs Kidney's are failing (5yrs old) and they do not have treatment available??? Maybe with legal action they will stop this madness!!

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Has your friend ever spoken to you about a vet or vet tech using a dirty flea comb to purposely infect a pet with fleas or flea eggs? Great way to ensure a repeat visit!


So you say "your friend" worked there because of said things that they do yet you still took your pet there? That, my friend, is stupidity and should be your fault.

Maybe you're the reason the dog is sick to begin with. You did take it there for a reason...

and no I don't work at banfield pet hospital. If that's what you're going to say then you are pathetic.


I have never worked at a Banfield but no several people that have. I still say that your friend is a liar.


Most pets are actually calmer without their owners. It's because they look to you for comfort and as a means for escape.

I know this because I deal with it EVERY DAY. a pet will be too nervous or aggressive to touch, but will them be ok once taken from the owner.

This is true for most animals. Sorry you know nothing about animal behavior.


called thier corp office as instructed here and some *** dr from the local office called me unwilling to resolve my issue and spewing lies. let him know i have all the documentation to bring to court if i am not reimbursed for my expenses at the emergency clinic and let go of this piece of *** health plan with no future billing.


hhj, you are an ***. pets are calmer with owners present.

so which banfield location do u work for?

BTW consumer affairs has been notified and several lawyers have already contacted me. ***!

Banfield Pet Hospital


We take your accusations seriously and would like the opportunity speak with you, or your friend, about the details of your story. Please give us a call at 877-500-2288.


This story is garbage. If you really think that dogs are taken to the back for blood draws so that the vet can infect them, you are an ***.

They do it because dogs are generally calmer without there owners, there are more assistants in the back to restrain, blood is typically drawn from the jugular which is upsetting to owners to witness because they don't understand that's the best place to draw Im a dog. Good luck finding a lawyer who will represent you.


uh greg,it is very likely u work there and get commission on that bogus health plan sold to customers.


uh greg,it is very likely u work there and get commission on that bogus health plan sold to customers.


It is very likely that your friend is a liar.