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Stay away from Banfield!! They caused my cat Calvin to suffer and die sooner than he should of due to their complete misdiagnosis of him.

The fluids I was prescribed to give him at home only made his condition worse and now I have to forever live with the fact that I made him suffer more due to their malpractice. When I submitted a complaint NO ONE from Corporate HQ had the decency to even respond which is despicable! My cat was my family member and losing him has caused me great sorrow. Instead the Dr.

who misdiagnosed him has contacted me 3 times since then to "discuss things". There is nothing to discuss except her termination. He went to the Banfield in Woodbridge VA and was seen by Dr. Tran.

My cat Calvin was 18 years old and not eating so I took him to the Banfield in Woodbridge VA on May 6 2014. He was seen by Dr. Tran who provided him care after that. She did blood work and told me his kidney values were elevated but she did not say how high or how serious it was.

She specifically told me he was not cancerous after the blood work. I proceeded to give him fluids at home every other day. He completely stopped eating so I took him back on May 12 and they tried to put an IV in him but failed saying he kept going into respiratory failure and was turning purple. They sent me home with prescription wet food and I fed him via a syringe.

On May 26 I noticed he was severely retaining fluids and was having difficulty breathing (he was breathing heavily before but it was not a concern to Dr. Tran). On May 28 he had still not urinated and was not moving so I took him to the Woodbridge Animal hospital. They called Banfield TWICE to obtain Calvin's lab work and Dr.

notes but Banfield said they never had me as a customer. I had to personally call Banfield and have Calvin's paperwork sent. Highly suspicious behavior as I was there multiple times in the past few weeks, perhaps they were trying to protect themselves rather than help my dying cat. Woodbridge Animal Hospital did blood work and took an X-ray and the vet there informed me he was not in kidney failure, and that his kidney values were within the normal range.

Instead they found a large mass in his chest. They drained the fluids from his chest and took another X-ray where the mass was confirmed and they believed it to be cancer. They tried to get him to breathe normally on his own but he went into respiratory failure again and I rushed there right before he died. I find the inadequacies and incompetency in Banfield and in Dr.

Tran to be COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. My pet died because of complete failure from Dr. Tran in diagnosing him properly. While he may have already been terminally ill, the fluids I was giving him made his condition even worse and were suffocating him, therefore he died sooner than he should have.

If he had been diagnosed properly, I could have more time with my precious friend and he would have suffered far less. I will NEVER use Banfield again and I will advise everyone I know not to either.

I lost my best friend and wasted $800 on a wrong diagnosis due to their malpractice and complete incompetence. I demand action be taken by this corporation for this injustice or I will pursue further legal action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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